Dameon Thompson Update


Dameon Thompson is back in the Al Cannon Detention Center as of 5 September.





Although we did not find a scheduled bond revocation hearing for Thomspon in the past few weeks it appears one was definitely held. A motion to revoke Thompson’s bonds was filed on 15 August by the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office. Thompson, who is also on active probation, had been free on bond on Charleston County charges dating back two years, to include two counts of Trafficking Cocaine, three separate counts of Failure to Stop for Blue Lights, one count of Distribution of Cocaine, one count of PWID Marijuana, one count of 1st Degree Assault & Battery and one count of Leaving the Scene of an Accident Involving Personal Injury.

You can read about Thompson’s entire criminal history in our story “Purpgang Riding Dirty” from August. Thompson is a known member of a gang of drug dealers who refer to themselves as the “Purpgang”. You can read our previous stories on Thompson dating back to 2012 HERE, HERE and HERE.

Despite not having a revocation hearing listed on a docket it appears one was, in fact, held recently and bond was revoked on at least three of Thompson’s pending charges. Don’t forget, he also has pending charges in Dorchester County of Trafficking Crack Cocaine, Unlawful Possession of a Pistol, Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime and Failure to Stop for Blue Lights.

A “job well done” goes out to the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office for putting Dameon Thompson back behind bars where he belongs. Now the 1st Circuit Solicitor needs to step up and do the same.

We thought we would close with some thoughts about the po-po from Thompson and his homeboys. The first one was posted by Thompson the day was re-arrested. As you can see, when it comes to the subject of “ah nigga freedom”, these folks fail to see that they are ultimately the ones in charge of that. Play stupid games, get sent to a smelly cell. It is just that simple.





Bad luck or something? No, he’s a drug dealing sack of crap who is in jail because of his own criminal activities.






Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • HectorLopez

    He didn’t do nuffin LOL!!!!!!

  • Allison_Westerburgh

    Holy shit, a bond revocation? Am I on the right website?

    • TBT3

      Haha! Someone should mark this date down. Of course, another judge will probably come along, change it and let him back out on super duper high probation! Gottsta free dem boiz! LoL

      • Allison_Westerburgh

        Unfortunately that seems to be the case. When one person seems to actually do their job over at the 9th Circuit Solicitors office, there seems like there are three more just chomping at the bit to ‘blow it’ and ‘release criminals back into the population’.

        However, I hope that (for once) that isn’t the case, and that there are actually some changes taking places behind the scenes at the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s office. I know that if I worked there, I’d be working quite a bit more diligently after discovering that my actions were under scrutiny from a website like this.

        I just imagine those older folks don’t really use the internets.