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More BCSO Threats


Well, it didn’t take long to generate more threats from the folks at BCSO who want the corruption and good ol’ boy way of enforcing the law to continue. If you have been following the sordid saga of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office you know that folks running the show there won’t hesitate to threaten citizens. We have shown proof of that in the past.

Now that the office of the sheriff is empty and a ton of those working at BCSO are scrambling for position, the threats have started again out of the blue. Only now, they are threatening one another, lashing out blindly as they scramble madly for power and position.

The sad part is those threats are apparently being made by a Berkeley County deputy tasked with leadership responsibilities and investigating internet crimes against children. Let’s see what Lt. Kevin Murphy has to say about a fellow county employee he is accusing of writing CTL. As usual, we have to blur the names of the innocent because some folks at BCSO couldn’t investigate their way out of a ten foot section of drainage pipe with the sun shining in both ends. They tend to thrash about wildly while hoping they get lucky.



ScreenHunter_2973 Mar. 20 16.06 ScreenHunter_2972 Mar. 20 16.05 ScreenHunter_2971 Mar. 20 16.05 ScreenHunter_2970 Mar. 20 15.55




Notice how the tone of that threat is similar to the tone of a previous threat made against a citizen and his family they accused of being CTL simply because they supported DeWitt’s opponent in the last election?



ScreenHunter_7569 Aug. 24 09.35



The strangest part of this whole thing? Murphy’s own blog has published more damaging information about many of the candidates than we ever did. He has posted a ton of dirt on every candidate associated with BCSO now or in the past and even published some very revealing information about other candidates with deep ties to Berkeley County. Murphy has published information we weren’t even aware of. That was the tip-off we were dealing with someone on the inside.

Murphy does not mind bragging that he is the person behind the alleged “anti-corruption” site shilling for Rick Ollic. Yeah, the same site that endorsed Ollic by basically claiming, “Rick was a dick, but now he’s not.” How’s that for a contradiction? An “anti-corruption” site advocating for Rick Ollic. Since Murphy was the first to report on the sexual peccadilloes of Chad Caldwell and others, maybe someone can give equal time and ask Ollic about the time he was called in to meet with Sheriff Isgett and Jim Meade. That meeting led to Ollic being forced to confess to his wife he had an affair with another law enforcement officer’s wife. Rick was a dick, but now he’s not, right?

Murphy better hope Ollic wins because he has attacked every other candidate using insider information only someone privy to the dirty deeds at BCSO would know. Of course, Murphy’s chosen candidate is as clean as the driven snow to hear Murphy tell it. If anyone but Ollic wins, this guy will be the first one looking for a job with some other department. Problem is, no matter how smart he seems to be, not many departments around here would touch him after such a display. Sounds like he’s getting desperate, realizing he hitched his cart to the wrong horse.

To his credit, Murphy’s site has achieved one thing. Folks who read it are more determined than ever to avoid voting for anyone remotely affiliated with BCSO.

For those candidates who might want to find out if this fellow is using county equipment and time to advocate for his candidate you should keep in mind he has an internet connection independent of the rest of Berkeley County’s connections due to his position as the internet crimes investigator. Keep that in mind when filing those FOIA’s to determine if there is any kind of ethics violations involved.


We are loving the News 2 shorts with the candidates.

Chad Caldwell spent his time talking about federal grants and how good he was at getting them. He failed to address the problems he had with some of those grants thanks to the person he had administer and manage them. She later followed him to Moncks Corner when he left NCPD and couldn’t protect her anymore.

Ricky Driggers told News 2, “I din’t do nuffin!” Uh-huh. We guess that remains to be seen since that federal investigation is still underway. He also said he wants to split up the investigations and narcotics units into north and south units. Of course, he failed to mention how he plans to pay for the additional personnel, buildings, utilities, computers, network infrastructure, and administrative/civilian personnel necessary to staff those separate locations. We also have to question the wisdom of splitting up units that rely on sharing information and making connections between cases, perpetrators and M.O’s. BCSO was set up this way under M.C. Cannon. Ray Isgett brought the units together for purposes of efficiency.

The new Driggers campaign slogan? “Driggers - Back to the ’70’s” Somebody shoot him if he tries to bring back disco, too.


In other news, we have been contacted by a number of residents in Sangaree who tell us the signs for their favored candidate are being stolen from their yards. Seriously? Dirty politics in Berkeley County? Say it ain’t so!

Seriously though, we would be happy to run some photos or video of that happening. You know we won’t hesitate to bust on the perpetrators.





  1. You just can’t make this shit up!! As entertaining as this continues to be, it is a sad state of affairs in that county. Hope the voters weed out the weasels!

  2. Where can I find Murphys blog?

  3. i have never agreed with anything you said until now. Rick ollic is a compulsive liar. He is behind the other website you speak of. I do think however some current and former employees of BCSO get a bad rap. Wayne Dewitt threw a lot of folks under the bus to save himself. When’ you work for the sheriff you pretty much do as told or move on. I think Wayne hid behind certain people who were loyal to him. He is the biggest crook of all.

    • Amen brother!
      Throwin strangers (whose goodwill benefitted his family friends) under that bus to put money in his corrupt “buddys” pocket, while ducking me at every public callout is more accurately defined as COWARDLY. Just like his sleazey VZ “BUDDY”.

  4. I just got out of BCDC and the splash isa complete mess the staff ignore medic calls I’ve seen people in there throwing their guts up. The news should definitely go back there..

  5. I hope you have documentation to back up these accusations. Someone has struck your nerve but I have nothing to do with it. You want to email me? That’s my email address. I getting a little sick and tired pal, I’m asking you to cease and desist. If you state something as a fact, I hope you back it up.

    • Would it surprise you to know some of your co-workers are willing to talk about what they were told or overheard?

    • Whoever is running that low budget “support Olic” page should really invest in a grammar lesson. It is almost hard to read. On top of that, while i was trying to make sense of what i was reading, i decided to participate in the “Who should be the next sheriff Poll”. Oddly enough my vote didn’t count. So. Out of pure curiosity I voted again from another computer for Good ole Olic, and the strangest thing happened. The vote was tallied. I thought to myself that this must have been some sort of error on my part. Again, to satisfy my curiosity Ii voted again for a different candidate. Once again. nothing. Seems legit. Lol

  6. Mr Murphy I don’t know if your behind ollics site or not but I got news for you. Mr ollic is fixing to get blindsided with all his dirty deeds. The website wants to bash all the other candidates and all of a sudden play nice. Well that’s not happening. I also got word he or his campaign management company was the ones who dropped the dime on Caldwell and that the fbi prope is still going on to the post and courier. Now on to Mr. Adams, you have done nothing but play dirty politics since this election began and you also sir are fixing to get exposed for the kind of person you are. I know chief if I have dirt youll be happy to post it and if I don’t let you know then I must not have any. Well you will know soon enough and please don’t take this as a threat. It’s a promise.

    • Well I guess that I was wrong in a previous posting Donnie, evidently other people also find it ok to mix their appletini’s and their brown liquors.

    • Donnie, don’t you claim that this sit is run by Adams, yet you say you “know” they will post the dirt? Lol, make up your bipolar mind! How has Brian Adams played dirty politics? What has he done to be dirty? Please give facts, and if you don’t have evidence, go play in the mud. I have known Mr. Adams more than 20 years and I have always seen the public face is the same as the private face, unlike many people in this world. He is not a perfect person, but he is knowledgeable responsible, compassionate and a professional. He values his family and is the best candidate in my opinion. I know many of these candidates , several personally and chose not to support them because I looked at all of the things that affect us all in Berkeley County and I believe he will be able to best take care of the issues and protect the public interest AND provide our deputies with the things they need to allow them to do their jobs safely.

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