Guns And Drugs

  Last week, the narcotics unit of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office raided a house and found guns and drugs. Sizable quantities of narcotics were seized, as were 25 firearms and six of those had been reported stolen. But there is more to this story than the media is telling you. The failure of the local media to give you the full story on these cases should concern you. The photo below from The Berkeley Independent...

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Darcainian Williams

  Convicted drug dealer Darcainian Williams received multiple lead injections last night in the Liberty Hill neighborhood of North Charleston. Officers responding reports of the shooting found Williams on the ground on Courtyard Square with drug dealing paraphernalia on the ground beside him.         Shall we dig into Williams’ criminal history? 1996 Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute Crack Cocaine...

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Home Invasion

  A Friday morning home invasion at 1918 Iris Street, in the North Charleston neighborhood of Chicora-Cherokee, resulted in two people being shot. A father and son, to be exact. Charles Alexander Taylor, Sr. was shot in the face. Charles Alexander Taylor, Jr., aka “Charles Djsmootht Taylor“, was shot in the leg. Not to worry, though. As we have told you many times in the past, home invasion victims are usually drug...

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Dameon Thompson Update

  Dameon Thompson is back in the Al Cannon Detention Center as of 5 September.         Although we did not find a scheduled bond revocation hearing for Thomspon in the past few weeks it appears one was definitely held. A motion to revoke Thompson’s bonds was filed on 15 August by the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office. Thompson, who is also on active probation, had been free on bond on Charleston...

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Meth Monkeys Corner

  With all the meth cooking going on in Moncks Corner, maybe a name change to Meth Monkeys Corner is in order. We have to hand it to the narcotics unit out there. They are continuously dogging these meth mopes and putting them in jail. They don’t get much help from anyone else out there, though. Keep reading for the shocking news that one of the four meth cooks arrested at a home on Blondell Lane is on “high...

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Harry Chris Battle

  Harry Chris Battle, aka “Chris Battle“, was booked early Friday morning on quite a few narcotics and weapon charges. We found it curious that Battle was also jailed for two bench warrants for failure to appear in general sessions court on charges from 2012 were also served, yet a bond judge still decided to set bond on this serial offender. Let’s dig into Battle’s history in the four counties we searched...

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