Significant Loss


A significant loss was suffered last night by the community in general and the law enforcement community in particular. As the result of the acts of a coward the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office lost one of their own to gunfire. A second deputy was seriously wounded. We have also heard that a member of the Charleston County Rescue Squad passed away last night as the result of a heart attack while working the shooting scene.

Within an hour of the incident CTL began receiving information. We chose not to run that information. On most occasions it is rather satisfying beating the local “news” media to the punch, but not in this situation. We haven’t even bothered to watch their coverage because we all know what it will devolve into eventually. It won’t be long before the reporting will be shaped to support certain political agendas.

We went back and forth all day long on whether to write this. We finally decided to put it out since we allowed the local media vultures to report the story first. There is quite a bit of additional information we have not included here. We will let the official investigation run it’s course and await the release of information from authorities just like everyone else.

Deputy Joe Matuskovic lost his life after being shot at 1840 Carriage Lane by a suspect described by a neighbor as “a ticking time bomb.” By all accounts, Deputy Matuskovic was a cop’s cop known for speaking truth to power, letting you know exactly what he thought and backing up his peers and subordinates. He is survived by his wife and three children. You can help the family of this dedicated public servant by donating HERE.





Deputy Michael Ackerman suffered a severe wound and is now reported as out of surgery and beginning his recovery.





While working to assist officers on-scene Charleston County Rescue Squad member Larry Britton suffered a fatal heart attack. Britton had dedicated a significant portion of his life to serving the citizens of Charleston County. He will be missed.





The worthless shooter, who fired from behind a closed door, also took the coward’s way out when he chose to grant himself Dead Right There status. We suppose we should feel fortunate no other officers had to risk their lives in order to put Michael Donovan Oswald down or arrest him, but hearing he assumed room temperature as a result of some serious lead poisoning administered by local cops would have been infinitely more satisfying. At least for us.





We searched several counties in South Carolina for a prior history on Oswald.  From the limited information we could find most of his problems with the law appear to have one common factor - alcohol.

2003 Charges (Richland County):

DUI - Plead guilty. 30 days.

Leave the Scene of Accident Involving Personal Injury - Plead guilty. Sentenced to 1 year, suspended.





2012 Charges (Charleston County):

Hit and Run Involving Personal Injury - Plead guilty. Sentenced to $150 fine.





Carrying a Conceal Weapon (not a pistol) - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor in August of 2013 with the notation “Facts insufficient to prosecute”.






There may be more history out there, but that is all we could find using public resources.

Those who knew Oswald have told local media he was anti-cop and anti-government. We have also heard he may have used an “assault rifle”. You can pretty much guess from those allegations where the media coverage will end up going.

There is also a significant segment of the local population relishing the death of Deputy Matuskovic. We have not yet decided what to do about those folks as we are currently too disgusted to make a rational decision. We have a number of options available from making those statement available for all to see or directing them at specific folks who are in a position to take action and make a point if they so desire. We will let that simmer for a bit before deciding. For those thugs posting such comments to the blog we suggest you not even waste your time. We will be tracking who makes them and from whence they come, but they won’t be published.


Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • Allison_Westerburgh

    Such a tragic and pointless loss. These gentleman gave their lives serving their communities, and will be sorely missed. I hope the families are, in time, able to find peace knowing that their loved ones are in a better place now, free from the turmoil of mortal life. For I am sure that these brave men, these heroes, will find everlasting life at the Lord’s side. Rest in Peace, brave officers. You will be forever missed, and will never be forgotten.

    • Drina Moultrie

      I cry blue tears knowing I lost a LEO brother. RIP My Brother!!!! Praying for both families!!! We are the Peace Keepers here on Earth!!!

  • gottarespond

    May their families find much needed comfort and peace. My heart is heavy.

  • Andy

    Only those of us with morals will justifiably be saddened by this great loss. The road ahead for the officer’s family and the entire Blue Line family, will be long and rough. Thank you, Charleston Thug Life, for having the maturity, morals, and restraint to not go full blast against those who relish in this loss, but to wait it out and possibly forward their evilness to appropriate authority. We can never thank our law enforcement brothers and sisters enough for the sacrifices they make for us every day, despite the lack of management they may have to endure. To hell with the coward who caused this havoc.

  • Rushfan2112

    Take this maggot and drop him in a hole, no coffin. Let the worms deal with him. As for the thugs ‘rejoicing,’ let them gloat. Their day will come, most sooner than later.

  • TBT3

    Thoughts and prayers go out to all of those involved and their families. It’s a tragic and senseless loss.
    People question why the police wear the gear they do and act the way they do. It’s because they have to expect the unexpected. Even then things like this can still happen.

  • P.J.

    Good thing the perp was white. Otherwise the poor families of the deceased and wounded officers would have to defend themselves against the likes of AL Sharpton, Dot Scott, etc.,

    What an unfortunate thing I felt compelled to say that. Perhaps even more unfortunate is the truth behind it…

    Thanks for all you do LOE. I wish more people appreciated your work and sacrifice.

  • B

    Nice article, but the scumbag did NOT kill himself. Per the Sheriff he died as a result of return fire from one of the deputies.

    • not really shocked

      Either way, he committed suicide by firing at the police first. Just my opinion.

  • Tim Sebold

    Let us know who the thugs are Chief, post as much of their identifying information as you can…

  • anonymous

    AK 47 used by the criminal. Figured it was most likely a rifle round from the beginning. Sheriff’s department has stated he was killed by rounds fired by the police.