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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Drama Continues


The drama continues relative to BCSO with Andrew Knapp of the P&C dropping another bomb into the mix. We have told you before the federal investigation into alleged corruption by highly placed administrators is still ongoing. Knapp confirms what we have already told you. It sounds like the sources interim sheriff Butch Henerey credited with telling him everything was hunky-dory and all cleared up were feeding him a line of bull feces.

Knapp also updated us on the outcome of a story we were the first to tell you about in April of 2014. The arrest of Sgt. Tony Riley for selling firearms to a convicted felon. Now we know the felon in question was Fred Jimmy Condrey, Sr., a well known, longstanding member of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club. Condrey and the rest of his club tend to keep a low public profile but rest assured most local law enforcement officers with more than ten minutes on the job are aware of who they are.

You folks might remember when that arrest was made federal agents showed up at the courthouse in Berkeley County where Riley was working and arrested him in uniform. Now, normally, we are told the feds would have paid a courtesy call to the sheriff before cuffing and stuffing one of his people. The fact they did not extend that courtesy in this case is very revealing. It definitely transmits the message that the sheriff and his administration were deemed not worthy of the trust that sort of professional courtesy called for. Once again that ongoing investigation comes into play. The feds obviously have reason not to trust the administration at BCSO.

Will things change? We can hope, but we are not that optimistic. While some of the upper echelon are pushing for Rick Ollic to be their new boss, their old boss, H. Wayne Dewitt, is pushing extremely hard for his pal Duane Lewis. Folks with common sense would think having a disgraced and indicted former sheriff pushing your candidacy would be a detriment to your campaign, but keep in mind we are talking about Berkeley County where three of the last four sheriff’s have been indicted and one was a convicted felon who couldn’t carry a firearm even on duty. One gets the distinct impression the continuing corruption and malfeasance is a source of pride to some in the county.

This morning we were greeted with directions to a new website. Don’t Elect Rick Ollic is written by a crime victim unhappy with his treatment at the hands of BCSO. After some back and forth trying to get his stolen property recovered and a suspect charged, that victim was sent this email:



ScreenHunter_3103 Mar. 23 08.15



The detective later apologized claiming other detectives were playing a joke on him and the email was accidentally sent. Now, we have no problem with law enforcement officers joking around amongst themselves to blow off steam when things get a bit tense, but this little “game” was completely unprofessional. It is easy to visualize a group of investigators sitting around one day talking trash and bitching about this extremely persistent victim who won’t leave them alone in his efforts to recover the property he paid for and uses to make a living.

“This is the email I SHOULD send him!”.


We can’t help but wonder if the mother of Ariel Morgan gets the same treatment when pushing for action in the shooting death of her daughter. The murder of Ariel is still unsolved, by the way.



ScreenHunter_3104 Mar. 23 08.35







  1. Lmao…..say it isn’t so!!! So poor ole Riley is being messed with about selling guns to “Papa Fred” but Ricky isn’t being held accountable to also passing intel back and fourth to the HA, by means of pen and paper when he was wired up on the kale? Colors came up missing from the clubhouse during a raid, and when someone with the department left a narcotics radio at the clubhouse there was a trade at Walmart parking lot I believe…and of course info was passed back and fourth on paper cause he knew he was being recorded…so this was for the radio and patches of course, or maybe other promises were made! Just seems like no one really knows how far the corruption goes!! Dig deeper guys, come on you can do it! If you keep digging you may find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but for now your just scratching the surface!

  2. Oh I’m sorry I should have not blamed Sir Ricky Driggers because for one he hasn’t messed with the narcotics unit in what like 20 years or something? Right!! He has spent plenty of time at the dogg pound bitching and moaning about stats, and what the has come down from the top etc etc!! He has also spent time blaming his officers for leaks to the HA’s, when he was the one all along leaking it….how ironic don’t ya think?

  3. There must be a lot of people or other candidates feel like Driggers is thier biggest competition with all these accusations that nobody seems to can prove. I don’t know him personally but some of this stuff sounds far fetched My prediction is the security guard with the piece of shit drunken bum Dewitt backing him will be your next sheriff.

    • Personally, I don’t have to prove jack shit to you or the general public for one, but if the Feds ever come knocking, well if that happens and it may still happen, of course it would be my duty and my obligation to free my mind so to speak! And of course there are a few others as well that will be able to back that information up! So, before you start running your dick sucker you may wanna check into those facts that I’ve posted because just so happens its all true. You think I care if he becomes sheriff or anyone else for that matter, I don’t believe me that county can rot as well as the people in it. I’m just making sure that the information is out there if anyone cares enough to due a real investigation on him as well as some others! But your wrong Donnie I have no dog in this race….

  4. Jimmy C. You are such an idiot. you are like everybody else on this site. A piece of shit you are. You want to make allegations but say you don’t care about this shitty county. Then keep your ass in that drug infested city of north charleston that your boy works in. Chief I assume you have documentation of these allegations that dumbass posted since you don’t post comments without proof. Would that be a fair statement??

    • About the connection to the HA’s? Read the news lately? Where there’s smoke there is fire.

    • The only idiot here is you Donnie….you are just one of the sheep who believes everything they are told like so many others. I’m sure you probably work for the sheriffs oriface and are exactly the reason that place is so damn corrupt to begin with. What are you trying to prove here? Who do you support? What is your motive for coming on this site “Ricky”? The last i heard when they were trying to indict you, you were walking around the sheriffs office with a bible….lmao How about this why don’t you disprove my allegations before you run your suck with me? You are either a hanger on or one of the ones who allows these kinds of things to continue to go on at the BCSO which one is it? Oh and by the way I don’t live in North Chucktown either asshole…I’ve already stated very plainly atleast I thought so…but since obviously your a special needs kind of person let me plainly state this once again…..I DON’T CARE WHO WINS THE ELECTION, I DO NOT LIVE THERE, I AM NOT BACKING ANYONE IN THAT COUNTY!

  5. BCSO detectives ignored several of my reports stating a DeWitt family friend / former BCSO deputy was trashing my property and calling me on to force me to stand my ground. The day I did stand up to his “buddy”, I was hauled in, while “buddy” continued to untouchably extort 50K from me. In my clearly staged interrogation, I told the detectives I had my self proclaimed “victim” (their buddy too) on video F’ing with me. They called me a liar.

    This story, all video, and the crimes of multiple BC “public (buddy) servants” is about to go public.

  6. First I’m Murphy and now I’m Ricky?? What happen jimmy c did someone fire u at BCSO You sure seem to know a lot for someone who don’t live here. Are you Adams cousin or something. Yall make all these allegations with no proof. I just can’t help but wonder why yall spread lies about anyone from Berkeley county instead of saying what makes Adams qualified to be sheriff?? Kinda funny Adams and isgett tells naacp they are against racial profiling and both their department practice it everyday. Chief I assume you have proof of the Intel being passed on pen and paper since you only post what you can prove. By the way my comment about Adams you wouldn’t post due to getting sued stay tuned it’s coming.

    • Haha well come on big dog figure it out! Do you honestly believe I would get on the Internet and post un-truthful information or second hand knowledge of alleged criminal violations without having first hand knowledge and being able to back it up? Let me answer that for you….No! When I went to school 1+1 always equals 2 all day long everyday! If I cared about everything in the low country why would I only post about BCSO? Hmm maybe its because I know a lot about that department and the employees there? Like the ones who have come and been long gone for some time now! Could that be a possibility? Or do you honestly think someone is giving me info to put on this website to help adams when I don’t even know the guy? If you honestly believe that than I can totally picture you in your moms basement in shit stained underwear wearing an aluminum foil hat! Get a brain Donna! Oh and I never said you were Murph!!


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