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Hometown Hate


We have been busy of late, but we believe only one news outlet, WCBD, actually covered the recent downtown event where hardcore racist Malik Shabazz called for blacks to kill whites. His birth name (or government name as they call it) is Paris Lewis. That sort of explains his violent tendencies, huh? For those of you who don’t keep up with these things Shabazz is such an extremist even the extremely liberal Southern Poverty Law Center has declared him a virulent racist. How bad do you have to be to have a crackhead Mayor by the name of Marion Barry fire you? How bad do you have to be when even the extremely racist Nation of Islam kicks you out of their group for being too extreme?

Shabazz is now affiliated with the New Black Prancer Party and is the current president of a group of extremists called Black Lawyers for Justice. Both of those groups have shown up in places like Ferguson, Baltimore, North Charleston and now Charleston trying to instigate a race war. You might say Shabazz and his groups are brothers in arms with Dylann Roof as they seem to have the same goal. The fact that Shabazz is a lawyer urging violence and trying to initiate a race war sort of makes you wonder about the legal profession and their tendency to cover for their own. This guy hasn’t been disbarred yet? Go figure.







We bring all this up because this group of extreme racists is planning another of their hate filled functions for this Sunday in Marion Square. We thought you folks might want to know who else appeared in that video in support of Shabazz. Yes, locals are also encouraging racial violence.

Let’s start with the guy in the green shirt. His name is Jonathan Thrower. He goes by the made up name “Shakem Amenhotep Akhet” on Hatebook. Thrower has made the bulk of his page private in the past few days, probably because there was some talk on there about stealing a Confederate flag from a “cracka” so they could burn it during the protest.  We have had interactions with Thrower before when he left his racist comments on some of our stories. As with most of the individuals claiming membership in these hate groups, Thrower has a criminal history. Thrower is from the Otranto Road area of North Charleston.


1997 Charges:

Distribution of Cocaine - Reduced to Possession of Cocaine by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced to 2 years, suspended in favor of 18 months probation.

PWID Marijuana - Reduced to Possession of Marijuana by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced to 30 days, suspended while on probation.







1998 Charges:

Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol - Plead guilty. Sentenced to 1 year, suspended in favor of 1 year of probation.

Unlawful Possession of a Pistol - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.







2000 Charges (Berkeley County):

Possession of a Stolen Pistol - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor because this was “not a state charge” and Thrower was supposedly indicted on other firearms charges. Maybe assistant solicitor Burns Wetmore was new in 2000 and didn’t really know what was a state charge and what wasn’t. We find this surprising because we have been told he was one of the better solicitors in that office.

Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol - Dismissed. See above.








2000 Charges (Charleston County):

Trafficking Marijuana - Plead guilty. Sentenced to 4 years, concurrent with a federal sentence. Of course it would be concurrent.

Three other drug charges, a conspiracy charge, a stolen vehicle charge and two gun charges were dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.







2001 Charges:

Two counts of Forgery - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.







2005 Charges:

PWID Cocaine, PWID Cocaine Near a School, PWID Marijuana, PWID Marijuana Near a School (x2), Possession of a Sawed-off Shotgun (x2) - All dismissed because the federal prosecutor picked up the case. We doubt the federal case ever went anywhere. We are told the officer who arrested Thrower on these charges was fired by NCPD when he went off the deep end.







The guy in the light colored t-shirt with the ankh necklace who introduced Malik Shabazz should be familiar to our regular readers. His name is Demond McElveen.  McElveen also hails from the Otranto Road area. He is currently free on bond and spending that time encouraging black folks to kill white folks. McElveen was arrested in March of 2015 and charged with Distribution of Meth/Crack, Possession of Crack Near a School and Unlawful Possession of a Pistol by a Convicted Felon. He was released the same day he was arrested on a total bond of $85,000 which Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell apparently saw fit to reduce a month later to an all inclusive $50,000 bond for the three charges.







Considering the fact that McElveen is prohibited from possessing firearms under both federal and state law we have to wonder about this photo he posted to his Hatebook page at approximately 8:45 p.m. Friday night.







It certainly is nice to know a convicted killer, free on bond, with an urge to kill white folks has access to so many guns. Bet you won’t hear President Obama complain about this criminal’s guns. We could rehash his convictions on drug, gun, ABWIK, ABHAN and manslaughter charges, but it would be much easier if you just click this link and read it there.

Based on McElveen’s post below we have to wonder if Malik Shabazz paid that $10,000 reward to the white woman who led police to Dylann Roof? Somehow, we doubt it.







In this post from May we learn McElveen’s 15 year old son was the person initially charged with the January murder of Travis Brown on Otranto Road. Charges were eventually dropped even though it was determined the 15 year old was present and in possession of a firearm during the shooting. Notice McElveen doesn’t think that was important.








After McElveen’s arrest for drug distribution and weapons possession in March he tried to justify his criminal history claiming he never “robbed, stole or raped anyone”. Those four counts of assault & battery with intent to kill and that count of murder plead down to involuntary manslaughter were conveniently overlooked by Demond, as was the fact he has been charged multiple times with selling narcotics in the very neighborhoods he claims to defend.







Apparently, the Assistant Police Chief of NCPD, Reggie Burgess is friendlier with the militant types than we were aware. Here he is with some of the “black lives mater” folks. If you follow the news you will remember the NAACP and James Johnson of NAN were a bit upset that Burgess was not appointed to be chief upon the departure of Zumalt. These comments make us wonder if there is some behind the scenes politicking going on since the city and NCPD seem to have caved to political correctness of late. Some of these folks seem to think having Burgess as police chief will solve all of their problems. Wait, we thought removing the Confederate flag from the collective consciousness was supposed to do that.

Update: We have been informed that the photo below was taken at the candlelight vigil for Walter Scott attended by a number of North Charleston officials. We have also been told the photo has been cropped to exclude other folks who posed for the picture. No word yet on who those people were. We are told that Burgess was upset when this cropped photo first appeared in May. Burgess himself does not claim any affiliation or membership in the BLM movement.








This post has us a bit concerned. Not because of what McElveen said, but because of the comment of someone claiming to be a correctional officer for SCDC. Does anyone else think it is improper for her to be associated with a virulent racist who calls for the murder of all whites? A quick review of her friends list shows associations with a number of the criminally inclined previously featured in these pages. Most law enforcement agencies have policies against officers associating with known felons. Given the current climate where officers are fired for stating their personal beliefs or wearing certain items of clothing we have to wonder how SCDC feels about a C.O. associating with known violent felons.









Another Otranto Road resident in that image above is Denise Joann Williams-Cromwell. She also uses the name J. Denise Cromwell. You can also see her in the image with the NCPD assistant chief. Other than a prior arrest for unlawful use of a telephone (threats, harassment) in her younger days, Cromwell has no criminal history. Cromwell has actually done some good things in the community and even has a white adopted daughter. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, she might not have realized the murder of white people was going to be promoted at that rally. Note her comment below which was posted prior to the event, “Please come in the spirit of PEACE love and hope”. Maybe she was surprised by the exhortations to murder, maybe not. We suppose we will know for sure if she shows up at the rally planned for Sunday.







Another speaker at that rally was Hashim Nzinga. He is also a convicted felon who had a sympathetic prosecutor drop charges of felon in possession of a firearm.


As you can see some of these folks are just like the murderer of nine innocents. The only difference is they want to kill people of the opposite skin color.




  1. Charleston just don’t get it. The blacks in Charleston are racist and the liberal whites like black racism. The mayor and the police let ghetto blacks terrorize the city. The black racist thugs in this hate group will get a medal from the city for attacking whites. Just like the police and media try to cover up the mob of black thugs attacking whites downtown last month.

  2. This is crazy! How can he show all these weapons and not get in trouble since he is a felon?

    • Because the liberal gun control movement only wants to disarm whites. The mayor and police let the black thugs do whatever they want in Charleston and the thug blacks know it. Hundreds of people every year are assaulted and killed by the thug blacks and they know they can get away with it.

    • even if he was showing us his private parts it would be a case of proving it was his private partsbut as we all know he’s a big prick anyway

  3. Really? Different rules for black thugs than everyone else.

    Also, sure looks to me like Reggie Burgess was posing with the racists at that rally. That’s ok though. Different rules for him, too.

  4. How about Sista Solove? Any word on that crazy bitch?

  5. Re: Photo of NCPD Assistant Chief Burgess with members of what some consider to be a racist hate group - Oh, so someone posted a photo of him out of context that could appear extremely inflammatory but he was allowed to explain himself without the city and the department overreacting and firing him? Must be nice!

  6. I come before you today burden down with a broken and bleeding heart. I come in the spirit of hope,hope for tomorrow.
    After experiencing the tragedy that happened in my home of Charleston, my organization blind justice joined many other concerned agencies in responding to one of the more horrific events that could take place not only in a black community, but in America. We all can live together. Thats what I seek. My Dream. No matter what your race we all should be able to live together. Today so many black Americans are hurting. Years and years of pain. I don’t know how I feel at times, I can admit that. Its funny to me because usually I have it all together. Since the Mother Emmanuel tragedy, i think I lost a little faith.
    Anything I could say, I know I wouldnt mean it. When I see my daughter Asia, she is a constant reminder of my dream. A dream of world peace. A dream of Equality. A dream of an honest society. One that wont see anyone as an outcast but citizens. I love everyone, even when times are against me. I dedicate my life to helping, no matter the color, red, white, black or blue.
    For tomorrow seems to have been delayed for the oppressed. Now tomorrow must become our today. History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. Those of you that remain in your homes, going day to day without expressing your voice, do not let this generation disappoint the man who we quote so many times by remaining silent. We must not only look to church leaders, elected officials, and governmental systems, but empower ourselves. While we all may not agree on every issue, we all must fight to protect those rights which joins us together. Although I personally find myself in this fight with various people of varioius concerns, I stand of my principles. Principles of justice, peace and an equal America.
    Assitant Chief Reggie Burgess simply posed for a picture because he was asked by me and as a public official and one whom we are very proud of and always interested in being photographed with him.
    Thanks alot for secretly hosting me on Thug life and giving me the benefit over doubt and i think its only fair that you he or she come out of hiding - i personally would love to have a audience with you - or is it you throw bricks and hide your hand - for the record you didnt have my permission to post anything about me good or bad ….

    J Denise Cromwell
    All rights reserved

    • Well, now that we have watched this video we have to say that giving you the benefit of the doubt was an error, Denise. That video shows you with the bullhorn condoning the words of a virulent racist and encouraging him and the crowd as he gives his speech encouraging blacks to kill whites. Looks like you actually do fall into that racist column. How would you feel if the first white killed by Shabazz’s racists was your adopted daughter. Would you still be standing there with a microphone encouraging them?

    • Permission to post about you? You put your name on a flyer posted publicly, and don’t expect people to read the flyer? Don’t expect that some reading the public flyer will look into the people listed on it AND the policies they espouse? Don’t expect that some people might not appreciate those policies? Don’t expect that that displeasure might appear publicly?

      I wonder if YMCA knows they employ a person who willingly and publicly associates with people who “hate every iota of a cracka” and have condoned KILLING WHITE BABIES?

      Saddest is that your daughter will be able to live the opening scenes of “The Jerk”, except the family values shown there will be replaced by racism and hate.

    • Ms. Cromwell, your group Blind Justice is promoting hate and violence (killing whites). This is entirely different that the initial BLM rallies\protests over the Walter Scott shooting. The tone of these protests since April have changed from peaceful demonstrations to ones inciting violence between races. Thank goodness the citizens in Charleston are not following your group’s message.

    • Well at least this was legible…

    • Denise,

      If Black Lives Matter, like you and ilk claim they do; then why, WHY do you kill each other?

      If you want Black Lives to Matter; then the change must come from within. Look at the stats; it ain’t whitey killing ya. It’s blacks killing blacks, but you don’t ever speak of that. Why? It doesn’t fit the narrative does it?

      Before you go whining about the wrongs of someone else, first pull that big stick out of your eye; only then can you see clearly to judge.

      Also… I’m going to be following up with the YWCA Board of Directors first thing Monday morning. I’m quite sure they would love to know of your activities. Racial Profiling goes both ways; and screaming and supporting those who would wish to cause mayhem, death and destruction…. Well, that doesn’t look to good for the Project Manager of the Charleston Division of the YWCA. Actually, in truth it distinctly is against your stated mission “YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.”. Enjoy your job while it lasts, quite frankly, I wouldn’t imagine it would be around too much longer; perhaps the National Action Network has an opening? At least there, your hatred and vitriol against whitey will be willingly accepted; at the YWCA it won’t be tolerated.

      In closing, Denise. I wholeheartedly agree with you, 100%; that Black Lives do indeed, matter. White lives, Hispanic… We could go on and on; in truth, what matters is that of the value of ALL lives; not just one color.

      I’m going to leave you with something to think about Denise; it was written by a great man; one whom I’ve great respect for. Here you go:

      “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

      In case you’re not familiar with it; it’s from Booker T. Washington.

    • well, since we have had a police officer fired for wearing rebel flag boxers in a pic on his facebook page, what can we expect from the YWCA, whose motto is Eliminating Racism, Empowering Women.

      Looks like they got it half right…

      What do you say YWCA? Your associate{S?} in the video supporting violence against whites as spoken by Shabazz?

      {can I get an amen?}

  7. So a 18 year veteran sergeant of this department can be fired for wearing a pair of confederate flag swim shorts but the assistant chief can pose with those dividing the city and get comments from terrorist. Complete loss of all respect

  8. So a veteran officer gets fired for wearing a pair of confederate flag swim shorts but the assistant chief can pose with those who are trying to divide this city with their hate and have that picture on Facebook and commented on by what amounts to be terrorist. What a wonderful example of a double standard!

  9. These hate groups are also newsworthy, if we had news organizations interested in equitable and neutral reporting.

    Which, obviously, we do not.

  10. If my count is correct, there are ten (10) firearms in that photo. I daresay that half of them are stolen. That pathetic collection does nothing for me. I doubt that idiot Desomond could handle a firearm safely or proficiently.

    And why the F bomb isn’t law enforcement doing something about him? Are they too afraid that if an investigator looks at his thugbook profile and starts an investigation based on what they see, that there will be fallout? Is he untouchable because of his newfound celebrity? Where are the cajones on these prosecutors and investigators? Are all their male bathrooms equipped solely with sit-down toilets? No standing up to pee over there.

  11. Burgess was at the Prayer Vigil with other City Officials who also had their pictures taken with some of the attendees that included multiple people with the BLM shirts. This was immediately after the shooting & the shirts were being sold for the rally. Burgess was not wearing a BLM shirt and was there as a representative of the City of North Charleston. You can see that the picture was cropped to cut out others who were in the picture. He did not post the picture nor can he control who did and the comments made.

    • Sgt Dildine did not not choose to have his picture edited and placed by one of him in uniform either. So people say that Sgt Dildine’s picture is inflammatory it could be argued by many that Burgess’ picture is as well

  12. The YWCA is another black racist group! Everybody knows it! She writes on this page that black American youth are hurting and have years of pain. Ever think on the people black American youth hurt and the pain they cause with black thug racism. Now this woman wants to write lies on CTL to cover up that they hate white people.

  13. Harve Jacob from live5news some very reliable source has informed me that you and your partners are the hosts of this Charleston thug life and the event that you are I’m truly disappointed in you I used to have much respect for you however I am moved inside out with the attempt assassination of my character but that doesn’t really matter to me what my concern is the comment that you all have made concerning my adopted white child possibly being the first white person to be killed you first of all need to put all the information out there share the video of my speech and then let whoever will give the benefit of a doubt because if in fact that you were truly wanting to give me that benefit you would not even try this BS now I promise you as you don’t get that comment off of this sense of life concerning my child you talking about a race war we will definitely have a Denise water and I will be confronting any and everybody concerned Now f*** with me

    • Shabazz and his ilk hate all white people. Keep hanging with them and you might be asked to make a sacrifice for the cause.

    • Wonder if YWCA would like to share the statistics on the people served with Miss Cromwell’s project…

      Oh, Miss Cromwell, you might better make your meager points with a bit of punctuation. Otherwise, folks might think you are menopausal. You know, no periods.

    • go and screw yourself and become the sacrificial lambif you got beef would any of them you need to take it straight to them so you can become their sacrificial lamb scumbag show yourself people like you throw the brick and hide their hand talk much trash as long as you’re in hidingend of conversation I won’t be following you up unless you are willing to come up front and personal……..

    • Denise,

      Once again, your true character shines through. As promised, today I reached out to the leadership of the YWCA. Character Denise, that’s what this is all about, character.

      I’m not sure if you are referring to my previous post, or ones made by others. I didn’t, nor would I ever mention, your children in reference to death. When you end a thread by saying “f*** with me”, it doesn’t help you or your character as you so eloquently put it.

      Character. Mrs. Cromwell, the only person assassinating your character, is you. Through your actions, you have again shown yourself to stand for 100% the opposite of the organization you represent, the YWCA.

      I feel it fitting, in this case, to share with you, Mrs. Cromwell, aspects of the email which was sent on your behalf. Your behalf. Why do I put it like that? Sometimes we need to be forced to learn from our actions when we are blinded by our own hatred; hopefully you learn a lesson from yours.

      I’m sure you could figure out who I am quite easily, but of course, I’m not going to post my information here; if you do find out who I am, please do not resort to threatening my family, the repercussions for that would be a swift prison sentence and I would prefer not to pay for your “3 hots and a cot” on my tax dime.

      As promised, here is the email for you to read, sent to your leadership, today. As you read it, place yourself, just for a moment in my shoes. Place yourself in my skin and ask yourself if you would feel safe, in Charleston, knowing there are people in Charleston who would kill your children just for the color of their skin? The tide goes both ways Ma’am; racism is never acceptable in any form or fashion.

      Good afternoon Ma’am,

      What follows is a summary of the events leading up to me calling you this morning. As a warning, there is explicit language involved, but I feel that censoring the words would take away from the impact this event should have on the YWCA.

      Again, I would have gone through the Charleston branch first, however, the lady who answered the phone refused to let me speak with any of the leadership; she named herself as “Dennie”, so I can only imagine it was Mrs. Cromwell that I had the displeasure of speaking with.

      The phone numbers from your voice-mail were for the Charleston, WV region; this transpired here in Charleston, SC.

      I came across the following video while reading the local Charleston News last night.

      In it, you have Malik Shabazz shouting several racial epithets and demanding that the crowd not only kill people, but to kill their families as well. Several times throughout the video he yells “Black Power” and “Let that Cracka hear you”. Multiple Google searches of his name reveal talks where he yells about “killing Cracka babies”, so forth and so on.

      Now, for a moment, imagine this were a KKK rally, in that KKK rally, you had a leader yelling “White Power” and “Let that Nigger hear you”. Imagine in previous speeches, the same leader had yelled about “killing Nigger babies”. Any organizations affiliated with the speech would automatically and forever be associated the message of vitriolic hatred and virulent racism. In 2015, that organization would be subject to boycotts, loss of sponsorship, etc, so forth and so on.

      Enter, J. Denise Cromwell. A quick Google search of “Project Street Outreach” (The shirt the young man was wearing in the video) yields her as the Project Manager for it. In the video, which I will outline for you below, you will see where she not only supports, but gets on a megaphone to yell it to the crowds for all who will listen, that she too, supports Malik Shabazz in his quest to ignite a Race War. Her Facebook page even had a link showing where the event would take place and she put, “Project Street Justice” under her name on the flyer, further associating you, the YWCA with this disgusting event.

      When I was a young Marine, it was always instilled in us, that no matter what we do in the public eye; we were okay to do so for the most part, as individuals, SO LONG, as we did not bring shame and discredit to the Corps. Wearing of one’s uniform to a political event is a great example of what not to do as a Marine. The same goes with Mrs. Cromwell; personally I don’t care what the lady has to say, granted, I highly disagree with her and believe her message to be that of an evil one, but… In America, we have free speech. She has a right to say what she wants to say. However, as a result of her actions, she has now and for all eternity, associated your organization, the YWCA, with that of not combating, but of enabling and promoting, Racism.

      Timeline of video events:
      0:00-0:02 - “Let that Cracka hear you”
      00:15 - “Kill the families”
      00:15 - Associates the group present with wanting to kill people
      00:25-00:28 - Further association
      00:48-1:20 - “Black power and “Any means necessary” (Kill people? Riots?)”
      1:53 - First glimpse of young man wearing Project Street Outreach shirt
      1:56 - Mrs. Cromwell takes megaphone from the young man
      2:45 - Mrs. Cromwell speaks into the microphone and says “Common now, say it like it is” (Encouraging people to follow the racist rhetoric)
      3:04 - Mrs. Cromwell cheers into the microphone
      3:13 - YWCA clearly visible on young man’s backside.

      Your mission statement reads as such: “YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.”

      Everything Mrs. Cromwell did in that video is a blatant slap in the face to everything good your Organization has ever done. She wants to help start a race war, she doesn’t want peace (They yell in the video about “No Peace”), she only wants “Street Justice”. There is not one shred of dignity in that video at all.

      I am hopeful this event will be dealt with professionally and immediately like it should be. It should have never transpired, yet, it did.

    • Denise,

      Hopefully your paranoia and delusional thinking will cause you to print up these comments. Take a long, hard look at what you wrote. Your run-on paragraph lacks any sort of punctuation. I feel sorry for your adopted child. Your grammar skills are on par with a 4th grader. Hopefully they have good tutors and teachers in her school, because it is glaringly apparent that you are in no postition to offer help with English homework, resumè building, proof reading or anything that involves writing.

      Y’all hear the joke about Denise? She’s so dumb she thinks that typing “all rights reserved” on her internet comments actually does something.

  14. The difference in writing between the two Denise posts is very interesting.

  15. John for president! cause that letter it took a lot of courage to put on here upthread to the black racist J Denise Cromwell. I seen it with my own two eyes. It is the blacks killing eachother. They kill eachother and keep eachother down and then go all over South Carolina and blame the white man. They should blame themself. If black lives matter all that much to them they sure do treat eachother like crap. I supervise about ten black females housekeepers and they talk crap about eachother all day spreading rumors and try to get the other fired. But any chance they get want to blame the white man for everything when they do it to themself. Nobody killing blacks and tearing down blacks but blacks cause they matter all that much.

  16. That sure looks like my old PWA XM-15 Commando that was burglerized from my home while I was at WORK.
    If anyone investigates, I have the serial number.

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