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Note: We speak plainly in this piece. If you don’t like that, don’t read it.




A reader has directed us to a video of the shooting of Kajieme Powell by St. Louis police. This shooting happened just three miles from where Michael Brown was shot after assaulting a Ferguson police officer. The reader who sent the video made some salient points.

Kajieme Powell was acting erratically when he stole some items from a convenience store. Powell almost always behaved erratically and was known in the neighborhood for being unstable. His mother also stated he had mental issues. After Powell stole the items from the store it appears he went outside and waited for police to arrive. From what is presented here it appears Powell was determined to commit suicide by cop for whatever reason.

The store owner called police because of the theft. Another woman called 911 and reported Powell was acting strangely and had a knife in his hand. That caller was a city Alderwoman who told the call taker she was so afraid of Powell she locked the door to her shop so he couldn’t get in.

Our reader points out that prior to the arrival of the police the only person who seemed to be trying to reason with Powell was the store owner. Everyone else was just recording the events and calling other friends out to witness what was going on. This is evidenced by the person who recorded the video saying he was called by a friend and his subsequent rush to get to the scene and record his own video. The reader was indignant that everyone was laughing and joking and having a great time and didn’t bother to try to talk to or help Powell in any way prior to the police arriving. Once the police arrived and did what they had to do to protect themselves the same people recording and laughing at Powell started in with the typical attacks on police we see so frequently.

Here is the video in question.







When the person recording this video gets too close to him Powell says, “Get the fuck away from me with this shit. I’m on Instagram. I’m on Facebook. You know who I am. I’m tired of this shit.”

As officers arrive on the scene and exit their vehicle Powell begins to advance on them while pulling a steak knife from his pocket and yelling “shoot me”. For those idiots who are trying to make a big deal out of the fact that the officers immediately drew their weapons, we refer you back to the call made by the Alderwoman in which she pointed out Powell was armed with a knife. You can hear the officers yelling for Powell to drop the knife. At 1:33 Powell glances back over his shoulder as if he is either checking to see if he still has an audience or assessing whether those folks behind him are in the line of fire. Yeah, we know that sounds crazy, but apparently that’s exactly what Powell was known for - being crazy. Immediately thereafter he moves to his left and advances on the officers again, still holding the knife. Powell gets within six to eight feet before he starts catching taxpayer funded lead.

A lot of news reporters and other morons are trying to make hay out of the fact that Powell was, in fact, not within three feet of the officers as previously reported. Well la-dee-da! We suppose that three to four foot difference in perception and reality makes these officers guilty of something, right? Asswipes!

We would like to clear up a few things about this incident. Initial police reports stated Powell held the knife in an “overhand” grip. Whatever the hell that is. As we can plainly see Powell was holding the knife to his side and advancing on the officers. The typical trolls are claiming that minor discrepancy as a basis for calling this shooting unjustified. As usual, they don’t have a clue.

Most self-defense courses and police training academies teach that a person with a knife can cover thirty feet and cause a serious injury before you can get a shot off. Action is faster than reaction. These officers actually violated their training and let Powell get within six to eight feet. Way to close.

Next, we are exposed to the usual “Why didn’t they use a Taser?” whine. First, Tasers are pain-compliance weapons to be used against a suspect who is resisting. They are not a weapon for self-defense when the other party is armed with a deadly weapon. Second, Tasers don’t work all that well when the subject being tased is wearing one of those heavy hoodies in the summer. Oh boy, the NAACP must be loving this - there’s a hoodie involved. In order for a Taser to be effective the #8 fish-hooks have to penetrate the skin. Heavy clothing interferes with that. Tasers have also been known to be ineffective when dealing with the drunk, drugged and deranged. Powell fit at least one of those descriptions.

And finally, we have the “shoot him in the leg” crowd. Uh-huh. This is real life, slick, not Hollywood. Your police officers are trained to go for center mass. They are not trained to kill, though. They are trained to stop the threat. Putting a few rounds center mass usually results in both of those being achieved, however. Your police officers are not trained to shoot one round, assess it’s effectiveness, shoot another, assess it’s effectiveness, etc. etc. etc. Nope. They shoot until the threat is eliminated. It sounds to us like the officers fired twelve shots. We don’t know how many times Powell was hit. It doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that the threat - a disturbed person, who had been goaded and ridiculed by opportunistic bystanders, armed with a knife advancing on police and demanding to be shot - was stopped. And let’s not forget the added bonus that both officers got to go home to their families.

Immediately after the officers successfully defend themselves, the idiots who were laughing at Powell and recording his behavior launch into agent provocateur mode and start trying to stir up the masses with anti-police bullshit. Gee, dude, what did you do to help your fellow man? Did you try to talk to him before the cops got there? Nah, you ridiculed him, contributed to his apparent anger and gave him an audience with cameras rolling for what he already had planned. It’s not like you contributed to this situation in any way, right?

We have one thing to say to the person who recorded this video and isn’t pretty. We are just going to say what most people are thinking. And it is this:

Fuck you! And the same to the rest of the pieces of shit in the human race who are just like you. You who use disturbed people like Kajieme Powell for their entertainment value, then, when it all goes bad, you jump right into claiming most aggrieved victim status in an effort to cover up the fact you just contributed in part to his death as well as the serious mental wounding of the two police officers who were forced to protect themselves and put him down. Self-righteous prick.



Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • Julia

    Last paragraph - no one could have said that any better than that!

  • Andy

    Well, it’s good the ignorant asshole has it all on “tape”. What a piece of crap. Nothing but for pure entertainment and shock-value. I too, believe bystanders just agitated him further. (Too bad someone didn’t get everything on video of the Michael Brown fiasco.) I can’t understand why black people get so dramatic. It’s plain to see this fellow wanted to die. He had some serious mental health issues and the reason he is dead is to blame it all on people like the ones who record things like this and don’t try to reach out to them and also to the mental health system in this country. I’ve yet to see anyone go for treatment and come out better. They don’t fix problems - they just put a temporary band-aid on them.

  • Karolina Boy

    A black kid steal something out of the store and gets killed by cops. White kids bomb buildings, shoot up alot of people and somehow cops figure out how to arrest the white kid without the kid getting hurt. Smh

    • Paul

      You’re a prime example of a common dumb ass sir.

      • Karolina Boy

        Please explain. If you dont know me how can I be a dumb ass? What I just stated is a fact.

        • Evolutionary

          Please state your sources for your assumptions you listed and post them here. Since you can’t do that it only proves you are an ignorant idiot.. Dumb fuck. Get educated, you’d be amazed what happens with life when you aren’t an idiot like yourself.

          • Karolina Boy

            These arent assumptions. Get your head out of your ass and out the sand.

          • Wardsize

            One shooter complied with police commands to surrender, was arrested and taken into custody. Mike Brown decided not to cooperate, resisted, tried to take said officers gun, assaulted the officer and got shot to death.

  • Really?

    Why did those evil po po kill that poor black boy charging at them with a knife and yelling shoot me? They be racist.
    To be serious let common sense prevail. Ask anyone “what would happen if you charged at the police with a knife?” My 4 year old grandson can tell you the answer.

  • Tom

    Spot on!

  • Mike Mulligan

    Listening to the person doing the recording, I would think the whole thing was a set up. He didn’t sound the least bit concerned while recording but he sure did sound excited when he kept screaming “He dead, he dead, I got it all on tape!” I am amazed that once shots were fired nobody hit the deck, they just stepped in for a closer look. Tragic and sick!!!!!

  • Ms. S

    It seems as if police don’t try to preserve life any more. All force doesn’t have to be deadly. They could have just tazed the shit out if him instead of shooting to kill first thing. Or they could have even loaded him up with rubber bullets. He only had a knife, not a gun or bomb. Knives are only effective close range so that was a bit excessive. He just need psychological treatment

    • CharlestonThugLife

      Didn’t even bother to read the whole piece, did you?

    • Local_Man1

      Who should bear the risk, ma’am? The police officer doing his job and contributing to society, or the guy who is swinging a knife?

      • Creekeris01

        See Mr. Local Man, you are just not getting it. (sarc/) To a lot of people, Cops owe it to Society to simply die. Cops are now Societies’ sacrificial lambs, to be offered up for slaughter. These are the people who can only relate to Law enforcement through the lens of a tv show or what the ghetto says Cops should do, not by any realistic Training or even the common sense that God gave a gnat. Its called “Tombstone Courage” for a reason, and its not for the memorializing part…. its for the “Dead” part.

    • P.J.

      Ms. S. - If you feel so strongly in your position, I suggest you volunteer to be a ride-along partner with the police when they receive these type of calls. That way you can put your highly-trained skills to use de-escalating the situation, thus sparing those uncaring police the effort of having to neutralize a dangerous threat with lethal force.

      That said, do you have any family? Because after the perp stabs the shit out of you we are going to need more ride-along negotiators…

    • Local_Man1

      Also, I might add - do you think there was ever a time when the cops were LESS likely to kill someone in a given situation? The Taser has only been in wide use for 10-15 years. Every incident in which a Taser is used today is an incident where blunt force or a firearm would have been used in the past.

  • Allison_Westerburgh

    Are any of these people going to be charged who stood by and did nothing? Are there no good Samaritan laws in SC? It seems like if nothing else, all these people milling about just aggravated the situation. Thank god I don’t live in these fucked up, backwards communities. Dear lord.

    • Creekeris01

      That video happened in St. Louis. I can’t think of any specific “Samaritan” laws, but if you are involved in an accident involving bodily injury you have the duty to render help. Someone will be along to correct me, I am certain. Meanwhile, here is a link to the SC State Statutes:

  • Local_Man1

    Damn well said

  • Creekeris01

    To one and all, draw nigh and hear me: Screwing with the Cops is not now, nor should ever be considered to be a “Sporting Event”. These idiots figured they were going to get a good laugh out of watching their Homey ride the lightning. Instead, they then suffered the remorse of rejoicing in their eagerness for a spectacle and rather than intelligently decipher the error of their assumptions, they blamed everyone’s favorite whipping boys.