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In early March a group of eighty or so Berkeley County residents were spammed with campaign emails in their personal email in-boxes from Rick Ollic, a candidate for sheriff. Some were a bit indignant at the unwanted intrusion. When they started asking questions and comparing notes it was discovered they all had one thing in common. All of them had children attending a certain school in Moncks Corner.

It would appear the email distribution list for parents was “appropriated” from the school and handed over to the Ollic campaign. Never can reach too many people when running for office, can you? The fact that a close family member of Rick Ollic works for that school probably had nothing to do with the campaign receiving that email list. Yeah, right.

We were initially made aware of this about a week ago, but recent news articles and the publicity generated by other questionable activities created quite a flurry of notifications about the episode. Some are pretty hot about it. As a result, we decided to let you folks know about this latest breach of ethics and information security. But, hey, look on the bright side. At least it wasn’t a list of bank account and credit card numbers.

Some adult with a modicum of decision making ability really should have thought this through. We wish we could chalk this up to an eager family member just trying to help, but with everything else going on we are having trouble making that leap. You decide for yourself.





  1. We find this to be an intrusion of privacy and those involved should press charges on the person(s) who have committed this act.The state ethics commission should be involved! Just saying.

  2. My oh my how the shit is getting deep. LOL!

  3. Okay so let’s narrow down the candidates. Oh, well it appears Ollic is the only one that has a VERY close family member (wife) that works at a school. Now, with that being said, I inquired around and found that indeed the word on the street is that she had the emails fall into Ollic’s lap. She did get a so called reprimand, but when she called the School Board ( a very dear friend of hers) her reprimand ended with just that.Does anyone have a copy of the email Ollic sent to all the school’s parents begging for support?
    Chia pet is reaching deep in the barrow for votes. He is sending emails, having people take up other candidates signs, and pleading to all he has kids to take care of. OH LAWRD, get a real job and stop sucking on the county’s paychecks. Want to save some college money..stop getting perms!!

  4. I have to say that something like this does not surprise me much. Ollick has the maturity of a 16 year old kid that won’t grow up, so it wouldn’t surprise me that he gave little thought to utilizing an opportunity to spam the parents of a whole class with unwanted email.

    I suppose he could have bought it from the School system, because they are always raising our taxes, so they really need the money…

  5. I agree with you again about ollic using school emails. He sound like a little weasel. However you fail to mention Brian Adams family handing out campaign material during school at Stratford high school. They also received a stern talking to. Schools are for learning not campaigning

    • Interesting. We did not know about that one. Thanks for the info.

    • well dang Donnie..if that be the case shame…but its better than getting the emergency contact emails from the school computers and giving them to chia pet to send out his begging for mercy….LOL

  6. Joe blow I agree 100% that ollic using emails is a lot worse. No excuse for him to do something like that. I was just adding to the story. Also wanted to say I was at the naacp debate Monday and that was the most ridiculous debate I have ever seen. There was no organization to it at all. No structure just totally out of control. They should stay out of politics if that’s the best they can do.

  7. That’s funny Donnie when I asked the school about this I was told the incident did not happen. With that said you should check your facts before lying for your man!

    • Shoulda known. Lies being told in BC by someone trying to keep the good ol’ boy system? Say it ain’t so!

  8. Then why did my granddaughter come home with a flyer for Brian Adams for sheriff that she got at school from his family. They also made an announcement over pa at all high schools that political or campaign material was prohibited. But of course say.anything about Adams and it hits a nerve. I even agreed that ollics email stunt was a lot worse.

    • Donnie I have spoken to the principal and this did not happen. So I’m don’t know where she got the paperwork. What school does she attend?

  9. I have a child and several nieces and nephews at stratford. Not to mention family friends kids. And i can say that this didn’t happen. Completely fabricated story by Donnie, or told to Donnie. But in any event it did not happen. Thanks.

  10. If the kids chose to give materials out, ( I know at least 4 kids that are helping with assorted campaigns) , it was on them. Mr.s Adams asked about it at the school because the kids wanted to share materials. There were items for Dan Isgett given out at GCHS before the one student was asked to stop. Ricky Driggers has two family members working there and there are kids who go there that are supporting Mr. Adams campaign. They can talk about it to people and their friends, but no materials given out. Kinda funny when we tell our kids to get involved and we lament when they do no care, yet there are many students interested in this campaign as they know the candidates and this could be a stepping stone for getting more kids interested in bigger elections, yet they are suppressed because someone’s wife decided to break rules and give out email addresses which is a big no no.

  11. I can tell you if the principal of Stratford high said it didn’t happen she’s a liar. My info came from the district office. I never said it was that big of a deal but every time anybody says anything about Adams yall people are ready to pounce. Theres no need to argue with any of yall because now I believe what everyone’s been saying that Adams is behind CTL so screw yall.

    • We have been quiet so far and let the supporters of the various candidates battle it out, but we have to comment. So, let’s see, “Donnie”….you can defend your boy all day long. Those citizens who decide to check out what you say about his competition and then post those facts here to counter your untruths are the bad guys and that seals the deal in your mind that the opposition has something to do with this site. You are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? Or maybe you are just an agitprop who is irritated someone would actually fact check your propaganda.

  12. And who would my candidate be?? I post one fact about Adams and here we are. Chief your a piece of shit who hates Berkeley county and are so far up Adams ass it’s ridiculous or are you really Adams. You post lies and half truths all the time. Adams is a dirty player in politics but that’s ok his closet is not clean. He’s got his coming.

    • Told you before, we don’t have a dog in the fight. We just expose those who need to be put down.

    • Donnie, you realize that your response defies logic, correct? “Chief hates Berkeley County”, but yet he must be Adams (who presumable hates Berkeley County enough to run for Sheriff) or “hates Berkeley County” so much because he’s up Adams Keister? What are you, 12 years old? Did your big brother tell you some “ghetto truth” about some pamphlet he saw? Your Momma should wash your mouth out with soap.

      And pray tell, what has Adams he got in his closet? And more importantly, WHAT does he have “coming”, since you are so clued in to this election?

  13. This whole site is full of Adam supporters. Kinda odd he has ties to Stratford high and everyone else defending him on here also does. Yall spread rumors and lies about every candidate but have no proof. But it don’t matter like I said before the security guard will be your next sheriff. Then Dewitt will still have his hand in the BCSO cookie jar. Maybe Dewitt will be chief deputy.

    • So you know who I will be supporting via osmosis? I just asked you a question about “your” dirt and threat, yet you know I will support Adams. It so happens I personally know or know of over half of the candidates and some are better than others. Point out the lies, or be taken for the shill you are becoming.

    • Lol, you’re so shittin that you can’t even spell your own pseudonym correctly Donnie/Dinnie. “Anyone experiencing an erection longer than 4 hours should seek medical attention”. Well you, sir, have had a hard-on over one particular candidate for way too long, I’d say it’s about time you sought some help.

  14. Well is Donnie or Dinnie perhaps we should just call you Murphy! That’s right Ding Bat you have walked the hallway way to long bragging about your website. Then you get on CTL and pull your crap, maybe we should ask the SC ethics Commission to investigate your private server! The only internet crime you investigate is planning lunch. Someone who is supposed to be as smart as you should have remembered that you should have remained quite and maybe you would have a job, but not you Murphy.

  15. Did I upset you rusty nail? Sure sounds like it. Kevin Murphy wishes he knew half of what I know. If you could read you would see I agreed that ollic was a compulsive liar. If Murphy is behind the other site he should lose his badge. But this site is no better than the other one. Spreads rumors with no facts. yall spread lies about every other candidates to try and help y’all’s. All yall support Adams without a doubt. Kinda funny I ask a couple questions about Adams in a comment and it don’t get posted. But I don’t blame you Adams I wouldn’t post it either. But the public will soon know you dirty man.

    • The comment you posted contained unfounded allegations that could get you and us in a bit of trouble. Provide the evidence.

  16. No Murphy I am not upset! It is sad that your minion boss (Rick Ollic) and you will play dirty politics to try and win a position of honor. Wayne DeWitt had more honor, you ask questions and people who have met Brian Adams know that it’s lies you try and spreed and defend Brian. No you have not upset me or I would have stopped you in the hallway and set you straight right there at work. See you soon Donnie aka Kevin Murphy!

  17. Provide the evidence??? All the comments on here are filled with lies with no proof. There is no proof with any of y’all’s absurd allegations. That’s ok mr Adams it’s coming. Old nail since your convinced I’m Murphy why don’t you stop me in the hallway. You’re an idiot. You mad now??

    • Lies with no proof? Really? You would be surprised at the documentation and first hand accounts and statements we have access to. You, on the hand, chose to make a specific reference to a specific allegation yet failed to provide the specific proof to back it up. In light of some recent shenanigans we have been made aware of out there in BC we chose not to publish your claim because we didn’t want you to get sued by that person.

  18. Chief you are so two faced its pathetic. I asked one question about Brian Adams and now you say oh we might get sued. That’s funny when I look back and their are comments about ollic having an affair on his wife. As I looked further I found you asked questions about Driggers involved in drug use, stolen money, high stakes poker games. That’s ok but I ask one question about Adams and it’s oh no cant ask that. My question was legit and I already know the answer and you do too. Your questions were so absurd it’s comical and you sure wasn’t worried about ollics family or caldwells family. Chief your a joke and all these Adams supporters are a joke. But don’t worry in the end the jokes will be on you. I I’m telling you this is not Murphy. I promise you I know more than murphy ever will know.

    • Remember what we said about proof? There is documentation to back up those other claims you mentioned. You said Ollic was an habitual liar - we have proof to back that up.

      BTW, just because one person commenting thinks you are that other fella you should not assume everyone does.

  19. Ok chief My comment you didn’t post was maybe a little too harsh. Not that that has ever stoped you or your readers idiotic comments. So I’ll ask in a more civilized manner. Was Brian Adams ever kicked out of the narcotics unit??

  20. Oh little Don Don Murphy why would I stop you and reveal who I am? You are the one who seems to be mad. Perhaps a bottle of Mydol and some maxi-pads are what will help you through this problem you have created. You rant as a mad man about Mr. Adams yet you have no proof, There is an innocent party looking for someone to sue are you wanting to fill that void Murphy? Yes we know it’s you, and like your buddy Ollic just keep lying and yours to is coming! So long little Murphy so long!

  21. No Mr. Adams was not kicked out of narcotics he requested to be moved. Then you started making things up and here we are. Your buddy Ollic did indeed have an affair with a coworker and there are many who worked with him to substantiated this ask him when he wants this brought out! We can invite the woman’s ex-husband to the breakfast how would he like that?

  22. You got me rusty nail. I thought I could out smart you but you are to intelligent. So here it goes: mr Adams I apologize for my lies I have been posting about you. You are the most honorable candidate of all. Mr Driggers I apologize for the false lies I spread about you on my website. You are the most qualified candidate. Mr Caldwell I apologize for making false accusations about you. You would make a fine sheriff. I apologize to any other candidate I told lies about to help ollic win sheriff. Please vote for any one except ollic!! Please forgive me chief. Does that make you happy rusty nails?? Will you pretty please be my friend now and don’t call me out at work. I am not worthy.

    • Looks like the final nail in your BCSO career coffin is going to be an old rusty one Donnie…

  23. Enough said!

  24. Just an observation folks,

    In Berkeley County, the “above the law club”, exploits the insider smoke n mirror tactic of “plausible deniability” as a defense… as opposed to presenting facts in support of their actual innocence.

    “Prove it” is the burden placed upon their outsider victims and/or critics, while they rest easy as their fraternity sworn vows obligate their casual due paying co-conspirators to perjure themselves and otherwise use their govt appointments and authority to free their organized crime “buddy”, in accordance with the immoral and predatory elitists masonic / witchcraft based collusion.

    I suggest that we deceived employers of these practiced and dues paying / “special” class of protected pathological liars, are quick to ask questions, and explore relationships amongst said “good ole boys” who, despite their shamefull behavior and abuse of power, always come out smelling like a “rose”.. when we deceived electorate KNOW what “septic tank gas” smells like…

    Let’s embrace Earth Day recycling by flushing the septic / secret legislation / their (septic safe) douche bag authors / local crony opportunists / and associated wastes, frauds, and abusers…with ONE LOUD AND CLEAR BCWSA bound, load of BCSO compost…

  25. In the meantime, I’ll continue to accumulate objective and irrefutable evidence in support of this republics constitution / bill of rights in an effort to expose the “above the law” Klub, and their untouchable / detestable progeny.

    James Madison lives!

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