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The resident cyber-hero of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office, who found himself in a hole after we exposed him for implying the Sheriff was supportive of his efforts to harass and harm an innocent citizen and his family, is back in the hole trying to dig it deeper.

We were greeted this morning by the following comment on our article about the alleged vacuum cleaner salesman in Cane Bay. Since this person continues to engage in his activities, we can only assume he still has the blessing of his employer, the Sheriff of Berkeley County. Or maybe he just decided “Screw the Sheriff, I’ll do whatever the hell I want.” You decide.





One interesting thing we have noticed about this idiot. When he posts a comment he tends to use email addresses and names of people he believes are the driving force behind CTL. He did it the last time we exposed him when he used the name of an innocent citizen he accused of writing CTL. In the past has used the name of former candidate Brian Adams, the name of an Adams family member and names of those who assisted Adams in his campaign or supported him in his run for Sheriff. Apparently this mope uses what few brain cells he still has active in an effort to deduce who behind CTL. When he believes he has the answer he uses that person’s information in the user name or email address of his comments. This is his way of intimidating those he decides are responsible for CTL into abandoning their efforts to inform the public.

Now he has decided an officer from the North Charleston Police Department is behind the blog. He has made this accusation before, but this time he used a particular officer’s city email in an effort to intimidate him. Too bad for this particular idiot the officer he names has absolutely nothing to do with CTL.

See that “Dare Ya”? This “jack-off” apparently didn’t think we would post his comment or even point out how he impersonated and represented himself as a North Charleston police officer when he posted it. He used that officer’s city email address to post his comment from a proxy server in France. Since we first outed him on a county computer last year this “jack rabbit” has been bouncing around the world using proxy servers in an effort to hide his identity. Unfortunately for him he is not well liked by very many people other than the Sheriff and, as we all know, people talk.

Chief Driggers might want to have a chat with Sheriff DeWitt about his employees impersonating NCPD officers on the internet. That could cause quite the kerfluffle if it is allowed to continue. Or, maybe this sort of questionable activity, like so many others at BCSO, is overlooked with a wink and a nod. Having your deputies impersonate law enforcement officers from other agencies must be Sheriff DeWitt’s way of encouraging cooperation with those other departments. You know the old saying about impersonation being the sincerest form of flattery?

There seems to be a real problem at BCSO with resentment of other agencies, particularly NCPD and CCSO. Maybe it has something to do with the fact those agencies actually solve cases, have decent response times, actually investigate and fire those accused of wrong-doing, and don’t seem to have a problem hiring and retaining qualified personnel. Yeah, we can see why some of the brass at BCSO are constantly throwing these little tantrums.

We have already notified the NCPD officer whose name and email address was used so he can notify his department of the activity and take steps to protect himself.

For those decent folks who work for BCSO you have two choices. Try to leave or just continue to stick it out and hope things improve. You know what the next four years are guaranteed to bring - more of the same. But, hey, in five or eight or twelve years things might improve. Good luck.




Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • gottarespond

    So that grain of salt you speak of…is it next to that warm bottle of Pepe Lopez? Might want to lay off for a while there Houdini..or not!

  • Marshal Jed Cooper

    Well, Dare ya Wus, your illiterate comment made it through moderation and guess what? You’re still a douche bag. Proxy server in France? Your skills are obviously no match for Chef (Chief) and the CTL crew.

  • EbolaJenkins

    That’s funny…

  • suki

    Maybe this wanna be BCSO “detective” should just take his leggos and go play with himself
    Definitely not a real police officer or know what it means to serve. Probably a corrections office who failed every test to be a real officer of the law

  • Allison_Westerburgh

    Are other people getting the popcorn and waiting to see this guys mugshot pop up on an update next? This suspense is riveting, I sure hope the local media down there picks it up. And if this is really a cop impersonating another cop, well, if you are with the 30 minute response guys, you might wanna spend less time screwing around online and more time responding to calls. I hope that regardless of who this person is that they are brought to justice. No one is above the law, and really, how fucked do you have to be in the head to go to all the trouble? Are you a spurned thug? Are you that one white guy with all the really illiterate slang? I just don’t get the motivation for any of this, and it seems like its just going to wind up with you getting in trouble, and getting publicly humiliated.

    Why are you bothering? CTL is filling a void that the mainstream media is ignoring in a big way. I wish every city had a CTL, this is the future of crime reporting! I just don’t understand your motivation at all, bud.

    • gottarespond

      Can’t wait for this bozo to get his ass handed to him….