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We thought we would give you a Karl Hugee update. On 31 May we told you about Hugee’s latest arrest for PWID Marijuana and the seizure of $183,649 in cash. Well, not a seizure actually. Hugee told police he didn’t know how all that cash got into his home or who it belonged to and willingly signed it over to NCPD.

In spite of Hugee’s extensive history of narcotics trafficking and weapons charges his bond was set at just $25,000. The database record does not indicate bond was posted, but Hugee is no longer listed as a resident of the Al Cannon Detention Center. According to Vinelink, Hugee bonded out on 31 May, the day after he was arrested.



Apparently Charleston County bond judges can’t put facts together and come to simple conclusions like (1) serial drug offender + (2) lots of cash on hand = set a high bond.

After our first post on Hugee we were advised that when he was arrested for drug trafficking in Dorchester County police seized approximately $80,000 in cash. He is now said to fighting in court to recover some of that cash.


Author: Chief

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  • Andre Brown

    Why was this man arrested for selling a plant to consenting adults and then had his money stolen by officers? The war on drugs is a joke this man is just providing a product to the market for which we all know there is a high demand. The Dorchester county sheriffs office is just a group of thieves with badges.