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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Some SC Inmates


We haven’t visited any South Carolina inmates lately.

First up we have Rodriquez Priester, aka “Tru Monopoly Brazy“, a member of the Bloods street/prison gang. He is due to be released from SCDC custody in July of 2017. He has been doing time for convictions out of Bamberg County for Accessory After the Fact of a Felony/Murder and a concurrent 23 day sentenced on a weapons charge. Yes, those 2nd Circuit judges take those weapons offenses as seriously as judges in the 9th Circuit. So does the 2nd Circuit Solicitor based on a review of Priester’s criminal history which included multiple weapons charges (most dismissed) as well as burglary, assault and armed robbery charges (most dismissed).







As you can see, Priester can’t follow the law or the rules in prison, either.








His family might have hope he will change his criminal ways, but we certainly don’t. Priester was last active on his Thugbook page on Mother’s Day.















Clinton McCallum, aka “Askari Mutula“, is another Blood member who continues to have access to Thugbook via illicit cell phones from behind the walls of SCDC facilities. We first wrote about McCallum in February of 2014 in our post “The Myth of Neighborhood Social Groups“.  In February of 2015 we wrote about him again. After the 2014 article SCDC removed his Thugbook page and moved him from Lee Correctional to Broad River. That move has done little to curb McCallum’s illegal behavior.






McCallum was sentenced to 25 years for robbing and murdering two illegal aliens in 2007.

McCallum was last active on his reconstituted Thugbook page on May 2nd.












Next up is Caylin Mason, aka “Donte Billy Trigga Tre“. He hails from Summerville and is currently in Ridgeland Correctional awaiting his release in July. Mason was doing time on a couple of concurrent 10 year sentences for Armed Robbery out of Dorchester and Berkeley counties.








Mason’s last activity on his prison Thugbook page was May 25th. Of course, we all know there are no penalties for breaking the law or SCDC rules and regulations while in prison since SCDC caved to the liberal criminal apologists a few months ago.














Decorian Heath, aka “Bout-it Oh So Tatted“, is in McCormick Correctional on a variety of convictions out of York County. Weapons charges, armed robbery charges, burglary, AWIK, ABWIK. You name it, he was convicted of it. Unfortunately all of those sentences were set to run concurrent.









Heath’s latest Thugbook activity from prison was 15 hours before this article was posted.









Just a few for your Sunday. We found tons more in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and California.




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