We have been looking into a few fundraising efforts from which funds are supposed to go to help the family or children of CCSO Deputy Joe Matuskovic who was murdered last week. Some of these efforts popped up rather quickly after his death and were quite legitimate, but apparently there were some family issues that got in the way and those efforts were abandoned by the family. Other efforts have been started independently by a few other folks who are well meaning, but really have no immediate connection or communication with the Matuskovic family. Then there are the alleged fundraising efforts from some highly questionable characters, a few of whom don’t even have ties to the Charleston area.

It really is crazy out there if you have a desire to help, but don’t know who you can trust. We were planning to do a post on some of the more doubtful efforts, but have put that on hold for now after being informed official investigations may be underway. We don’t want to interfere with any of those investigations.

Instead, we will point our readers to two confirmed and well documented efforts to help Deputy Matuskovic’s children.

The first is run by the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 and involves the sale of memorial t-shirts. You can find details and the order form HERE. As far as we can tell, these t-shirts are officially “authorized” as the FOP took the extra step of getting the go-ahead from Sheriff Al Cannon before using the image of the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office badge.

If you don’t want a t-shirt, but still want to donate to help the family of Deputy Matuskovic and/or help Deputy Michael Ackerman with the expenses incurred as a result of his serious injury, you can donate online to the FOP Distressed Officer Fund by clicking HERE.

The second recommendation we have is the function at the The Tattooed Moose sponsored by Support the Fallen. This is billed as a way for the community to come out and support the family and/or donate. There will be things like a silent auction or raffle and a live band. Support the Fallen is a 501 (c)(3) and donations are tax deductible. Just click the donate link and put something like “Deputy Joe Matuskovic” or “Matuskovic Children” in the comments to donate directly to them and ensure your donation ends up where it should. You can find details of this function scheduled for 8 October HERE. If you would like to donate an item for the raffle/auction please contact the administrators of the Deputy Joe Matuskovic event page.

From what we hear you will be able to bid on items donated by folks like Slash, Ted Nugent and Godsmack.




Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • turtlecub

    Bubba the love sponge bike rally October 18th

  • CharlestonThugLife

    We were going to mention that one, but we were told there would be no money donated until they hit the $10,000 threshold. We understand there might be some overhead costs to cover, but that sounds a bit steep. If we are wrong about that, someone let us know.

  • thomas r.

    what about the our hero joe facebook page? at first I thought it wasnt legit but the starter of the page has a history of helping other people and organizations.

    • CharlestonThugLife

      The only page by that name we were able to verify as legitimate was “Our HERO Joe Matuscovic” (HERO in all caps) and that one isn’t trying to sell you stuff. When it comes to the other page by that name selling stickers, we were unable to verify with anyone in the family it is legit and it’s run out of Myrtle Beach. Be cautious with that one.

      • thomas r.

        ok, thanks. Ive done a lil bit of research into that one too. I live in Conway and have a cousin that works for the horry county police dept (in myrtle beach) and they know the guy that started the page. he evidently is a former cop and works with their local fop too. they even posted the sticker website on their fop website and facebook page. hopefully it’s legit.

      • thomas r.

        did U guys read this?, it was posted on that facebook pg.