Shooting Video

  Note: We speak plainly in this piece. If you don’t like that, don’t read it.       A reader has directed us to a video of the shooting of Kajieme Powell by St. Louis police. This shooting happened just three miles from where Michael Brown was shot after assaulting a Ferguson police officer. The reader who sent the video made some salient points. Kajieme Powell was acting erratically when he stole some...

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Fact Family Reunion Continues

  The Fact family reunion continues in Ferguson, Mo. You can read our piece on the gathering HERE. Our other articles on the situation can be found HERE and HERE. In our post “Fixing Stupid” we pointed out the questionable ethics of the pathologist hired by the family of Michael Brown. Dr. Michael Baden was a highly respected pathologist until he started his selling his services to the highest bidder. Think O.J....

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Fixing Stupid - Is It Possible?

  In the past couple of months the citizens of this nation have been made aware of just how far we have yet to go when it comes to fixing stupid. We are, of course, speaking about the racial grievance industry that seems to be alive and well in this country despite the election of a President they claimed would immediately plunge us into a “post racial” era of love and harmony. We all knew that was a bullshit claim...

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  Oops! It looks like someone inadvertently posted some evidence in the Michael Brown case to YouTube. The folks over at The Conservative Treehouse have all the details. They even have a transcript of the pertinent part of the video below. Scrub ahead to about 6:28 in the video to hear a witness give his version of the events, which seems to support the police version of the events. Can’t help but wonder if the witness...

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Inconvenient Facts

  Inconvenient facts always seem to arise after organizations like the National Association Advocating for Criminal People, Sharpton, Jackson and the New Black Prancers stir up the populace. Do you think they are going to step up and apologize or take responsibility for any of those folks subsequently injured by thugs or police during the riots in Ferguson? What about using some of that NAACP money they are always begging for to...

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What A Sham

  Wow! So, another police officer jumped out of his car in the ghetto for absolutely no reason, put a black guy on the ground with his hands up and then filled him full of lead? What a shame. Well, no, more like “what a sham”. Too bad that narrative has been perpetuated by witnesses of the same quality as those in downtown Charleston, the media, the NAACP, the President of the United States and any number of other...

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