Jerry Lee Manigault

We typed the post last night. Now that the news is out we will publish it. We didn’t want to interfere with the official investigation.   Let’s talk about serial offender (and sex offender) Jerry Lee Manigault of Baptist Hill Road in Hollywood. We were surfing the database of the Al Cannon Detention Center today and found he was arrested Monday evening and charged with Failing to Register as a Sex Offender. His bond...

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Just Coincidence?

Is it just a coincidence the body of an elderly female, who appears to have been strangled, was found in her home in Bluffton at around the same time authorities found the car belonging to missing Hollywood resident Julia Mudgett just a few short miles away at a boat landing on Tuten Landing Road in Ridgeland? We suppose it could be, if you believe in murderous coincidences....

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