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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Murderers Arrested


Last weekend we saw the murder of yet another innocent at the hands of local thugs. The thugs involved have turned out to be CTL alumni and gang members from the area.

One of those arrested was Richard Dara Simmons, Jr. He goes by the name “Romneyboy Lilblack” on Thugbook. Simmons was arrested on Friday, May 15th.






Simmons has been charged with one count of Murder and Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime and four counts of Attempted Murder.





Simmons has claimed membership in the Romney Street Goons and Romney Street Killers in the past, but he tends to have a lot of friends who claim the Young Reckless Gunnas. Regular readers know all about that gang and how the 9th Circuit Solicitor does not take the seriously.








Let’s see what his criminal history shows.

2012 Charges:

Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

Unlawful Possession of a Pistol/Stolen Pistol - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

Unlawful Possession of a Pistol/Stolen Pistol - Dismissed at the preliminary hearing when the police officer failed to show up.

2nd Degree Assault & Battery - Reduced to 3rd Degree Assault & Battery (simple assault) by the 9th Circuit Solicitor after pending for two years. Sentenced by Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell to 1 day time served.








2013 Charges:

Note: This charge was part of a plea deal which included the 2012 charges.

Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell to 1 day time served.

Looks like that taught him a lesson, right Judge?






As usual, these gang members know the system is a joke. Here is a photo Simmons put up on June 11th, 2014, just four months after having three of four gun charges dismissed and receiving no punishment for a fourth gun charge.







Now Simmons has used a gun to kill an innocent woman. Of course, Scarlett Wilson and Judge Gosnell are not bothered by that in the least. What is it they have said before? Oh yeah, “We have no way of knowing what people will do when we let them go.” Yeah, sure.

Here is what Simmons posted to his Thugbook page the day after the murder of Kedena Brown.







Thanks to all of the “Free my nigga” posts beginning shortly after he was arrested, we can tell you the “juvenile” charged with murder in this case is none other than Kenneth Lamont Robinson, Jr. That name might sound familiar for a couple of reasons. Robinson’s father, Kenneth Lamont Robinson, Sr. was murdered at the Exxon station at Ashley Phosphate and Northwoods Boulevard in January of 2015. Yep, the same Exxon station where the murdered Kedena Brown crashed her car after being shot to death by these gang members on May 10th.

The other reason you might remember Kenneth Robinson, Jr. is because he is a well known member of the Young Reckless Gunna gang who used to go by the name “Madden Block BJ” on Thugbook. Since the death of his father he has changed his name to “Rippops Livethurme BJ“.

Robinson just had a bunch of drug and gun charges dismissed. He was also on probation for the July 2014 armed robbery and shooting at Northwoods Mall. He has also been in and out of juvenile justice facilities for the past few years.






We can safely assume Robinson was charged with the same charges as Simmons. We suspect additional suspects will also be charged.


This brings the 9th Circuit gun charge tally to:


139 cases     75 dismissed     26 guilty pleas     38 pending





  1. Thought I would take the time out to comment, first by saying I send prayers to the families of Mrs. Brown a mother of children and a sister and much more. This women had no clue that Sunday was going to be her last breath due to gang banging. I look back at my life and all the bad things I did, MY father LEFT ME AND MY SISTERS WHEN I WAS 11, WE HAD TO MOVE OUT OF OUR HOUSE AND INTO A LOWER CLASS NEIGBORHOOD . MY mother worked two jobs she was never home, so I never got that home bound love the attention that I really needed in my life. So I turned to the streets for that love, seen things I never seen, and did things I never thought I would have done. I dropped out of school in the 10 grade and was hell on wheels then, I put my moms through hell and back as well she so did not deserve it, cause she was doing her part to take care of me. But I was so young and dumb and believed anything my friends would tell me. I was part of a family even though we did bad things I had love, What I am trying to say and come at, is a lot of the young black men do not have that love the attention a role model someone to set a good example , feeling like you have power , the feeling of not being scared the feeling of getting respect and the feeling of someone knowing your name in the streets. Then some get in gangs and have no fear and no heart at all, its hard for them to even how a soft side are a loving side cause they never had it. And its sad that we live in a world like this, some change and some just keep that mind from and never change they give up. For one the system is so screwed out here , for example when someone gets out of jail at times they get put on probation . And these ex felons have to get out here and find jobs to change and pay their probation fees. BUT CAN NOT GET HIRED due to their criminal back ground . So a lot of young men give up due to lack of jobs for them and are not able to pay these probation fees. SO they go back to what they know best the street life cause others will not help are believe in them anymore. And the system makes it that way for a lot of young men. At times I wish I could go around and hug all the young men and women all race and religion all over the world and say someone loves you. NOW A YOUNG BEATIFUL WOMEN IS DEAD for no reason at all, some of us forgive and move on and some of us can not live anymore cause of the hurt and pain we feel. I know when my sister passed I was mad at the whole world. Like I said I keep the family of Mrs. brown in my prayers and the young men in the shooting all of them. Even those who think that they got off. Life is to short out here live and learn. and for the young generation lets set good example for our children, watch what you do are say in front of them. Set the best examples you can for them. Its not ok to turn it up, are roll a blunt up in front of your kids to be cool are be someone who you really are not. Forgive my grammar I was typing so fast.

    • None of the white viewers will respond to this because it’s what they don’t want to accept. They want all the thugs to do one crime and go to jail for life for being black and knowing they will get out and do something else but the biggest picture painted is the forced poverty they’ve forced us into, the lack of education, all this stems from their ancestors direct intentional oppression of blacks and now their kids, the white adults of today, can shake their heads and judge blacks and say ” what is wrong with black ppl, they’re nothing but thugs”..most of these thugs grow up in projects, have no father cause he’s dead or in jail, and all the other males to look up to are telling them to do stuff like gangbang, they have nothing else. But then when they ride the bus home they get to see white kids riding in range rovers with their parents, same parents and children that won’t even make eye contact with black ppl because were all “thugs”. White ppl are so intelligent until it comes to facing the realities of black crime and it’s because they don’t want to see it for what it is

    • Hmmm…..don’t you attend the same schools as other races? Don’t you have the same opportunity to get that education and put it to use? Sure you do, but it is much easier to blame others for your shitty situation and justify criminal behavior with worthless excuses.

    • It’s not ‘the system’ that’s screwed up. Problem #1-Fathers who choose not to take financial or personal responsibility, so mothers don’t have to work 2 jobs to support their children. Problem #2- Parents who do not instill high expectations for education, good behavior, and personal responsibility in their children. Problem #3-Teens who have not been observant enough to see the consequences of criminal behavior for their peers and choosing not to follow that dead end path.
      Do you expect the criminal justice system to NOT put felons on probation until they prove that they have changed their ways?? We have seen plenty of examples of unwarranted leniency handed out from our local courts, only to have rampant repeat criminals. They certainly do not appear to want legitimate jobs over quick money on the streets.

  2. Hang by the neck until dead. Then we need to hold the 9th circuit and judge accountable for not keeping our streets safe.

  3. This entire site has no purpose. The “outstanding citizens” who get on here for their supposed reason of wanting to know who the criminals are will never see them anyway from their gated communities and prep schools so cut the bullshit, CTL has been at this exposing petty criminal bullshit for years, and guess what? Next year there will be a whole new set of people all young just restarting the cycle. It has to be a change on a major scale before anything changes, throwing the latest street puppet in jail isn’t going to do shit, posting on this site isn’t going to do shit and it has yet to help any of you reading or posting on here unless you live in the hood. Bunch of finger pointing and judging going on here from people who have no reason to even bother with the business in the first place. Driving fucking bmws, sporty coupes, and golf carts all over the slave built city shaking your heads at the people riding the bus and bikes aka the slaves. If you want to judge from your ivy towers and balcony views on boats then fine but don’t go out of your way to look for shit to judge people whom you’ll never understand or even want to. I’m not excusing the black crimes I’m saying turn your other cheek like you’ve always done in the face of the question white privilege or black oppression.

    • I’m throwing the Bullshit flag at you, WhenWill. I don’t live in a gated community, drive a ‘sporty car’ nor golf cart, and my children did not attend private schools. BUT I will admit to being one of those “outstanding citizens” that you apparently hold in contempt. I have never been arrested (nor has anyone in my family), hold a job that pays my bills without public assistance, pay my fair share of taxes, volunteer for several local organizations, and have raised law-abiding, responsible, respectful, productive children. Oh-and I have never owned a slave. I have every reason to want to know what is going on in my community, be aware of high crime areas, and be on the lookout for violent criminals on the loose. I don’t know what you consider a ‘petty criminal’, but if you’ve ever actually read this site you’d know that is not the type of thug you’ll find here. You’re NOT excusing black crime? Really?? Try again. You are oppressing yourself.

    • Disgusted, I think I’ve failed to get my real point across. If what you say is true (I believe you and no reason not to) then I commend you for being a law abiding citizen with great values, I really do. The point I was making was for example, how were you raised? Was it in the projects with no father and a ghetto mother that also can’t stress any importance of education to you? The only people they see with money that aren’t white are drug dealers or con artists of some sort, in a sense that’s how they’ve been raised. It’s hard to go to school focus and come home anddo your homework/read books etc, when you have no food and some times no electric or water, I know because I’ve been apart of that life. Your only friends are all black and guess what? Most of them are out doing bad things but they have a good heart for the few they care for. That brotherhood makes you loyal to them and willing to do anything because at the end of the day that’s all they feel they have. The hood teaches you that it’s black against white because that’s what America has set in stone and it carries over generations. The same way racism and generalizations pass through generalizations. I blame blacks as well but I don’t need to say the things they do wrong because CTL does a great job of it. My comment is overall to say that “thugs” are “thugs” because of oppression from the past having a toll on every generation, and I’m not still blaming whites entirely for slavery that would be ridiculous it’s 2015..but I’m blaming whites for failing to take the oppression as a factor and judging black youths as if they’ve been raised from day 1 the same as whites..they never have AND still do not, but that’s never a point of emphasis, it’s always just the judgement of the criminals. I guess I can’t expect you all to understand because all you see is hoodlums, that’s all you know, just as crime is all they know

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