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Apply to Write for Us!

Ever wanted to write for a large publication but didn’t know where to start?

Here is your chance.  We are currently accepting applications to write for our sites. Yes, that is plural.  Charleston Thug Life has branched out and created a national publication American Thug Life.  This publication is expected to grow exponentially over the next few months. American Thug Life will carry crime stories from around the country, but we will need contributions from concerned citizens to make if as effective as Charleston Thug Life is now.

What are the requirements?

Our requirements are not that complicated, but we do have a few requirements.

  • You must be able to read/write and have some sense of the English language.  Although we do publish in multiple languages, it is important we stick to what our visitors know.
  • Grammar and punctuation.  This is a rather big one for us.  Although we are offering Authors / contributors the opportunity to publish their work, there is still a review process.  Our editors (3 of them) will only fix a few before rejecting your hard work and pushing it back to you.
  • Understand our goals.  Understanding what we write about and why we write about it is key.  If you think that an article about a crash that injured 3 on bridge ABC off of Interstate ABC, than you have come to the wrong place. Let the fluff news media handle that.  We are writing what the local and even national media will not.  We go where the politically correct fear to tread. If you even the slightest bit wishy-washy about that, you aren’t for us and we probably aren’t the right fit for you.
  • If you think your area needs something similar to what we do here, but no one seems to want to invest the time and energy, an occasional contribution from you can help.
  • Applicants should note we do this as concerned citizens. We don’t get paid. Well, not in the usual sense. We get the satisfaction of making a contribution to our communities.

If you can meet these few simple requirements, then go ahead and apply.  It can’t hurt.