Dante Smalls


We talked about Dante Smalls on 25 August when we discussed his armed robbery pal Preston Swinton running from the police. Three suspects got away and we postulated Dante Smalls may have been one of them since he likes to run with Swinton and commit crimes with him. We detailed the criminal history of Dante Justin Smalls in that post. We also pointed out he was running around free on bond on 2012 charges of unlawful possession of a pistol, two counts of armed robbery, two counts of kidnapping and 2013 charges of unlawful possession of a pistol and distribution of crack.

The 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office filed a bond revocation motion for the 2012 charges in May of 2013. That motion was finally heard on 19 September and Smalls’ bonds on the 2012 charges was revoked. He is now back in jail. While we have to wonder why it took 16 months to get that revocation motion before a judge we will give the 9th Circuit Solicitor props for finally getting it done.

Smalls’ total bond of $100,000 on the 2013 charges still stands.





Let’s see if they can keep Smalls in jail until they send him to prison. If they can keep him away from a certain pair of judges they might stand a chance.




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