The War Is Over


One thing we have learned from over two years or researching and writing this blog is that the war is over. What war? The drug war. We consistently see major narcotics dealers given break after break after break by local prosecutors. We aren’t talking about users, either. Apparently these prosecutors have declared an end to the drug war. Unfortunately, they failed to inform the constituents who elected them to keep our communities safe. That wouldn’t go over well when you run on a platform of law and order.

Don’t believe us? Let us demonstrate it yet again.

Yesterday the North Charleston Police Department arrested Karl Deymon Hugee on a charge of PWID Marijuana. They also seized two firearms and $183,649 in cash.



Now, when Hugee can’t show a legitimate source for all of this cash, a judge will bestow it on NCPD. We have a question, though. Why doesn’t the state go after these criminals on tax related charges. That is, after all, how they finally managed to take down Al Capone and quite a large number of other organized crime figures.


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Now, when we hear from his family after this post goes live, we will be told Hugee is just a recreational drug user, fighting the struggle, who is really good at saving his pennies. Let’s see how true that is.

2005 Charges (Dorchester County):

Trafficking Crack Cocaine - Reduced to PWID Crack by the 1st Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced by Judge Diane Goodstein to a YOA sentence of 6 years.

Trafficking Cocaine - Reduced to PWID Cocaine by the 1st Circuit Solicitor. Same sentence as above, concurrent.

Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime - Dismissed by the 1st Circuit Solicitor.

PWID Marijuana - Dismissed by the 1st Circuit Solicitor.

PWID Cocaine - Reduced to Possession of Cocaine by the 1st Circuit Solicitor. Same sentence, concurrent.

PWID Crack Cocaine Near a School - Pled guilty. Same sentence, concurrent.

Trafficking Cocaine - Reduced to PWID Cocaine by the 1st Circuit Solicitor. Same sentence, concurrent.

Controlled Substance Near a School - Dismissed by the 1st Circuit Solicitor.



Hugee was sentenced to that 6 year YOA sentence in June of 2006. By May of 2007 he was back out on the streets.

2007 Charges (Dorchester County):

2nd Offense PWID Cocaine - Dismissed by the 1st Circuit Solicitor.

Really? After all the breaks you gave him on the multitude of charges from 2005?



2011 Charges (Charleston County):

2nd Offense Possession of Marijuana (a felony) - Reduced to simple possession by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Given a $25 fine by Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell.



2011 Charges (Dorchester County):

PWID Marijuana - Reduced to 1st Offense Possession of some other controlled substance by the 1st Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced to 6 months by Judge Kristi Harrington.



So, based on this case and tons of others featured in these pages, someone needs to make a decision. Are drugs bad for our community or not? Maybe we should just ignore all drug offenses since they don’t seem to be taken very seriously by the prosecutors we elect. We think we already know the solicitor’s stance. What position do you voters take?

Check back this afternoon to see what bond is set for Hugee later today. You already know how this case will play out, though. A low bond will be set and Hugee will have no trouble paying it because he has cash stashed elsewhere. After the case sits around for two years, the 9th Circuit Solicitor will reduce the charge to simple possession of marijuana and send it down to Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell who will take the plea and sentence Hugee to yet another of those staggering $25 fines.




Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • Loyal Reader

    Wow! That’s a nice score for the NCPD…yet he will be back on the streets tonight to make that money back…he’s got to have a great great lawyer through all this, would you agree? And what’s the difference between his drug charge and his potential for quick release and say someone that ends up doing significant time behind bars for smaller offenses?

    • Andre Brown

      The payoff is what gets these people out. If you seriously don’t think they are buying their way out then you have to much trust in the people in the court system

  • Al Bundy

    Legalize, regulate, and tax it. You don’t see people making this kind of money selling illegal alcohol. No one has ever died from smoking marijuana unlike the people who have died from drinking too much. Think of all the tax revenue that could be generated from the sale. That money could be put into something positive like improving the schools and providing after school tutoring or other after school programs that will keep kids busy and off drugs. The people who are going to smoke marijuana are going to do so regardless of legal status. At least by legalizing it, we can free up our court system and jails for real criminals like burglars, murderers, rapists, robbers, ect… I am also in favor of the fair tax to eliminate the IRS and tax all income both legal and illegal. Both of these ideas will help eliminate state budget deficits without raising taxes on hard working residents.

  • Bobber#1

    The drug “war” needs to be over. Thugs like this wouldn’t be able to make stacks of cash if it weren’t for drug prohibition. Every problem associated with the war on drugs is caused by the war on drugs. Our mindless, anti-liberty efforts make the problem infinitely worse, and then lawmakers use the problems they created as an excuse for expanding their failed war. Really want to make this thug powerless and poor? Legalize!

  • Rick James

    The “war on drugs” is indeed a joke. I don’t smoke tobacco or marijuana or anything else. But it’s silly that one is lawful and one is not. Crack and Heroin and such…I think there are reasons to restrict. But marijuana needs to be just like tobacco and alcohol. BATFEM has a nice ring to it! Bat Fems!

  • LawyerWannaBe

    This man is an entrepreneur. Yes, he is selling illegal narcotics, but at least he found a trade where he gives value for value. Legal or illegal, selling drugs could be an honest trade if violence was not involved. Drug dealers have to carry guns because the law will not protect them from thieves, scammers, stickup boys, etc… Legalize drugs, let it go into the hands of the real entrepreneurs and businessmen who understand that they keep their stakeholders happy through honesty and nonviolence, and that promotes the long term success of their business. Capitalism baby.

  • wiser than most

    If he gets incarcerated, then he won’t be on the streets earning more money for the police to “seize”.

  • palmettopirate

    Less than 2 grams of marijuana… They didnt post the amount they found just to leave everyone with the impression that there was a lot of drugs… very misleading if you ask me…. I was told they want a 60/40 split on the money to drop the charges… this bust makes the police department look like thugs themselves… its like they want protection money…lol pot is already decriminalized in 23 states and you can now trade it on the stock market… Thats what these dealers should do now is trade it on the stock market.. they can make just as much money legally…. BDPT up over 4000% this week! many other good companies like who took over a hersheys factory now growing pot and has employed over 600 workers… GW Pharmecuticals… look at… The government is better off making it legal and taxing it… It will take the criminals out…. No one has every run in to a bus load of kids high on pot! my opinion is alcohol is worse!