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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Scheming and Scamming


The scheming and scamming continues in Berkeley County as the polls are about to open. Last night the BC Republican executive committee decided to take the prudent course of action, follow the law, and leave candidate Brian Adams on the ballot. Bonneau police “chief” Franco Fuda had filed a complaint about a clerical error on Adams’ paperwork. The vote was 23 to 10 to keep Adams on the ballot.

We love how some of the local media still refuse to give you details of the actual complaint. For example, WCSC News will only say the complaint, “…contained an allegation against Adams.” You have to ask yourself, why is WCSC trying to give the impression Adams did something terribly wrong instead of telling you he missed the block on the form to put in the date he graduated from high school? Because they have an agenda, as usual. That agenda does not include telling you the truth about anything having to do with BCSO.

Fuda committed an ethics violation by filing his complaint using the resources of the Town of Bonneau. Of course, when the town is run by relatives you don’t even give that a second though. Just like the campaign sign he has posted up on a fence owned by the town. Oh, and he had his wife notarize his documents to get into the election. That is a definite no-no. Any notary can tell you that. That is called a conflict of interest. Outlets like WCSC don’t think you need to know all that.

As we have pointed out many times before, the deceit and deception run deep in Berkeley County and many in the local media are complicit.

It seems certain candidates have also had a lot of campaign signs stolen during this campaign. Curiously, some of those signs have now reappeared and they have shown up way too close to the polling places. The acts of sabotage are continuing right up until the time polls open. We think the victim candidates should treat those signs like a crime scene - secure them and have them fingerprinted. Let’s see what that turns up.

We can’t wait to see how this turns out.





  1. It’s sad that this is the way politics are!

  2. Headed out to do my part as we speak. It’s safe to say that we all know who I’m voting for. Hopefully it will help remove the corruption in this county. Do you think any of DeWitts chronies will resign before Adams takes the helm WHEN he wins?

  3. Thank you for reporting this! I’m actually a poll watcher and someone placed signs for Mr.Adams that I know weren’t supposed to be there, because I was tasked with placing them, and we made sure they were 200 feet away, and then this morning, 15 signs right at one place that weren’t there at midnight last night! That’s okay, the poll manager said he thought all the signs that were too close, lucky for me, I got my candidates signs up at 6:30, as he was picking the others up.

  4. WCSC is a really poor excuse for a “News” station. Harve Jacobs is the lowest of the low.

  5. This is sad and frustrating for the residents who just want and need the best public servant in this important position. I am a 10 year resident and finally see a chance to get some new blood in there. These silly games are the worst face of politics. Voting after work today.

  6. I’ve lived 40 years in Berkeley County, and the “Good ‘Ole Boy” Politics never change. It was disgusting to watch the Live Circus last night at the Berkeley County Republican Meeting, as always you have the Chairman throwing a temper tantrum as well as a lawyer trying to to sway the vote by not relaying the true meaning of the SC Code of Laws, but we must not forget the Circus Ring Leader who held the wall up and threatened to throw us all out. One thing to remember is that all applications were accepted and certified by this same group and sent them on to the state level, so who overlooked all the mistakes made by every candidate. As far as Notarizing something for family is not illegal or a “No, No” the law actually states that “Notaries are impartial witnesses and must use prudent judgment when notarizing for family members, you may notarize documents for anyone but yourself as long as you are not a party to the document and WILL NOT BENEFIT DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM THE TRANSACTION.”, so with that saying I believe His Wife would of benefited from his salary as Sheriff if he had a chance in Hell to win. As far as using town time, money, and equipment to fax his letter of intent to make a complaint or petition he has violated ethics and should be held accountable since he is to noble to upkeep the law, HEY FUDA TURN YOURSELF IN, LOL. I also just heard someone has nice info and a pic of political signs being placed at a particular polling place. Please make sure everyone GETS OUT AND VOTES TODAY!!! Can’t wait to get there and cast my ballot. Time for the up-roaring change in Berkeley County.

  7. Well it sure seems like this page would love Mr. Adams to win the election and be the next Berkeley County Sheriff!

    • Constantly amazed how reporting facts can be construed as an endorsement. Of course, when you aren’t used to getting facts from the regular media we can understand why you are puzzled.

    • So is it true or untrue that CTL has a connection to Mr. Adams? Say maybe he contributes to the page in some way??

    • Untrue. Despite the best efforts of some in Berkeley County to claim otherwise, no candidate has input into this site. Note we have never endorsed a candidate. All we have done is tell the voting public about the ethical and criminal violations of many of them. The candidates with no publicly available dirt were Merrithew, Isgett, Brown and Adams. We find it strange that no one has accused any of those candidates of being a part of CTL. The fact that so many try to tie this site to Adams and ignore the others on whom we have not found troubling dirt tells us the powers that be in Berkeley County are afraid of him.

    • Is Donnie / Murphy back using DrJAM now, or is Ollic using somebody else to post now so he can try and stir some shit up and hopefully have a shot at some type of employment if Lewis wins?

  8. It’s a sad fact some people are spreading rumors that it was too late to take Brian Adams off the ballot, that he is an ineligible candidate. Hmmm, I wonder who all is doing that? And that’s all it is folks….rumors. I voted this morning for Brian Adams. I sure hope the voter turnout is better than what it has been already today. It’s awful low for such a pretty day.

  9. I feel confident that it will come down to Brian Adams and Isgett. At least then we won’t have to worry about Dewitt’s cronies having a shot.

    As for me, I voted for the man with the most LE experience (and I’m not talking about accreditation or community relations). Danny is a decent and smart fella. Maybe he’d make a good #2 at BCSO after Brian takes office. Either way, it will be time to get rid of the rot at BCSO.

  10. I am sick to death of all the BS in Berkley county have been a resident there for over forty years. I hope with all my heart that Brian Adams takes the lead and gets rid of all the Berkeley county scum. Not all but alot of the officers there are self serving arrogant and ignorant. will be happy when we have a police force to be proud of and not fear. I have delt personally with the corruption in the sheriffs office for several years now and definatly think Brian Adams can and will fix this.

  11. I have to agree with Living Laid Back’ statement. I attended that meeting and I was shocked that grown people acted as they tried to throw their weight around and was going to kick people out. I found it also funny that everyone wanted to interpret a law differently. Sometimes being a fly on the wall is pretty informative.

    • I sure hope Brian Adams prevails and is elected our next Sheriff. I dont know this Lewis guy. But if hes with santee cooper, im sure he knows Dewitt . Now as far as isgett goes, hes riding his daddies coat tails. His dad “general ” isgett was in officr for a short time. Danny by no means is a leader. He is in charge of community services and the school resource officers. Becausr he cant supervise anyone else. He is definately not a leader. Hes another good ole boy who talks a good game, but thats all. Definately not likef by his peers and subordinates. When he was in patrol. His whole squad was ready to transfer because of him and that idiot sergeant that was under him. Who by the way still is.

  12. I live in Dorchester county and have followed this site for the amusement of this race for sherrif. I could really care less who wins but I have been around politics for 30 years. My thought is that Mr Adams followers have committed political suicide for him. This site has downgraded all the candidates for sherrif which is fine. But when all the comments come from Adams supporters and they jump in on the mudslinging it does not look good on Adams and that is why people say he has ties to this site. He is going to need votes from supporters of the other candidates and I don’t think he will get them. If mr Adams loses the runoff he can thank the followers he has who have joined the downgrading of some of the candidates in this race.

    • Yeah, like followers of all the other candidates weren’t supporting their guy and talking trash. You have to remember there are a number of factions at play. The Ollic supporters talked trash about everyone, but concentrated on Adams, Driggers and Lewis. The Lewis supporters went after Ollic and Adams. The Driggers supporters were just hoping their guy doesn’t get indicted at the end of the month.

    • Regardless of which candidate holds any particular forums endorsement, I find it amusing that we, the electorate tax paying and transparent cattle of Berkeley County, aren’t being shut down, CENSORED, or otherwise being lead to fall in line to worship the corrupt status quo “above the law Berkeley Shcine Klub” candidates.

  13. OMG, the news is reporting that candidates are considering filing a lawsuit against Adams for him overlooking the year he graduated.
    Now boys put your big boy panties on, and bend over and kiss your A$$ good bye. Be men and stop your whining, the public has spoken. YOU LOST!!!!!!!
    I know that finding a new job is going to be hard, because you might actually have to work for a change. However, save your lawsuit money and use it as income until you find a good job. Hardee’s and other fast food restaurants are hiring cleaning people. Good luck

  14. Just want to thank the courageous BC citizens who are publicly opposing the status quo corruption in Berkeley County. We really need to rally the tax paying troops in BC to show up at the polls and support Adams (as opposed to allowing good ole boys Ollic or Lewis from seizing the corruption crown in Dewitts succession).

    We need to Stand. We need to Rise. We need to be willing to give our Lives to flush the BC toilet.

    Signed, sportin my “tin foil helmet”, and ducking BCSO bullets…

  15. I take offense with what Beth said. Police officers, including those at Berkeley County, put their lives on the line everyday to protect us. It is unfair to paint them all with the same brush. They are hard working men and women and they are the ones caught in the crossfire in this race. Say what you want about those in the Sheriff’s race, but shut your mouth about those officers. Thank you to all of the LE officers who protect me everyday. We do not pay you or thank you enough for what you do everyday.

  16. I have to agree with LE Believer, it’s time we quit dragging, slamming and penalizing our local law enforcement in the BCSO they are trying to do a job, but we can all accept that there are a few, and I saw few lightly, bad apples in the huge barrel. Congrats to Brian and hope that all voters continue to march with pride back to the polls to rid Berkeley County of the “Good ‘Ole Boy System”. As believers and supporters of any candidate, please never put down the other candidates who lost, you will always need their supporters’ vote in any runoff or general election. As far as the candidates that lost, SUCK IT UP AND MOVE ON, filing a lawsuit will never change the fact that you did not receive enough votes and that is because, know as common sense, voters did not see you as the fit candidate or did not support your view. A lawsuit will never sway the voters to vote for those who lost. Just remember when you file that lawsuit it opens a can of worms for every candidate. Every application, form and affidavit will be looked at with a fine tooth comb, as well as us citizens of Berkeley County will not be happy with the fact that our tax dollars will be wasted once again on ignorance to make someone feel like they are top dog in their own life. So for the losing Candidates of the Sheriff race, accept the fact you ran a good race, you worked hard, you talked smack, and the bottom line is YOU LOST it has nothing to do with a paper with a blank space especially when the empty blank can be up with a diploma. So put your BIG SHINY SHERIFF STAR BACK IN THE BOTTOM DRAWER, BE A MAN AND ACCEPT LOST and always remember you can have another chance in 2018!!!!

  17. Chief I agree that you are right about other candidates supporters talking trash about other people also but people don’t realize the power of social media. I was looking for results and of course like you say the media reporting on results was awful. So I looked on the candidates FaceBook pages to try and find out and couldn’t find any except on Adams. As I was scrolling down someone (not mr Adams) had posted something on his page saying the educated voter would vote for Adams and the uneducated voter would vote for someone else. Further down I saw a post bashing the Berkeley county GOP. There was even a post with a link on it to CTL. Granted Mr Adams did not post any of these his supporters did and people unfairly link the supporters to the candidates. It almost felt like his supporters were a cult and I realize he has many passionate supporters which is good but I don’t think it helps him. He was gonna be in the runoff without any negativity from his supporters. Now I just think it’s gonna unfairly hurt him. Good luck to Mr Adams and Mr Lewis.

  18. I thought since everyone one here is throwing there two cents in on the conversation I would too. I really don’t care who wins I don’t live in Berkeley County. My point is why would someone forget to put their graduation date on such an important form?? The rules state that it must be filled out completely. He should have known people would be out to get him!!! Maybe he forgot what year he graduated??? Hmmm!!!

    • Hi Janie.
      I agree wholeheartedly dear! I also wish that the Mr DeWitt and his subordinate detectives would have filled out their police report forms in accordance with the threats against me I reported to them, against their “buddy” BEFORE THEY ARRESTED ME FOR DEFENDING MYSELF from same crony sociopath.

      I know that I filled them in on the fact that my name was supposed to go in THE VICTIM field of the form, for the 8 months leading up to their corrupt / cover up decision to put my name in the offender field of their form.

  19. Well, the Republican Party in Berkeley county has spoken. As you may have noticed, I didn’t say the voters. Berkeley County is corrupt, always has been and always will be. But at least we now have a guy in office who MIGHT be able to help if someone steals the phone lines out of the sheriffs office, he sure don’t know anything else about real law enforcement. I think an investigation is in order. I’m sick and tired of this crooked county and the crooked politics dealt by the hand of the Republican Party. At least Wayne can still run things while not in office just like MC did. Judge a person by the company they keep. All of Lewis’s endorcements were from career criminals who hide behind a badge and make real cops trying to do the right thing everyday look bad. Everyone of them should be in jail, the only difference between the people in the Berkeley County jail and half the people who endorsed Lewis is the pavement between their house and the jail.

  20. Well the voters have spoken and Berkeley County just went back in time 20+ plus years. It’s amazing it took 10 men to beat Mr. Adams, hey Brian hold your head high. I’m thankful that Brian ran a clean campaign, stood on his record and pulled the most amazing number of votes against an entire Good ‘Ole Boy System, tells me one thing, we are on the verge of change in Berkeley County; so all you Good ‘Ole Boys better enjoy your last big party in the Corner. When the shit hits the fan in the Sheriff’s office I wonder which crook first will figure out how to cover their ass, you can only stack shit so high. I wonder how many employees will be sent to the HR department today, oh don’t let me forget we still have one more chance at the voting booth. I believe there is something called a write-in vote!!!! Hmmmm, wonder who that might be, sometimes honest people can play the same game. Hats off to you Brian you ran a great race and you gave the voters a great candidate they new they could TRUST. You are one hell of a man who could accept loss and still congratulate Lewis to his face, WOW!!! See you in 3 1/2 years!!!!!

  21. Thanks to the patriots on this site, I have accepted the nomination to run as a newcomer write in candidate.

    My campaign platform vows the following to the Berkeley County Electorate:

    1) I will not attend council meetings.
    2) I will stonewall all public inquiries.
    3) I will use my authority to put money in my “buddies” coffer.
    4) I will wrap myself in the cowards flag of “plausible deniability” and “conflict of interest” at every opportunity.
    5) I will use my authority to intimidate, beat down, defame, and otherwise destroy the lives and reputation of any and all who dare to challenge my reign, or my covering up the criminal actions of my supporters and hunting buddies.
    6) I will sponsor, participate in, and conceal all Scottish Right parties/orgies.
    7) I will present myself as a humble and righteous man in public so that you, my brethren, THE 12 percent of the electorate who dare to vote at all, are also perceived and feared as the “honorable and American knights” that we fraudulently claim ourselves to be!

    Don’t forget folks, write me in! My name is Benedick Arnold!

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