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Someone Who Knows

Yesterday we put up an article dealing with contraband cell phones in prisons and the effort of same state legislators to make possession of a cell phone a felony. We featured some postings from people who don’t believe cell phones are dangerous contraband or who think the offense is not serious enough to warrant a felony charge which might affect some inmate’s right to vote or own a gun upon release. Maybe they will consider the words of someone who knows.

Captain Robert Johnson was again considerate enough to take time to post his thoughts on the matter. He is the SCDC employee who was shot six times in his own home in 2010 in a contract hit orchestrated by an inmate in Lee Correctional using one of those “non-dangerous” cell phones.

Since some folks don’t pay much attention to the comments section, we thought we would feature Captain Johnson’s comment here for all to see.

Greeting and Salutation, This is Capt. Johnson It is about time these Inmates who continue to break the laws of the state get more than thirty days of no canteen privilege, or thirty days of no phone privileges. This is about the most the Inmates who used a cell phone to place a hit on me would get at a disciplinary hearing. If we can’t jam the cell phones then jam those Inmates who have cell phones. I hurt every day the only time I do not feel pain is when I am sleep. I walk with great difficulty, I have to wear a brace on my left foot because one of the bullets severed a major vein to my left leg. That cell phone give me the enjoyment of going through over seventeen surgeries and pain 24/7. I could go on. This cell issue is not just about me. Before I had to retired due to acute lead poisoning I would get phones call from folks who were being harass by inmates at all time of night. Some would inform me of inmates who were taking to the caller’s teenage daughter on a chat line and the girl didn’t know it was an inmate. Inmates were using their cell phones to continue crimes and run their gangs (I meant neighborhood associations.) One inmate was taking care of three women on the street and I mean paying all their bills. All with the use of his cell phone which we found. Yes some of these inmates just want to do their time and go home, but there is a good majority who want nothing more then the green (money.) So if the punishment is not stiff, they will continue running their neighborhood associations and I am here to tell you it will get worse.

If you don’t believe us, maybe that will change your views on the issue. You would be hard pressed to find someone who knows better than Captain Johnson the danger posed by these inmates and their contraband cell phones.




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