The mindset of some people is simply astounding. We were reading some social media comments at the news sites regarding the shooting at Chuck E. Cheese. Before the suspect info was released there were those who were laying odds the suspect would be a young black male with a previous record of firearms related crime. That was actually a pretty good bet.

Black folks went crazy at that, spewing the words “racist” and “redneck” and other completely acceptable (because they were directed at white folks) racist names aimed at those who believed what the odds would show.

CPD released the security camera images and the young black male part was verified. Once the hunch of those who played the odds was confirmed they were greeted with the infamous “white boys shooting up schools” mantra. Nothing like a little racial profiling from the folks who are constantly pounding their chests and crying out against it, huh? Hypocrites. Yeah, well, Chuck E. Cheese is not a school, thus the solid bet based on the odds and prior experience. Just do a Google or YouTube search.

We did some research this morning based on social media tips and the part about the prior criminal history of the shooter was verified. Those who played the odds started in with the assertions that use of the term “thug” was racist. Uh-huh. Okay.

We were, however, highly encouraged by what happened this morning. We awoke to quite a few tips in our in-boxes directing us to the suspect in this case. Some of those tips came from some folks who had been having a good time at the restaurant who didn’t appreciate a gang beef, gunfire and hot lead flying around their offspring. Those are the people who directed our investigation and they are to be commended for stepping up and taking a stand, even if they could not do so publicly for fear of reprisal.

In the same post we reported on the drug related murder of Jarrod Howard by Ahshaad Owens and Phillip Jewell.

We received this message on our Facebook page:





Really, Kat? Hell? Apparently, Kat prefers the type of reporting done by the local “news” media, where they keep pertinent facts like what led to the murder or other contributing factors on the down-low. But only when it pertains to her friends. All we did is what we always do - report the facts. It is simply a fact that Jarrod Howard was arrested in January 2014 on a charge of PWID Cocaine and that charge was later dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

We also reported the fact that Jarrod Howard was murdered as the result of a drug deal gone bad or a typical drug rip-off. Don’t like that fact? Go talk to the suspects or the cops about it.

You see, Kat, reporting a fact is not “nasty”. It simply is what it is. Push it, pull it, scream and cry at it, set it on fire - nothing will change the form of the implacable fact. The way you process that fact due to your own skewed perception is where the problem lies. By decrying the fact, raging against it and attempting to relegate us to hell for reporting it, you have lowered yourself to the level of the many ignorant thug supporters who post here and tell us “the past doesn’t matter”. Well, yeah, it does. Particularly when it shows a pattern of behavior and that pattern contributed to the loss of Jarrod Howard’s life.

Kat then takes it upon herself to give us a lesson on what keeps the reader. She apparently hasn’t noticed it is exactly those “details”, aka “facts”, that keep our millions of readers around the world coming back time and again. Folks are longing for someone who will engage in honest reporting. Until the “regular” media goes back to doing that, the alternative media has to pick up the slack. Maybe some of you folks can address Kat’s concerns in the comments section.

We also received an email from a citizen informing us Jarrod Howard’s PWID Cocaine arrest was BS because it was actually K2 and Hanahan PD automatically levies cocaine charges when they find K2.That might be kind of difficult to do since K2 is synthetic marijuana, not cocaine. It doesn’t really matter, though, because Jarrod Howard was arrested by the City of Charleston Police and not the Hanahan Police.

We are not familiar with K2 so maybe someone can help us out. Will K2, when placed in a presumptive test kit for cocaine, give a false positive? If so, that could have led to the PWID Cocaine charge and the subsequent dismissal. That is a possibility, but the 9th Circuit Solicitor is generally pretty good about putting in case notes such as “tested negative for cocaine”. Heck, that is actually one of the few things we like about that office.

With the limited research we did on K2 just now, we tend to doubt that story, though. Here is what a Google search tells us K2 looks like, and it doesn’t like anything like cocaine.





That being said, whether Howard possessed cocaine or a synthetic drug, nothing changes with regard to the behavior indicated by such possession.

Next, we received this comment on our previous post.





Since the writer chose to remain anonymous we will give them the designation “Shitmook” for purposes of our response.

First of all, Shitmook, the murder was race related according to the boiled down standards set by the black community and their “leaders” like Dot Scott, James Johnson, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Those standards, generally, are simply a member of one race is dead at the hands of a member or members of another race.

Of course, in the eyes of the previously mentioned folks the critical qualifying factor for such a crime be designated race related is that the victim is supposed to black and the suspect is supposed to be white. Then and only then can a hue and cry be raised and a great wailing and gnashing of teeth and the looting of hair extension stores take place. When the races are reversed? Nothing but the peaceful chirping of crickets can be heard from those folks and their propagandists in the media.

To give credit where credit is due, the Propaganda & Criminals was the only local news outlet to let folks know Jarrod Howard was a white guy by publishing the mugshot from his January arrest. We wonder if Kat wants to send them to hell, too. The rest of the local media didn’t bother reporting identifying information on the victim, as per their editorial policies when it comes to black on white crime. White on black crime? Oh, that goes full blast.

Shitmook here seems to think he/she read something we did not write. We did not specify which of the parties involved in the transaction was the seller and which was the buyer. We simply reported the fact (implacable bastard that it is) that the murder was either the result of a drug deal gone bad or a drug rip-off.

Reading comprehension is a valuable skill, Shitmook. It can go a long way toward preventing you from looking like a complete idiot to the huge group of people who will read your comment.




Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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    “Shitmook”! LMBO at that!

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    steady assholes?…as opposed to shaky ones? HA..Happy to hear that people are stepping up to the plate. CTL-1 Thugs-0 Thanks Chief!

  • EbolaJenkins

    ” looting of hair extension stores take place” AHHH-HAHAHAH!!!!!
    …Kat, how many fatherless half-thuglets you got?… My homegirl used to work at ACORN, she can get your toddlers some age-waivers so they can vote at the next Obama-mama election… and your five dead grandmamas too…