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We were surfing through recent arrests and found an interesting case. Below you see the jail entry for Tyra Rochelle Buie when she was booked into the Al Cannon Detention Center Wednesday evening. In addition to charges of PWID Heroin, PWID Heroin Near a School, Possession of Cocaine, PWID Marijuana and one other PWID charge, she was also hit with seven counts of Possessing Contraband in a County Prison. That is highly unusual.

Normally, if someone is hiding a little something while getting booked they get hit with one charge. The confinement reason listed on this record is “WARR” for a warrant arrest. We didn’t find any recent Charleston County arrests for Buie and that might indicate she was involved in smuggling the narcotics into the jail. We were under the impression they only used video visitation there. If that’s true, it is unclear how this effort to introduce contraband narcotics into the facility might have played out.

Update: We just received an update on this story. Apparently Buie dropped off a package full of drugs for an inmate at the jail. Utterly brilliant!


Buie’s total bond is set at $120,000. Let’s dig into the past a bit.

2003 Charges:

PWID Marijuana - Reduced to Possession of Marijuana by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced by Judge Steven John to a $200 fine.

Forgery - Pled guilty. Sentenced to 3 years, suspended to 2 years probation by Judge James Williams.



2006 Charges:

Financial Transaction Card Fraud - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.


Waiting to see how many of the new charges will be treated the same way.

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