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The Myth of Neighborhood Social Groups

We decided to delve a bit deeper into the problem of gangs in South Carolina in spite of reports from many law enforcement administrators telling us there is no problem. We are told quite frequently what we think of as “gangs” are nothing more than loosely affiliated neighborhood social groups as officials try to downplay the impact these criminal organizations have on our cities.

Later in this post we will link to a 2009 story about gangs in Anderson County. This quote from gang investigator Tony Avendorph is a prophetic message. We know of a few police administrators in the Lowcountry who should consider it an admonishment and a clue to get of their asses and let citizens know exactly what is going on. These are not “neighborhood social groups”.

“In 40 years of doing this, I can say there ain’t gonna ever be a catch-all solution for gangs. But I do know one thing — a community that denies, for whatever reason, that gangs are a part of their reality gives them a lot of leeway.”

In this piece we will focus on a gang of Bloods who model themselves after Peter “Pistol Pete” Rollock (or Rollack as his illiterate followers spell it), a notoriously violent drug dealer who did business in the northeast, particularly in New York and New Jersey. Rollock was responsible for at least seven murders, some ordered while he was incarcerated. His gang was known as “Sex, Money, Murder (or Murda)”.  He is now serving a life sentence in a federal supermax prison in Colorado. Rollock is serving that sentence largely in solitary confinement with little access to the outside world due to the danger he still presents.

Rollock’s attorneys have been filing motions for years to get him moved to general population, but so far the feds aren’t playing that game. Considering the power he still wields in the gang we think that is a prudent decision. Don’t believe it? Maybe you will be convinced after reading through the information we present. Rollock is an idol to these ignorant thugs.

We encourage readers to engage in a little experiment. Just type some of the gang lingo into the search box of your Facebook or Twitter apps. The gang uses terms to identify their membership such as, rollack, rollacking, rollaxk, blazin, SMM, two guns up, Pete gang, etc. As you read through the evidence in this piece you will pick up on a few more. Give that experiment a try and you might be surprised to find members of this violent gang in your very own town.

In 2012 we profiled a South Carolina prison inmate by the name of Jeremiah Bartley who claims Columbia, SC as his home. Back then he was using the name “Jeremiah Bartley (Jhova)” on Facebook. After we profiled him he changed his user name to “JB Rollack“. He hasn’t posted since August of 2013 thanks to SCDC keeping a tight rein on him since then. When we profiled Bartley he was incarcerated at Lieber Correctional where he was serving time for armed robbery and kidnapping convictions. He has since been moved to Perry Correctional.

As you can see from his disciplinary history, SCDC finally charged him administratively in November of 2013 with participating in a “threat group”, also known as a “gang”.

Now, we currently have a good working relationship with SCDC when it comes to discovering inmates with contraband and working together to solve the problem. We do, however, have a question and it is directed at corrections agencies all over the country. While we appreciate the fact there is a punishment involved for participation in a gang while incarcerated, why do corrections departments allow these prisoners to have or wear gang related apparel? Is there some decree handed down by a federal judge that states Jeremiah Bartley, or any other inmate, has a right while in prison to declare his allegiance to a street gang by possessing items such as bandannas? We have pointed out this conflict since we began running inmates in 2012.

Here is a photo of Bartley throwing the “2 guns up” sign indicative of membership in SMM. He seems proud of the fact his young son is trying to emulate him.

A quick examination of Bartley’s friends list shows he communicated regularly with SMM members from a number of other states, both incarcerated as well as on the street.

One of those is a young fellow from Conway by the name of Justin Pringle. He uses the name “Bullet Boy Rollackk” for his Thugbook account. Pringle also claims prior residence in Lake City. We know his birthday is 14 October, but we suspect he might still be under the age of 17 as we haven’t found an adult criminal history even though posts from his mother indicate he has been ‘away’ from time to time. He does state he was born in the 1990’s.

Let’s see if he self-affiliates with the SMM Bloods through his posts.

In this post we see another SMM gang member using the name “James Alford” acknowledge Pringle with the the “pete gang” reference. More on Alford in a bit. Curiously, 14 November, 2013 is the last time we hear from either Pringle or Alford.

Momma got tired of his shit, did she?

More gang references. For those who don’t yet have a grasp on the way gangs operate, “rollack” is almost always types as “rollaxk” by a Blood because typing a “C” is a Crip thing. Bloods don’t use the “C” and Crips don’t use the “B” in written communication and they try to avoid using them when speaking, although it is hard to tell given the education level of many gang members.

Even worse, bro! Now citizens are watching.

Pringle alleges he was shot in September of 2013.

Even as an underage gang member Pringle likes to show of his firearms and throw his gang signs.

Sign for “two guns up”, a common SMM sign.

And two guns actually up.

Lotsta a “rollacks” and guns up.

Pringle has an older brother name Demond Hannah who also claims membership in the SMM Bloods. You can find him at “Demond Blazin Bill Tazz“. Here is the same picture used above by Pringle. Note the NY crew trying to arrange a reunion of SMM Blood members in the comments.

Now let’s move on to Pringle’s fellow SMM Blood “James Alford“. Of course, that Thugbook name is an alias. His actual name is Kayle Alford and he hails from Dillon, SC. He started his time at SCDC on convictions out of Dillon County for assault & battery by mob and threatening the life of a public official.

Alford’s problems were compounded when SCDC charged him with PWID Marijuana and smuggling contraband while behind bars at Ridgeland Correctional. He was given an additional two year sentence on each charge. We are glad to see those offenses brought criminal charges rather than just internal administrative charges.

Based on the record it looks like this SMM Blood will be released from prison this coming October.

As you can see from Alford’s disciplinary history he seems to exhibit the characteristics of a serial sex offender with all of the public masturbation charges. We checked Dillon County and found a pending charge from 2008 of Criminal Sexual Conduct With a Minor Under 11 Years of Age. As you can see from the record his public defender has filed a motion for a speedy trial in 2011, 2012 and most recently in January of 2014.

Anyone else out there concerned that this charge is still pending almost six years later and Alford is due to be released from prison in eight months?

Let’s see what Alford says about himself and his lifestyle.


Didn’t take long to figure out what gang he claims, did it?

Get used to years in prison, Kayle. We suspect it won’t be too long before you end up there again.

We decided to check out Alford’s fellow SMM Blood gang member “Bhigh Barksdale” who commented on the 11 March status shown above with the “blazin’ Billy” reference so common to members of this particular gang. His actual name is Brandon Rashard Barksdale and he hails from Greenville, SC.

Barskdale hadn’t posted to his page since 3 February and a few minutes of research revealed why. He was arrested on the morning of 12 February on a litany of charges including armed robbery, carjacking, weapons possession, resisting arrest and possession of a stolen vehicle. It seems he and two gang member pals pretended to be disabled motorists. When a citizen stopped to help they held him up and stole his car. During a subsequent police chase one cruiser was rammed by the suspect. Can’t help but wonder where the failure to stop and assault on an officer charges are. Barksdale also had bench warrants on 13 charges from 2013. Those charges include multiple counts of attempted murder, armed robbery and kidnapping among others.

Here is the data from the Greenville County Detention Center.

Maybe a quick review of Barksdale’s self-admitted gang affiliation is in order.

Yeah, no need for us to comment much, huh?

Yep, just a neighborhood social group!

One of Barksdale’s fellow armed robbers and SMM Blood gang members is “Demetrius Jones“, full name Demetrius Lamon Jones II. Here is his entry from the GCDC:

Jones has quite a criminal history in Greenville County with a CDV 2nd and an attempted murder charge pending from 2011 and 2012 respectively. We had to laugh at the strange bond amount of $18,750 on the attempted murder charge. And you thought we had a bond problem in the Lowcountry! If you go searching for Jones in the Greenville County database, don’t confuse him with his father who also has an extensive criminal history.

Two guns up!

The third SMM Blood charged in the robbery was Douglas Johnson. Now, we all know no self-respecting gangsta would rep the name Douglas, so you can find him under the name “Olandus Johnson” on Thugbook. He isn’t quite as free with the gang references, but he did put up this photo after he got out of jail last year displaying the two guns up sign.

Johnson was able to make bond on the latest charges and is now waiting for his fellow gang members to get out of jail so they can continue their criminal enterprise.

Moving on to Lancaster, SC we found “De-Yontae D-Bloxk Miller“. He is on probation for a few months on a conviction for unlawful possession of a handgun. He has just enough clues on his page to let you know you are dealing with SMM Blood.

Getting high on probation. Nice.

That’s De’Yontae in the background with the “2 guns up” gang sign.

Another SMM Blood gang reference. Blazing Billy is just another name for Sex, Money, Murder.

Wearing red and two guns up.

Where there is one gang member, there are always more. You citizens in Lancaster County should poke around a bit and find out what you are dealing with as you have a lot of them there. Another Lancaster Blood is “Javarus Killablack Hayden“, a friend of Miller. He might want to be careful as he will be called a racist for for being so overt in his desire to kill a black. Wait, What? Oh, he means he’s a “killa black”. Now we get it.

Hayden has quite a few arrests and convictions for things like drug distribution, armed robbery and weapons possession.

In light of the pending unlawful possession of a firearm charge from 2013, and the fact he has been barred by federal law from possessing a handgun since at least 2008 and his obvious drug use, Hayden might want to rethink his personal policy on firearm possession.

Once again, he has probably never watched a NASCAR race. He’s wearing the jacket solely for the color and the “B” in Bud.

Moving to Cheraw we find SMM Blood gang member James Henderson, Jr. You can find him publicly proclaiming his membership at “James Sb Rollack Henderson“. He has pending charges in Chesterfield County for PWID Marijuana and Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol. Henderson was charged in 2010 with three counts of PWID marijuana. Those charges were all dismissed by the 4th Circuit Solicitor with the notation, “prosecutorial discretion”.  That usually means they cut him a break because he turned someone else in.

You folks should be able to interpret the gang signs by now.

This little SMM Blood gangbanger in training is Henderson’s kid. We blurred his face because some day he’ll be visiting daddy in prison and might come to the realization emulating pops wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Unfortunately, we all know the reality of that situation and how it will probably end up.

Next up is another guest of SCDC and South Carolina taxpayers. His name is Jacastarious (or Jocastarious) (even his parents couldn’t spell it the same way twice) Daquan Timpson and he is currently incarcerated at Lieber Correctional. His Thugbook page can be found under the name “Joc El Dinero“. It would appear he hasn’t posted to his page since late 2012. That might be true given his history of getting busted with cell phones as detailed below, but we think he has simply hidden his more recent postings. As you can see from the “recent activity” section of his page, he is still busy with his illegal cell phone.

Timpson is a SMM Blood gang member from Anderson, SC. He is incarcerated until at least 2027 on convictions of armed robbery, kidnapping, ABWIK, conspiracy and firearms offenses. He was part of a robbery crew that hit at least six convenience stores and one restaurant in 2008. Seems to be a common theme among these gang members, doesn’t it?

Here is a story from 2009 about the gang problem in Anderson County.

Oh, by the way, at the time of his arrest Timpson provided Anderson County detectives with a full confession of his crimes and of his membership in the SMM Bloods. Six other members of the gang were also arrested. As you can from the record below Timpson has been charged and validated as a gang member by SCDC.

This is quite a disciplinary record. Cell phones, contraband, weapons, assaults, possession of escape tools, threatening staff……..

Timpson seems to think he is educated.

Timpson is sending out photos and communicating with fellow gang members on the outside. Nice of SCDC to let him have that MOB necklace, isn’t it? Must be a civil right guaranteed by the Constitution, huh?

Despite his confession and punishment it would appear he has learned exactly nothing.

Note the comment up there from “Coot Jones“? He is another SCDC inmate, fellow SMM Blood from Anderson, and co-defendant of Timpson in that 2008 armed robbery spree. His real name is Derrick Hyricous Jones and he is currently locked up behind the bars of Lee Correctional Institution. His latest public post to his page was 10 January, 2014. He hasn’t been in quite as much trouble as his homeboy Timpson, but he has been busted by SCDC for a cell phone and for being a gang member. Jones isn’t eligible for release until 2031.

Jones may not have posted since January, but he’s been adding friends on a regular basis.

Another one who hasn’t learned anything from being locked down.

Interesting. Jones was, in fact, able to determine his own destiny and he opted for prison. How does it feel to be free, Derrick?

He has another page floating around out there somewhere.

The next imprisoned Blood gang member is Andre Richardson of Florence. He is currently accessing his Thugbook account, under the name of “Andre ARiich Richardson” from behind the wall of Tyger River Correctional Institution on an armed robbery conviction out of Florence County. He uses his contraband cell phone to keep in touch with other SMM Blood gang members in other facilities, including Timpson.

Richardson is another one who likes to jerk his little wiener in public. Too bad SCDC can’t classify these morons as sex offenders before they go back to the street.

Richardson will be released in 2010. You will be happy to know he, too, has failed to learn anything from his experience.

Here you see inmate Timpson at Lieber giving his cell number to inmate Richardson at Tyger River. And you wonder how violence breaks out simultaneously at facilities across the state.

Richardson is also connected to fellow Bloods member Clinton McCallum who is posting to his Thugbook account from behind the walls of Lee Correctional using the name “Realright Blatt“. He is doing time for convictions on voluntary manslaughter and 1st degree burglary out of Horry County. McCallum is locked up until 2030. He hasn’t publicly posted to his page since October of last year.

McCallum was initially charged with two counts of murder for shooting two illegal aliens in the head in 2006 while robbing them in their home. He also had several co-defendants. We aren’t sure why the two murder charges were pled down to one charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Once again, it sure is nice they can have all of that non-state issued gear with which to claim their gang affiliation. The bright side is, SCDC can use the evidence presented here to charge McCallum and the other mopes pictured with participation in a security threat group (gang).

You gotta laugh at gangbangers who rep the color red, yet have to steal a blue cartoon character used by the Crips and re-color it to fit.

Moving back to Lancaster, SC you might recognize our next SMM Blood from one of the photos of De’Yontae Miller above. His name is Deandrickus Maurkise Campbell. Even he knows how ridiculous that name sounds because he goes by “Dean Campbell” on Thugbook. Campbell has a prior arrest for 1st degree burglary which was dropped by the 6th Circuit Solicitor. He also has a conviction from last year for assault and was arrested in January for unlawful carrying of a handgun and possession of crack cocaine.

Guns up and guns in the pants.

Deandrickus apparently claimed another gang back in 2012, but he’s two guns up SMM Blood now.

This ends our first installment on the Bloods street gang and the various sets in the State of South Carolina. By our count we just covered gang members in at least eight counties in the state. And we didn’t even bother with the female members of the Sex, Money, Murder Bloods we found in places like Orangeburg, Columbia, Lancaster, and Greenville. You will notice that most of the areas where you find this gang are close to the North Carolina border. Areas like Raleigh and Charlotte have quite an infestation of these gang members.

As always, we leave you with this - More to come!

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