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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Miscellaneous Musings From the Net

Looks like Young Gunna gang member Quez Brown has a problem with his rival, Young Goon Kareem McPherson. Don’t forget, these two gangs have been shooting at one another for years now.

If you can decipher the ghetto babble you can find a number of threats in the exchange below. We will sure be looking forward to putting up a few more Dead Right There posts!

Demetrius Bailey claims he was present when the shots were fired that killed Rhakym Capers.

Calvin Smith sticks up for his West Ashley gang. Actually, Calvin, recent history would show We$tCa$h niggas tend to end up well below others - like, six feet below. Rhakym Capers and his brother, Antonio “Icey” McCullough are prime examples.

Who knew pointing out the truth was disrespectful?

Yep. We do profile some black folks, too, though.


Niccoya plays the “Only God can judge” card. The only card they play more than that is the race card. She has a conviction from 2004. She was charged with Assault With Intent to Kill but the 9th Circuit pled it down to Possession of a Concealed Weapon and Judge Gosnell fined her $100. As recently as 2011 she was living off the taxpayer with the Charleston Housing Authority subsidizing her.

Johnathan Thrower is trying to determine how we do what we do. Keep at it, Johnathan.

Tell us who it is, Johnathan! Inquiring minds want to know. It’s a good thing Johnathan isn’t paid to figure out stuff :)

Johnathan was also kind enough to give us a little history about Otranto Niggas Living Dangerously. We first heard about them when Rashaad Banks was found Dead Right There in a ditch back in September.


  1. wow

  2. I like how Chas Thuglife blogger is so dedicated to the craft of manipulation and covertness. I really do applaud your efforts because it is by your efforts that people like myself who are dedicated to the resurrection of the minds of the lost can use your efforts as a tool by which I can rally people around a cause. In the Art of War it was suggested that in order for you to have success in getting the people to back a revolution, you had to create an enemy or point out some tangible foe that will incite the minds of the people in order for them to see the ignorance of not only themselves but the foes they were up against. I thank you for exposing the ignorance of some of my people and now I can utilize you to my advantage and show how the enemy profits off of our ignorance. Malcolm X was a master at this and used this tactic to help build the Nation of Islam. I leave with a quote from Harriet Tubman. She said, “If I could convince them that they are slaves, then and only then could I free them.” So keep showing us how we are in mental slavery so that I can free them. Even The Honorable Elijah Muhammad met with the Supreme Dragon of the KKK.. He knew the power of using your opposition to your advantage to wake the people up. AS-Salaam Alaikum!!!!

    • Poor, poor, Johnny. Paranoia at its best. There are meds for that. He’s either on too much or not enough. ‘My people’……it’s always good to start your day with a healthy belly laugh.

    • Mr. Thrower, No problem, we’ll do anything we can to get this ridiculousness to stop and to have everyone live & act like civilized people and have respect for other people & their property. We thank you for working with us and teaching this to your friends and family!!!

  3. Unfortunately for Malcolm X, he realized too late that what his organization was headed in the wrong direction. When he started to voice second thoughts, your boy Farrakhan had him whacked.

    By the way - we aren’t the enemy - we don’t profit from their ignorance - not one penny. Further your cause however you can, just know that most of the people are wise to the actual goals of the Nation of Islam.

    • There are several fundamental flaws in your logic. Historically and logically. I will address the historical first. 1) Malcolm X wasn’t assassinated by Farrakhan. We have voluminous amounts of information on the objectives of COINTELPRO and their keen ability to skew the perception of reality and make things appear to be what they really weren’t. Of course their was dissension amongst the ranks of the Nation at that time, However, they were taking different approaches to achieve a common goal and now we have learned from their experience and grow in wisdom as we plow forward for a common goal. You seem very wickedly wise so I know you can research point of views historically that are antithetic to yours and compile the information and come to a better judgement on history. 2) You state that you aren’t the enemy. Lets look at this. In your circle of influence you aren’t the enemy and that is correct. Perception is reality of course. You are perceived as a hero because you say what’s really in the hearts and mind of Law Enforcement, Local News and Radio outlets without being subject to the censorship of Federal Rules and Regulations. Your blogs are like water in an Oasis to racists who have to bite their lips and even the Uncle Tom negro admires what you do. Nevertheless, to my people you are the enemy. It’s not necessarily what you do because it’s not wrong to point out to the lost the destruction that is around them. It’s the fact that you have nonsensical solutions like throw them in cages, kill them, abort them at birth, etc…. This shows the lack of your ingenuity and the actual goals that you possess. Your profit comes from not the monetary aspect of financial gain (which you probably get that also) but also rests in the pleasure and satisfaction knowing that your next infantile joke that you tell will have your ego boosted up by the Jesters you have in your inner circle who are amused by your tomfoolery and the Hi-Five you receive from fellow law enforcement friends and media personalities.

    • Well it seems that you aren’t fixated on intellectual posts by people who think. Your censorship evolves around those who you deem to be easy prey for your liking. Like a coward you decide not to post my previous reply this comment but If I put some ignorance fraught with misspelled words you would gladly post them and engage in the buffoonery that you are accustomed to with your friends…When you can really have the heart to engage in intellectual dialogue, I will be here for you. I don’t fault anyone for staying in their lane also. Like Sun Tzu said, “Never take on a challenge to hard for you, you will fail.” LOL

  4. And the fellow who advocates for the overtly racist Nation of Islam throws the race card! Hehehe. At least he writes well.

  5. all your lil ass niggas need to sit down because if you was to go to a real war you lil bitch ass would be calling for your mother and crying to get the hell out a real fucking war zone so stop the fucking killing over what the fuck ever. if you want to kill somebody go fight a real fucking war. just remember what the fuck you do will always come back to your as. you kill somebody and dont go to jail your ass will be next in a fucking black ba. so stop fucking killing off the black race you dam 80s and 90s fucking babys

  6. Dear Dear Mr. Thrower, CTL doesn’t do anything but expose these people for what they really are. They are not the choir boys their families try to portray them as. They are violent thugs who do nothing to advance their families or their own lot in life. They sell drugs, they shoot each other, they suck off the government teat and are proud of the fact that they make babies with anyone who will spread their legs for them. They then brag about it on their facebook pages and expect the public not to be outraged that the courts keep letting these thugs back on the streets to keep doing the same thing over and over. These thugs know nothing of Farrakahn, Malcom X, Martin Luther King or the civil rights their grandparents fought so hard to get so their children and grandchildren could have a better life. These thugs would rather blame society than to get an education and really make something of themselves.
    Don’t blame CTL for your problems-put it where it belongs

  7. It is people like those above who give black people a bad reputation. They make it seem like the majority of them are violent, lazy, completely ignorant homosapiens. (And if any of them are reading this, no I am not referring to your sexuality. Ha.) I’m all for them taunting and threatening each other on social media; it just encourages them to take each other to DRT status. And let’s face it, they have no motivation to improve their lives with honest hard work and education, so culling the herd is the only hope for society.

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