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Feckless Fuda


We recently received a note from a reader expressing sadness that Ricky Driggers did not win the primary election for sheriff in Berkeley County. The reader tells us Driggers wouldn’t have made a good sheriff given all of his issues, but it would have been fun to see him take the primary, then get indicted by the feds and watch the county have to go through the election process all over again. Some folks are apparently gluttons for punishment.

As it stands now the election is down to two candidates - the Democrat Anthony Smalls and the winner of the Republican run-off, Duane Lewis. Given what we know about Lewis and his cronies, we have to go with the Democrat on this one. Unfortunately, this is Berkeley County we are talking about and a black Democrat has no chance of winning. Trust us on this, the shenanigans are not yet over.

In addition to his backing from the disgraced former sheriff, Lewis was also backed by every other ethically challenged Republican candidate. Chief Fuda of the speed trap fiefdom of Bonneau had this to say after the primary.






Fuda likes to say he “did the right thing” in attempting to disqualify a fellow candidate for a clerical error on a filing document. Too bad he committed an ethical breach by using the resources of the Town of Bonneau to do so. He also did not mind committing ethics violations when he plastered his campaign signs on property owned by the Town of Bonneau.

Fuda, like most of the ethically and morally challenged criminals featured in these pages turns to blaming others for his actions. Then he invokes God.

Maybe God can help him out of the jam created by his own unethical actions. Need some proof of those violations? Here ya go.







We find it interesting that a man who wants others to live by the letter of the law is not willing to do so himself. But really, what would you expect from a guy who is intimidated by fake bull testicles?




  1. Come on, we all know that Fuda got his balls off the back off a truck.

  2. Based upon the last few weeks, I am fairly certain that if M.C. Cannon decided to run for Sheriff again, he would run as a Republican and the majority of the GOP wouldn’t think twice before they voted for him.

    Is there a way to go into the history of the voter rolls and see what individual people registered as or are those things private? If so how do I get targeted mailings? It would be interesting.

  3. I am sure mr Lewis would like to thank chief and all of Brian Adams supporters who posted all the negative and untrue rumors about all the other candidates. It without a doubt cost Mr Adams the runoff. So to old rusty nail,divergent,Andy,creekeris, mr penn,and stiltner, mr Lewis thanks you all.

    • I’m not going to speak for any of the other names you mentioned, but I surely appreciate that you’ve followed me and give me credit for having that much power. I would agree that some people using another candidate’s icon to go on other candidate’s Facebook and posting was not the smartest thing, but that’s on them and them alone; I’m not going to do what you do and assume Mr. Lewis gave you an endorsement to post on here, I’m assuming you took it upon yourself to do so. I have not read anything on here by any of the names you mentioned that was untrue, and if wanting people to know about a candidate’s extra marital affairs when they espouse integrity in their campaign, or a candidate being an habitual liar or using their employees to build their personal fences or playgrounds is negative then go ahead and call it negative.

      The election is all but over in our opinion and Mr. Lewis will be the next Sheriff of Berkeley County. The measure of a person is taken by their actions, not their words, and we hope Mr. Lewis is really going to bring change that is sorely needed. So Watcher/DrJAM/Donnie/Murphy, will the website you and the Deputy Chief ran during the election that posted negative things about everyone except the Deputy Chief be remembered, or will all be forgiven and remain status quo?

  4. I don’t know who Donnie , Murphy ,Drjam, is I’m just giving my opinion. It’s a fact mr Lewis surely was not the most qualified candidate to run the sheriffs office but Dewitt is still the man in Berkeley county. Him and his wife was even shaking hands at west view until Raymond Owens showed up and he ran like hell. But it was ok to post negative about other candidates but when someone post something negative about Adams yall were like a pack of wolves ready to pounce. If his supporters would have stayed of social media and this site he would be your next sheriff but they couldn’t resist to join in on the bashing of other candidates. By the way I voted for Adams but now I’m like everyone else who posted on hear that yall didn’t like thier comment and part of the good old boys.

    • Oh, I’m sorry, you were just giving your opinion. You should have said so to begin with so everyone else could’ve said “Oh, Watcher is just giving their opinion, All Hail Watcher”. I’m pretty sure that I’ve already said some of Mr. Adams’ supporters should NOT have gone on to other candidates sites and posted what they did as Adam’s supporters, but let me go double check…. La Dee Da Dum, La Dee Dum, La Dee Dum Dee Dum Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee Dum….ok, yep, I was correct, that was previously posted. News Flash idiot, most people are giving their personal opinion on here just Ike you are, so don’t cry like a bitch when other people give theirs, and save your “negative comments” bullshit for someone else; saying the truth about someone doesn’t make it negative, it just makes it something you don’t want to hear. Now, since you’re just giving your opinion, what is your opinion on whether the new Sheriff will take issue with the Deputy Chief and his lapdog starting a website trash talking all of the other candidates except for… Wait for it….the current Deputy Chief? What was it the current Deputy Chief made sure Mr. Lewis was referred to as on the website? A Security Guard? I could be wrong on that, and I could type out the theme from Jeopardy again, but I’m pretty sure Chief posted that screen shots had been taken of that site and will appropriately bust my balls if I’m wrong. Good day Watcher, can’t wait for your opinion, but must get some rest before work…

  5. My opinion is if Lewis knows for sure ollic was behind the site he should be gone but he probably promised something to get his support during the runoff. I would have to question ollics loyalty to Lewis when he himself wants to be sheriff. I just wander how much bad mouthing Dewitt did against his former employees while he was campaigning for Lewis. Dewitt is the root of all evil in Berkeley county.

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