Hardcore Sales Pitch


Those Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman seem to be using a hardcore sales pitch lately. A sales pitch that refuses to accept rejection and involves breaking into your home, pistol whipping you and shoving your very young children into walls. You have to wonder why Brandon Keith Sigmon took things to that extreme.



Brandon Sigmon



Sigmon’s victim managed to escape the home with her children in tow and Sigmon fled through the rear of the home. After an intensive manhunt lasting several hours he was found hiding in a drainage pipe near a pond. We first heard police had recovered at least one firearm and a Taser, but we also heard they were back in Cane Bay this morning with a dive team checking ponds for the weapons.

An interesting side note - we have been informed that Sigmon and his wife had recently managed to finagle their way into the closed Cane Bay HOA Facebook group. They were both kicked out after failing to validate their residency in Cane Bay. The Sigmon’s actually live near Jedburg on Westbrooke Road.

Sigmon has a prior disorderly conduct conviction and some traffic offenses. There is nothing in his local criminal history to indicate he was such a violent person he would attack a woman and her children with no provocation.

Sigmon is now charged with 1st Degree Burglary, two counts of 1st Degree Assault & Battery, three counts of Kidnapping and one count of Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime. No bond has been set.




Sigmon looks defiant in his mugshot, doesn’t he? We can’t help but wonder how he would look if some full grown lunatic had broken into his home, beat his wife and slapped his children around. Think he might gain a new perspective on things? Probably not.

Let’s see how long it takes for some judge to let this nut job out on bond.


Update: We now been told the victim in this case was the wife of a BCSO deputy. According to the Berkeley Independent the deputy was on the phone with his wife when Sigmon broke into the home. That was toned down in a later article to “on the phone with her husband at his workplace“. We can’t understand why BCSO or the Berkeley Independent would want to hide that information. It just goes to prove anyone can be a victim at any time.

We are working to confirm additional details. Check back for updates.

Update 2: We are now getting information about another home broken into two days before this incident occurred.

The information about the victim being the wife of an officer was not accurate. There is some confusion in that regard because Sigmon had apparently broken into a police officer’s home prior to this incident and stolen the firearm and the Taser used in this incident. It that is true, more charges should coming.

We are told the response time to this incident and to another suspicious person/assault early this morning were absolutely miserable. Somewhere in the 20 to 30 minute range. An off-duty officer for another agency made the arrest this morning and had to wait for BCSO to arrive. Those reports are directly from Cane Bay residents.


Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • gottarespond

    All kinds of weird and creepy!!

  • Andy

    The radical hair bleach job makes him look deranged. Other photos on his FB profile suggest a very happy family. How sad indeed. That’s interesting that they had managed to get into a private FB group…so this sounds awful premeditated, especially since one can go online and find out who lives where just by tax records, unless they’re renting of course. Which probably most are homeowners in that subdivision. Still wonder why this extreme? It’s very frightening. I never answer the front door unless I am expecting someone and then I have one very large Doberman at the door with me plus I ask who it is before I unlock that door.

  • P.J.

    Let’s see how tough he is when some of the prison folk give him a warm welcome to the yard.

  • Dare Ya, Wus

    I’m wondering where the Kudo’s are from Chef for the hard work from Berkeley County S.O. in getting this scumbag in custody…Oh yeah, that would go against Chef’s own personal Agenda. Yep, the most recent post after Chef’s vacation dealt with Agenda’s. Ooops, sorry, after vacation it was the hit and run story THEN it was the Agenda issue. Who has the real Agenda? Yep, it’s Chef. The news has to check their sources before reporting it, whereas Chef does not. Send it to Chef and if it sounds good then so be it, any Agency is fair game as long as it’s not NCPD or CCSO, who cares if it’s actually accurate. Drink the Kool-Aid if ya wish, I’ll still read everything with the grain of salt next to me if I need it. One of two things are going to happen here….. This will make it through moderation (doubtful) and everyone will have the opportunity to agree or disagree with it, or it won’t make it through moderation and at least Chef will read it and know what a bitch he really is…..Oh yeah, or it will make it through moderation and Chef will take time to put my words in red print and let me know how I’m a foaming at the mouth supporter of someone….

    • CharlestonThugLife

      Hey, J, we wonder how officer W******** of NCPD would feel about you using his city email address to post your bullshit. Don’t worry, we’ve already notified him. Guess that last talking to by the Sheriff after your threats toward an innocent citizen didn’t accomplish anything. Keep pushing Jacboy. It won’t be long now. Keep impersonating those real police officers and you’re bound to catch some shit.

    • Officer W

      I don’t know with complete certainty who you are. But obviously, you know me. Well enough to know my city email address. Do me a favor, shoot me an email at the address you used and lets figure all this out. Hell, feel free to get my number from anyone that may have it and shoot me a call. I have a few questions for you. I’m going to refrain from using the “Dare Ya, Wus” as leverage to have you contact me legitimately so this can be discussed like grown ass men. Thanks in advance. Officer W. NCPD.

    • Marshal Jed Cooper

      Dare Ya Wus, time to man up and meet up with Officer W.

    • Allison_Westerburgh

      Hard work? It sounds like it took Berkeley County took forever. Thank god that other officer was in the area, and thank the lord those babies made it out alright. Sounds like the mother did a lot of quick thinking.

      And if you really are a guy impersonating a real cop, and just got CALLED OUT, by the very police officer you are impersonating, well…

      …sucks to be you bud. I’m sure we’ll be seeing your mugshot in a few days!

  • The Kirby Company

    The Kirby Company was appalled by
    the crime Mr. Sigmon committed. As soon as we learned of the story, we
    contacted the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office to confirm our belief that Mr.
    Sigmon was not working as a salesman for one of our independent, authorized
    distributors. The Sheriff’s Department verified that there is no evidence at
    this time linking Mr. Sigmon to one of The Kirby Company’s independent
    distributorships. It appears that Mr. Sigmon claimed an affiliation with our
    100-year-old company in an effort to try and gain access into the victim’s
    home. Our thoughts are with the victim and her family.

    • Allison_Westerburgh

      You guys make great vacuums, and I can’t wait til I can upgrade a few generations! This shows you what level of service you get with a Kirby, best vacuum company ever!

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