Officers Down

Yes, we are aware two CCSO deputies have been shot.

At this point it would not be prudent to comment about what we have heard or what we already know. The news we are hearing is not good.

Stand by for additional info, probably later in the day on Tuesday.


Prayers to the deputies, their families, CCSO and their extended law enforcement family.

Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • Rushfan2112

    If what they are saying is true, storm the place and assist him in assuming room temperature. Shooting at officers through a closed door is just about the lowest of the low. Kill him now and save the taxpayers the cost of a trial and the eventual appeal. There’s no doubt of innocence or lack thereof.

  • Allison_Westerburgh

    I sure hope they got the guys that did it already.

  • Charles Towne

    I firmly support police officer’s, understand their job is inherently dangerous every single day. I thank one everytime I am within speaking distance and even raise my son to do the same. I know this is slightly off topic, but just wondering how all the cops illegally parked on the street outside MUSC are going to be handled. If they are on duty, why are they sitting around the hospital instead of finding more lawbreakers. If off-duty, why are the 6+ cars illegally parked with no officer in site, some runnig blue lights and the 6+ police motorcycles illegally parked. I went to visit a family member of mine is in the hospital I could not just park wherever I wanted for my visit. Even when I came one time to visit a close friend of mine who was injured in the line of duty; I could not park where I wanted. Again, let me make this clear, I strongly support the police, agree they have a dangerous job and have no problem with extra leeway, but do not see why this is allowed, They are taking up spaces that could be needed in an emergency (the fire lane). But I bet I get hammered by other people reading this post.

    • Rushfan2112

      Really???? One of their own was shot in the line of duty and you are going to bitch about having to park a few spaces further away? Really? Sounds like you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. You are going (or are already) home tonight. A law enforcement officer lost his life. Shut up, walk a few extra steps, and thank God in Heaven that you have people like this who put their life on the line on a daily basis.

    • TBT3

      I have to say you deserve to get hammered for your post. Two people died and another was wounded, and you’re bitching because of parking. Doesn’t take much common sense to realize this is the wrong time and place to whine about this.

    • Andy

      Are you completely insane? For the love of God, show some respect and stop with the nitpicking.

  • TBT3

    According to the P&C, not the most reliable source, one officer has died and another wounded. They responded to reports of a drunk beating on cars and being disorderly. When they went to his apartment door, the suspect opened fire through the door. Standoff ended around 4 am but no other details at this point.

  • Tito Jones

    Prob was a white guy that killed him they didn’t say anything about who did it. Let it been a black guy his face would have been everywhere. Smmfh at u white ppl

    • gottarespond

      well dude, if you would research a tiny bit more, read this post stating that they are going to hold off on reporting out of respect. The NEXT post Tito ‘I can’t wait to throw a race card” Jones…shows everything, and yes, it is a ‘white’ guy, and you will not see anybody shouting ‘HE DIDN”T DO NOTHING’ ..he is in hell now….smmfh at SOME of you black people!!!

    • Rushfan2112

      Don’t be an ass your entire life, Tito. They had not yet released a picture of the suspect. As soon as it was announced, his picture was everywhere. In addition this site profiles criminals regardless of skin pigmentation. Doesn’t that racist crap ever get old? Do you enjoy trying to play the victim all of the time?

    • Reality Check

      Tito, you are an ignoramus! His face is everywhere, including here, and he is white. Carry your racist crap to the ‘hood.


    • Evolutionary

      I hope one day I run into a POS like you for saying that… I can only hope one day we will..

      You’re fucking pathetic Tito Jones.

    • Wardsize