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Losing Their Stuff


The libtards and criminal apologists have been losing their stuff (yeah, we toned it down) since that EFF article was published about all those poor prisoners in South Carolina being punished for breaking the law and prison rules. As we pointed out before, most of the responses from the meek liberal sheeple willing to surrender to the thugs are like this one, written by someone named Kate Knibbs. Kate bemoans the fate of folks like Tyheem Henry, a known gang member who beat a young man almost to death and who can’t seem to obey the law and rules even while incarcerated.

We do love that Kate refers to us as “a right wing blog”, though. Interesting. A blog that advocates for reform of marijuana laws and the return of common sense in the criminal justice system is “right wing”. Of course, anyone who believe criminals should pay a steep price for their continued criminal behavior is a “right winger” to these folks. They spit the term with vitriol as if it is some type of weapon. We believe in the rule of law, the Constitution and the right of the people to be free from assholes like Tyheem Henry. If that is “right wing” we will wear it proudly.

As is usually the case with these “left wing” bloggers and “news” writers, several pertinent facts were left out of their stories. First, Tyheem Henry was a known gang member when he was running the streets. He and six or seven of his fellow gang members decided to steal their victim’s cell phone. They weren’t satisfied with that and beat the victim nearly to death. He lay unconscious in the cold for over two hours until a passer-by found him and called for EMS.

The next pertinent fact these folks like to hide is that Tyheem Henry has continued his gang activity since being incarcerated. They choose to overlook that content in those Thugbook posts they refer to as “harmless” and “innocent”. Here is some of the evidence those writers choose to ignore.



ScreenHunter_1930 Sep. 08 13.31 ScreenHunter_1930 Sep. 08 13.35 ScreenHunter_1931 Sep. 08 13.35



The next tidbit the liberal criminal apologists don’t want you to know about is visible in those posts above. See that little bit of text that says “via mobile”. Yeah. That means the inmate has access to a mobile phone and is using it from behind bars. Kate completely fails to mention that crucial piece of information in the piece she wrote. Why would she do that? Well, she has to support her ridiculous position somehow. In her story she tries to ridicule the fact that inmates with access to social media is an issue taken so seriously by prison officials. If they did tell you about the cell phones they would also have to tell you about the case of Captain Robert Johnson who was the victim of an execution order sent out by an inmate at Lee Correctional via his illegally possessed cell phone. Captain Johnson took six rounds in his own home, but the hit failed and he survives to this day. He is still having surgeries as a result of that attempted execution.



ScreenHunter_1741 Feb. 17 07.18




There has been a ton of reaction to the fraudulent EFF article from criminal apologists across the country. They want you to think of gang member Tyheem Henry and his fellow prisoners like this:




ScreenHunter_1929 Sep. 08 13.22




They don’t want you to see images like those below for two reasons. First, it’s racist. Yeah, we know it isn’t, but that is the standard liberal fallback position when they don’t have the facts to support them. Second, these images show there is no family member posting for the inmate. These photos were taken inside the prison. How does one take photos in prison? Why, with a cell phone, of course. That fact destroys the narrative of the criminal apologists.



ScreenHunter_1950 Sep. 08 13.51 ScreenHunter_1948 Sep. 08 13.51 ScreenHunter_1937 Sep. 08 13.39 ScreenHunter_1935 Sep. 08 13.39



Curiously, none of those writers ever bothered to show the victim of Henry and his fellow gang members.




ScreenHunter_1929 Sep. 08 12.59



Of course, the main issue for these folks is inmates being punished for breaking the law and the rules while incarcerated in those evil prisons. Prison is supposed to be nothing more than a vacation from the streets. You take a cruise to relax, thugs head to prison, right? The crimes that actually put them in prison don’t really matter. When the evidence gets in the way, the uninformed idiots resort to the usual vilification of those who tell the truth by rolling out their standard cries of “right wing” and “racist”.



ScreenHunter_1737 Feb. 16 16.08



That’s just sad and pathetic, isn’t it? We suppose the lack of a valid argument to support one’s position can be a bit frustrating for those who can’t think for themselves.

Kate also takes umbrage with the fact that CTL has developed a working relationship with SCDC and reports all inmates we find on social media. Yes, Kate, we did celebrate the establishment of that relationship as we had to fight for almost two years to get SCDC to take action on tips from citizens. That is why they put up the form for tips on their website. What it is it you liberals like to say? “It takes a village,” right? You failed to mention our working relationship with the Georgia Department of Corrections and the fact that we have reported inmates in Berkeley and Charleston counties, in Florida, North Carolina, Alabama and the federal prison system - all of whom were breaking the law by being in possession of the contraband cell phones used to update their social media feeds.

The whining about solitary confinement is also reaching a crescendo. Does anyone really believe society will suffer a devastating loss if solitary send Tyheem Henry and his ilk into serious despondency because he can’t use his illegal cell phone to post his gang signs and shallow thoughts on social media? Poor thing. Does anyone really care that Henry and his fellow convicts can’t get their candy bars and Raman noodles when they are administratively punished?

None of these writers know how the South Carolina prison system actually works and that ignorance negates their posturing and shows the flaws in their argument. They think Henry’s fifteen year sentence has now been extended by thirty-seven years due to his administrative punishments for belonging to a gang, possessing contraband and using social media behind bars. We actually wish that were true. Alas, it is not. The most SCDC can do is keep someone until their max-out date. That doesn’t apply to Henry since he isn’t eligible for parole or early release anyway.

Then again, facts are simply things to be ignored by liberal criminal apologists.

We can’t wait for the articles defending an inmate’s right to possess a machete in prison. Heck, if it’s good enough for Mexican prisons, it’s good enough for ours.




ScreenHunter_1742 Feb. 17 07.22






  1. As I said I received calls from someone on death row and I’m still waiting for an explanation about how that happened. One person to a cell and checked every 15 minutes yeah right. I was on the phone for over 30 minutes.

    • First of all I would ask why you have a relationship with someone on death row. I don’t know anyone in the system, much less on death row.

      I would imagine that even murderers on death row get some sort of telephone privilege like other prisoners. Maybe they don’t, I’m not a prison expert and I simply don’t care enough to find out.

      But I must ask what you have to talk about with a murderer for thirty minutes. Sounds like you’re a POS like the scumbag that you were talking to.

    • I suppose an idiot couldn’t possibly conclude that I would know the family of someone on death row and they would call me to see how their mother was doing. She blew her head off with a fucking shot gun because she couldn’t handle her son being put to death. Yeah I’m a real scumbag for knowing someone on death row but it beats being a idiot that assumes they know a situation they know nothing about. Your stupidity is really showing. You might want to care enough to know the facts before you post a stupid comment.


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