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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

First of the Year


North Charleston snatched up the dubious honor of having the first homicide of the year when Kennneth Lamont Robinson, aka “Bubba G” was blasted into Dead Right There Status in the Exxon on Ashley Phosphate Road on Friday afternoon. According to authorities, Robinson had cheated someone in a drug deal and karma chose that place and time to bite him in the ass. Police are currently searching for Montre Desean Brown on a charge of Murder.



first of the year

Montre Desean Brown



Brown, of 2943 Alabama Drive, apparently did not like getting ripped off by Robinson. Brown saw Robinson coming in to the business and lay in wait in the restroom before firing away and dropping Robinson in a bloody heap. Brown and his female driver then fled in a white Chrysler. By the time police found the car at Rivers and Durant the female had already dropped Brown off at Northwoods Mall.

The mall connection to this case is an interesting aside. Robinson’s son is the same Kenneth Robinson, aka “Madden Block BJ“, who shot up a former gang member at Northwoods Mall in July of 2014. The younger Robinson has apparently been locked up in juvenile detention since then, but he still manages to update his Thugbook page on a regular basis. He managed to put up this memorial post to his father and included a threat.



ScreenHunter_612 Jan. 10 19.08



Murder suspect Montre Brown has a rather short, but significant criminal history in the 9th Circuit. He was charged with one count of Attempted Murder in 2010 in Berkeley County. This was the only charge despite the fact that there was an exchange of gunfire with the occupant of a van parked in the middle of Ladson Road and a 76 year old woman was shot. She just happened to be driving by at the time. Brown was also shot.

The 9th Circuit Solicitor reduced the charge to 1st Degree Assault & Battery. Judge Edgar Dickson sentenced Brown to a YOA term not to exceed 5 years in August of 2011.

Apparently no one bothered to charge him with firearm stolen out of Alabama found in the closet where he was hiding when arrested.



ScreenHunter_613 Jan. 10 19.41 ScreenHunter_614 Jan. 10 19.41



By November of 2012 Brown was out and was arrested in Charleston County on charges of Possession of a Stolen Firearm. The charge was dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor with the notation, “lacking essential element”. That means they either could not prove the gun was stolen or that Brown possessed it. The grand jury didn’t seem to have that problem. Don’t expect the Solicitor to provide any details, though.



ScreenHunter_593 Jan. 10 18.46 ScreenHunter_594 Jan. 10 18.47



Brown also has a “failure to comply” from a 2014 magistrate court case. That usually means a bench warrant.


As we see with just about every thug on thug shooting or murder, Kenneth Lamont Robinson was no angel.



ScreenHunter_590 Jan. 10 18.45



1998 Charges:

Criminal Domestic Violence of a High & Aggravated Nature - Sentenced by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston to 1 year, suspended in favor of 1 year of probation.



ScreenHunter_601 Jan. 10 18.54 ScreenHunter_602 Jan. 10 18.55



2000 Charges:

PWID Marijuana - Reduced to 2nd Offense Possession of Marijuana by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston to 6 months, suspended on 3 days time served.

Possession of Crack Cocaine - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

See what they did there? Dismissed the most serious charge in exchange for a guilty plea to the other charge which they reduced to an even lesser charge.



ScreenHunter_603 Jan. 10 18.55 ScreenHunter_604 Jan. 10 18.55 ScreenHunter_605 Jan. 10 18.56 ScreenHunter_606 Jan. 10 18.56



2005 Charges:

Habitual Traffic Offender - Dismissed.



ScreenHunter_600 Jan. 10 18.54



2008 Charges:

Three (3) counts of Criminal Domestic Violence - All dismissed with the notation, “Can’t prove”. Not unusual in CDV cases where victims are uncooperative.




ScreenHunter_607 Jan. 10 18.57 ScreenHunter_608 Jan. 10 18.57 ScreenHunter_609 Jan. 10 18.57 ScreenHunter_610 Jan. 10 18.58 ScreenHunter_611 Jan. 10 18.58



2012 Charges:

Trafficking Cocaine - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor after the case languished for two years.




ScreenHunter_598 Jan. 10 18.52



2014 Charges:

Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon - Dismissed at the preliminary hearing. We suppose Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell didn’t know that Robinson’s conviction for CDVHAN is considered a violent crime under Section 16-1-60 of the South Carolina Code of Laws and bars him from possessing a weapon under South Carolina law and under Federal Law.



ScreenHunter_599 Jan. 10 18.52



Well, there you have it. Just another “twofer” pesticide.


Our gun crime survey updates with the criminal history of Montre Brown to:


19 charges     9 dismissed     3 guilty pleas     7 pending




  1. Our judicial system is whacked and these criminals have the entitled mindset that, in turn, creates this behavior. Our judicial system “protection” stops after the police officers do their jobs and lock them up. The slap on the wrist and disappearance of charges puts them back on the street. The irony in that is the police officers, who actually get them off the street for a night or two, aren’t elected officials. The solicitors and other ELECTED officials put them back on the street. Fortunately, not a lot of innocent bystanders are hurt or killed, however mothers and friends of said thugs have perished in cross fire and revenge lately. If I were in a position to do so I would make concealed carry permit classes free for upstanding citizens so that the good guys carrying outweighed the bad guys carrying stolen guns!

  2. Reading over the rap sheets of suspect Brown & “victim” Robinson leaves me wondering how there can exist such a huge disconnect between crime to arresting officer to prosecutor and judge. Let the prosecutor’s office staff and judge ride with the North Chas police on one shift Friday or Saturday. The NCPD are the front line of trying to keep law abiding, tax paying citizens safe and do a fantastic job. But if those guys are walking the streets within two days of arrest then wth? Why not continue their criminal ways? If I didn’t know innocent lives are on the line I’d say, let them(the Mr Browns & Robinsons go ahead & take “care” of themselves.

  3. Yeah all that but…look at Kenneth Robinson’s fingernails…the horror, the horror!

    • What does his nails have to do with anything? This man had four beautiful kids he was taking care of, but his life ended over something that could’ve been talked out, not only that but this writer failed to say that this man died on his daughters 7th birthday!


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