BCSO Intimidation

BCSO Intimidation



BCSO intimidation and threatening of an innocent citizen.

We thought we would show the voters in Berkeley County how their Sheriff’s Department handles criticism and the reporting of news that casts a bad light on the department. Our millions of other readers might like to see the information, too.

You know the news BCSO wants to censor. News like non-certified personnel, employing people who can’t testify or do the job they are being paid to do, questionable use of county funds and vehicles, poor treatment of employees, mandatory overtime because they can’t keep the jail staffed with detention officers, costly damage to the facility by inmates because there are not enough officers on staff to properly supervise them, attempted escapes, cell phones and other contraband in the facility, forced resignations of senior department members facing indictment, and any number of other questionable activities.

We have identified this person in the past as an employee at the jail. When he first started commenting on CTL articles about BCSO he used the moniker “Jman” and posted from a BCSO computer. In fact, we generated so much attention when we pointed that out the Sheriff immediately began obtaining a list of BCSO IP numbers.

When we called “Jman” out on that he changed his name to “anonymous” and started using proxy servers to post his comments. He must have forgotten that a lot of folks remember when he had a citizens band radio in his county vehicle and used the handle “Jman” on that. He also forgets that a lot of folks there, past and present, are familiar with his writing style, or lack thereof, and how he tends to lose his shit and go on wild rants. And you folks wonder why BCSO has so much trouble retaining decent employees. “Jman” must think he’s untouchable now that he was recently promoted.

“Jman” has now decided he knows who writes for CTL. His only problem is he has no real investigative skills. He first accused us of being officers employed by other local police departments. Now he has changed his mind and claims we are someone from Summerville who supported Brian Adams in his run for Sheriff. We have been deleting his comments for the past few days.

The only reason we bring this up is because “Jman” has now spammed the comment section of the website this morning in an effort to threaten a person whom he believes is writing CTL. We don’t know the person he names, but we have sent him a message via social media to let him know he is being threatened by someone who represents himself in his comments as a spokesman for the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department. He also threatens the members of this person’s family. It’s nice to know this spokesman for the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department feels he can threaten citizens with impunity and publicly post comments to let our readers in 110 countries know the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department, and thus Sheriff Wayne DeWitt, is behind him all the way and backs him in his efforts to threaten a citizen and get that citizen and his family hurt. We have heard this is how BCSO has done business for decades, now we have evidence of it.

And you folks thought law enforcement was always your friend. Tsk, Tsk. Not in Berkeley County, apparently.

We have blurred the name of the innocent citizen and his family, but felt it was important to let everyone know what “Jman” and the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department has planned for this citizen. Considering his current position at BCSO and his statement below, we can only assume these threats are being made with the knowledge of, and are condoned by, the Sheriff of Berkeley County - Wayne DeWitt. Sure sounds like it and we appreciate “Jman” confirming that for us. He uses the name of his intended victim when he posts comments now. He has used the names of other citizens who backed Brian Adams to post comments in the past.





While we were typing this article we got an email from “Jman” using a server known for spending out spam. Here is the content of that email. He is using the name of the person he is threatening and whom he thinks is behind CTL, so we blurred it.




Just a note for Sheriff DeWitt - We will be forwarding all of these repeated threats and accompanying computer forensic information to the party being threatened. If you and your employees keep harassing him and his family, or if his name is published anywhere for any reason, or if he and his family members have any problems whatsoever, we think the taxpayers are going to end up coughing up a considerable sum of money. Of course, Berkeley County taxpayers have become accustomed to that, huh?


Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • Andy

    What a lovely piece of shit.

  • Alex

    What the hell???

  • P.J.

    This is why you should never drink in the middle of the day at work…

    Do these cavemen not understand you just can’t get away with that anymore in this age of electronic journalism? Since the P&C and other news agencies monitor this site, just publish Jman’s name - you know who he is - and let them dig up his butt a little bit.

    Anyway, keep up the good work CTL.

  • gottarespond

    let’s hope this bites him right in the ass! Bet the sheriff is having one hell of a Sunday!

  • Sometruthplease

    He’s ready to come out of the closet? He’ll feel better.

  • the grass IS greener

    What do you expect over at Bubba County Sheriffs Department? I saw a quote online from the deputy chief when that officer had the suspended drivers license and thought it had to be a misprint but turns out he really is the new deputy chief. Guess being the butt of jokes with agencys throughout the state for being a liar doesn’t keep people from climbing the ladder over there. Did the former one got tired of the bs or did they fire him because he was trying to change things for the better? So the head of Bubba County will be using his county vehicle to go to clemson games, hunting, checking his rental properties or going to his vacation cabin out of state, and the new chief will be out of pocket at the gamecock games or playing golf, so whose going to run the Asylum? Just ask’n.

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