Dameon Lamar Thompson & Keon Quadraius Bright

We have been made aware of a crew of drug dealers who operate out of a mobile home park and apartment complex in North Charleston known as Dorchester Village. This area is situated off of the section of Dorchester Road between Micheaux Parkway and Montague Avenue. Most of the mobile home and apartments in the area are Section 8 taxpayer subsidized.

We were able to identify two members of the Dorchester Village crew. We will begin with “Dameon Thompson” since he has deleted his profile. We suppose he was trying to evade our free advertising service, but we captured what we needed to help him advertise his narcotics selling enterprise. His full name is Dameon Lamar Thompson. As you can see Dameon advertised his ‘grinding” business on Facebook.

Dameon claimed to bag a lot of purp and he had the pictures to show us he was serious about his business. He also likes to show off the profits from that business.

Here are some other pictures of Dameon and friends at the Dorchester Village convenience store on Dundrum Street.  As you can see, they don’t mind showing off the rewards of their business acumen in public.

Dameon isn’t even twenty years old yet, but he has a criminal record as an adult.

On 31 March, 2010 he was charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana and Distribution Within Proximity of a School. Those charges were allowed to pend for two years until the 9th Circuit Solicitor game him a deal. Plead guilty to the lesser offense of Possession of Marijuana 1st offense and they would dismiss the charge of distribution near a school. He was sentenced to the twenty-two days he served in jail.

On 29 March 2011 Dameon was charged with Possession of Marijuana 1st Offense. He was found guilty by Judge Koontz on 9 May and sentenced to a $620 fine or 30 days in jail. He paid the fine.

Two days after that last arrest he was arrested again and charged with Possession of Marijuana 1st Offense. Judge Coker heard the case on 1 June and found him guilty. Coker sentenced Dameon to time served - one day in jail. This should have been a charge for second, or even third offense. Maybe SLED was bit slow in updating the official criminal history or Judge Koontz’s court was slow in sending the disposition to SLED.

13 May, 2011 brought more serious charges. This time it was Failure to Stop for a Blue Light and resisting arrest. He was also charged with reckless driving, driving under suspension 1st offense and several instances of failure to appear on traffic tickets. Some of the traffic offenses are still pending.

The first thing we noted was the bond set for failure to stop for blue lights. Judge Bligen set it at $2,000. Really? Your life, dear citizen, or the potential for him to injure you or your loved ones is only worth two-thousand dollars. That really quantifies things doesn’t it?

Dameon pled guilty to the charge of failure to stop and was sentenced to two years, consideration given for time served, and the balance suspended upon completion of eighteen months probation.

He was sentenced to time served on the resisting arrest charge. So, Dameon endangered the public by engaging in a vehicle pursuit and fought the arresting officer and only spent twenty-two days in jail. We bet that will teach him. Don’t you agree?

Now let’s talk about another fellow in some of those pictures. He goes by the name “Lev Packin” on Facebook. He initially set up the profile under the name Lev m.o.e. The ‘m.o.e.’ stands for ‘money over everything. We believe his actual name is Keon Quadraius Bright.

Keon likes showing of his ill-gotten gains, too.

Here is Keon hanging out in Hub Village, another Section 8 development off of Azalea Avenue.

Keon also has a criminal history. In December of 2010 he was charged with Failure to Stop for a Blue Light. An unknown judge set his bond at $10,000. Keon bonded out on the following day. The charge is still pending.

 One year and one day later Keon was arrested for Distribution of Marijuana, Distribution of prescription drugs, and distribution of marijuana near a school. Judge Lombard set a $5000 bond each charge. Keon bonded out on 31 December.

There appear to be several counts of each charge. We don’t know if this is a clerical area or additional charges. The charges were dismissed at the preliminary hearing for lack of prosecution. There are two possible reasons for this. Either the officer didn’t show up to testify or the solicitor decided to drop the charges at the preliminary hearing.

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