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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Desperate Much?



Notice anything interesting about the letter sent to Tim Callanan by candidate for Berkeley County sheriff Franco Fuda?







See that upside down bit at the bottom of the page? Yep, that’s right. Candidate for sheriff Franco Fuda used the resources of the Town of Bonneau to file an official protest in an attempt to have another candidate removed.

We certainly are no experts on elections, but based on the laws we have read recently Franco Fuda just violated state ethics laws in his effort to disqualify Brian Adams for a clerical error. Remember now, not only did Adams make a clerical error, but so did the party charged with certifying all candidates were qualified. So, not only is Fuda attacking Adams, he is also attacking the party apparatus. But then, what would you expect from a candidate who told folks in a public meeting he was more of a RINO than a Republican.








Franco “Bulls Balls Make Me Feel Inferior” Fuda is worried about Adams’ ability to “understand and apply the laws he is sworn to uphold”, yet Fuda violated a state ethics law by using town resources to file his complaint. Apparently Fuda doesn’t believe his own inability to “understand and apply the laws he is sworn to uphold” matters very much.

Does anyone else find it strange that Fuda filed this petition letter late on a Friday afternoon, the Friday before the primary no less? Seems there was a bit of planning put into this little stunt. Fuda obviously is not smart enough to come up with it on his own. He can’t even pay his own child support. Combine that with the fact he doesn’t have a chance in hell on Tuesday and you have to wonder which other candidate or candidates conspired with him to get it done. What was Fuda promised?

Unfortunately for Fuda and the rest of the field, Section 7-11-15 (B) of the South Carolina Code of Laws deals with this situation.







See that last sentence? “An error or omission by a person seeking to qualify as a candidate pursuant to this section that is not directly related to a constitution or statutory qualification for that office must be construed in a manner that favors the person’s access to the ballot.

It looks like Fuda pays as much attention to the “laws he is sworn to uphold” as he does to paying his child support, which is to say - he doesn’t pay much attention at all. Well, it isn’t like he stood much of a chance of getting elected anyway. And that is why he was chosen to file this complaint.

It is nice to know that some in Berkeley County think a clerical error should be fatal to a candidate’s campaign, but cheating on your wife, banging other officer’s wives, committing ethical and criminal violations which lead to a years long federal investigation, or remaining silent when one is aware of those ethical and criminal violations occurring are just considered business as usual. Talk about some messed up priorities.





  1. Ah, the deseperate dying gasps of a failing candidate. Does make one wonder who put him up to it cause you’re absolutely right…he ain’t smart enough to figure this out on his own and whoever thought they were being smart is pretty much swimming around in the same cesspool. Love how you point out stupidity!

  2. Adams posted his diploma on Facebook and I said most of the candidates should have a paper from SCDC they can post. They should have a membership card in organized crime they could post like the Yakuza in Japan get all the tattoos. I don’t know as much as Chief about the candidates but it looks to me like Adams is the pick of the litter as far as honesty I just hope he has the management skills needed to get all the corrupt ones out and some honest police in. I had some interaction with a BCSO the other day over nothing and he was a rude POS and if I had thought to get his name I would have reported him.

  3. Mr. Adams obviously committed an “error or omission… which must be construed in a manner that favors the person’s access to the ballot.”
    Any detrimental action taken against Mr. Adams regarding this incident would, therefor, be unlawful, in itself. If Mr. Adams were to be disqualified, such action would, indeed, be unlawful and the entire election should be postponed until the smoke is cleared, and all mirrors are removed. Then, the voters must have the final say.

    This certainly does have all of the trappings of a last-minute “gotcha” which has a good chance of backfiring on any party (or parties) who would stoop so low as to attempt to illegally disqualify an excellent candidate.

  4. I can picture the meeting now…. Ok Franco, you’re sending the letter because out of all us cheaters you’re the only one that cheated with the wife of a fellow officer. Now that that is settled, on to other business. If I win here is what I will offer to you Duane, Marty, Chad, Jerry, Ricky, And John, and I think it’s all agreed that our Grand Poobah Wayne will be allowed to come back in some capacity, right? I just need your assurances of what position I’ll be given because I’ve really become accustomed to getting 2 pay checks a month without actually doing anything for the one from the County. Meeting adjourned.

    Berkeley County has been given a rare opportunity to correct things; I sure hope they take advantage of it.

  5. What I find Crazy is that he sent the letter to the head of the GOP from the office of Bonneau. Isn’t that against the rules as well? Someone should file a petition against him.

    I also wonder if all of his child support has been paid and is up to date. I mean its sad when they have to garnish the wages of a Chief in order for his ex wife to get the money due for his children.

  6. All Fuda did was ensure where many votes are going, I have seen support SOAR for Mr. Adams after this happened. That was a dumb move and makes you wonder if Mr. Callanan knew the complaint was coming, as he had that meeting schedule pretty quickly.

    • It is the regular monthly meeting of the Berkeley Executive Committee -the 3rd Monday on the month, not a called meeting.

  7. bahahhahahahahaha. I saw on Facebook where someone said Fuda was superman and needed to stay in Bonneau so he could change into his cape at the yellow box there…hahahahahahahaha.. Come on Fuda, really your chance at Sheriff is like Frosty surviving in Berkeley Co. during the year.. Really give it up and go back to your two man team of crime solving. Oh and speaking of that…that person who was doing like 90 mph in your town, wreck …then the next day killed someone..mmmmmm, ok Superman, why didn’t you charge his ass with wreckless driving and have them in the Berkeley Co. jail? Might could have saved a life..dang Superman!!! come on!

  8. FUDA….did you forget to post your own arrest about back child support and your father in law having to pay your butt out???? now I think that is a little more deliberate, than leaving our your diploma information right? LMAO

    COME ON……cry baby….stay in your one man team zone

  9. Really Fuda??? Is that all ya got?… jealous much huh?… you should be embarrassed …. as well as your failure to pay child support…. what does that say about your integrity>,,,, it is posted all over FaceBook. Fuda never stood a chance in winning this election.

  10. Don’t we have an employee of the school district facing charges for using district equipment and resources for political activities?

  11. Fuda you are the reason they put directions on shampoo! You are as crooked as a snake !

  12. mmmmm…. is Fuda the Bonneau Mayors Son-in-law? The guy who bailed him out of Jail for child support?

    • How very well I remember all this mess with the Sumpters. They were both treated like shit by Fuda. And this brings up another situation…IS FRANCO FUDA RACIST? I’d say YES. We don’t need that! Get on outta here FUDA.

  13. The only thing that matters is the Sheriff be willing to use his power in a communist grab for power by Bath House Barry.


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