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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Clinton McCallum Again


Back in February of 2014 we wrote a piece titled “The Myth of Neighborhood Social Groups” in which we exposed the reality of gangs throughout South Carolina. In that article we introduced you to numerous members of various sets of the Bloods, both street and prison gangs.

One of the inmates exposed in that article was Clinton McCallum. He was incarcerated at Lee Correctional Institution then and using the name “Realright Blatt” when accessing social media via his illegal prison cell phone.



ScreenHunter_4006 Feb. 23 09.33




We reported McCallum to SCDC and his Thugbook page was removed. Based on our recent capture of his disciplinary history he was never administratively charged with maintaining a social media site, possession of a contraband cell phone or even being a member of a security threat group (gang).

McCallum is in prison because he murdered two illegal aliens during a robbery in Horry County in 2008. He got a sweet plea deal to one count of burglary and one count of voluntary manslaughter and will be released in 2030.




ScreenHunter_2083 Feb. 27 07.32 ScreenHunter_2084 Feb. 27 07.33 ScreenHunter_2085 Feb. 27 07.33 ScreenHunter_2086 Feb. 27 07.33 ScreenHunter_2087 Feb. 27 07.34



While we were doing some research into the recent uprising at Lee Correctional Institution we stumbled across McCallum again. He has since been moved to McCormick Correctional Institution and he had a new phone and a new Thugbook page by May of 2014. You can now find him under the name “Lime Lite G’z Blatt“. Remember now, according to all those liberal criminal apologists we had to deal with last week, these Thugbook pages are maintained by family members, not the inmate.


Isn’t it nice how SCDC allows family members in to cell blocks to take photos of their loved one and all his fellow gang members?



ScreenHunter_2088 Feb. 27 07.45




To hear the liberals tell it, this photo in a cell was taken by a family member and uploaded to Thugbook.




ScreenHunter_2090 Feb. 27 07.50




Yeah, we know you folks aren’t buying that crap either. We still have to wonder how SCDC hasn’t been able to confirm McCallum as a gang member.




ScreenHunter_2091 Feb. 27 07.50 ScreenHunter_2093 Feb. 27 07.51




Uh-oh, looks like his phone was running out of minutes on 24 February.




ScreenHunter_2094 Feb. 27 07.52




And just a few more pieces of evidence indicating McCallum’s affiliation with the Bloods.




ScreenHunter_2095 Feb. 27 07.52 ScreenHunter_2096 Feb. 27 07.53 ScreenHunter_2097 Feb. 27 07.54 ScreenHunter_2098 Feb. 27 07.56




We will keep on eye on this one to see of SCDC charges him with the social media page and gang membership this time. Not that it really matters, since they caved to the criminal apologists and reduced time in solitary for these maggots. With that move, SCDC has lost all hope of controlling their own facilities. They have shown the inmates that a little bit of public pressure from the libtard media and the state will fold like wet cardboard.

Why do you think that inmate at Lee Correctional had no compunction about calling WLTX via his illegal cell phone to make demands and sending them photos? No fear of any meaningful punishment, that’s why.





  1. I say we give this P.O.S a ride half way back to Africa….and let him swim the rest of the way.
    Hopefully the decent, hardworking black folks of SC. will not let their chilgren grow up thinking this guy is leader.

  2. Correction…… “children”

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