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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Who Knew

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Holy cow! Who knew former Sheriff H. Wayne DeWitt was a bit of a dirty bird? Well, we did. Benny had to know. And you knew after we started writing about those issues.

Now that the drunken DeWitt has finally submitted his resignation, some of the local media who took part in protecting him and looking the other way the past twenty years are dipping their toes into the pool of corruption and malfeasance. Well, shoot, since he isn’t Sheriff anymore they no longer have to worry about the dirt he has on them. Right?

An example of this new found “journalistic courage” is an article from February 4th by Andrew Knapp of the Propaganda & Criminals. We don’t normally link to articles over there due to their ridiculous pay-wall, but we sort of like Andrew. At one time we thought he was the only person over there with any common sense. Even so, the P&C didn’t put the article up until 3:01 p.m. - almost an hour after DeWitt resigned.

How many of our readers are thinking the same thing we are? If DeWitt had not resigned, the other information in that article would not have been released by the P&C.

Unfortunately, Andrew’s rather timid display of his recently acquired journalistic courage (as it pertains to DeWitt) is nothing more than old news. We covered all of that information in our January 10th article titled “Patterns of Behavior“, and we covered it with a lot more detail. Heck, we even provided you with the documents to back it up. And Andrew didn’t even credit us for doing most of his research for him. Now that’s dirty.

However, it is nice to see someone over at the Propaganda & Criminals finally taking those tentative baby steps toward becoming real journalists as they patiently wait for their balls to drop. Even if it did turn out to be too little too late.


We could not help but notice the statement of current interim sheriff Rick Ollic, particularly the part that reads, “I will continue to execute my duties, vigilantly enforce the criminal laws of the state and county and to bring punishment to those who violate them.”

We found that curious given the fact he pointed to his twenty-eight years of experience as a police officer earlier in statement. Even most rookie police officers know it is not their job to “punish” anyone. Those who think like that usually don’t last too long these days. The job of a police officer is to fairly enforce the laws and bring those who violate the law before those who do decide guilt and punishment. We found that to be an interesting peek into the mind of a DeWitt protege.

Can you say “clean sweep”?


The Berkeley County Grand Jury meets next week. It will be interesting to see what happens. We tend to be a bit cynical, but we do hope the citizens of Berkeley County do the right thing.  And let’s not forget the SLED investigation requested by 9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson. We can’t wait to see how that shakes out and whether or not any additional dirty birds will be facing charges. Given the history of SLED investigations in Berkeley County we really aren’t that encouraged, but you never know. They could surprise us!






  1. The first comment I made to my wife after I read his statement was exactly this: It is not a Cops job to punish, and it exactly points out the very essence of the many failures in Berkeley County and also to the questionable professionalism of the highest ranks.

  2. Not to mention Ollic’s statement in the Berkeley Observer that he hoped the people would remember Dewitt for his 40 years of service and not the one mistake he made..Ollic obviously has not read the write up in the P&C. Ollic knows DeWitt very well, then maybe not..his head has always been up Dewitt’s $$$….so maybe he hasn’t seen the light in years.

  3. As a victim of the BCSO regime, whose reports directly to Ollics’ detectives that a DeWitt family friend was entrapping me into standing my ground on property I paid his mother for…..

    I believe that Mr Ollics statement would have been more truthfully accurate if it read ”

    “I will continue to execute my duties, vigilantly enforce the criminal laws of the state and county and to bring punishment to those who violate them (AS LONG AS THE ALLEGED PERPS ARENT LISTED AS MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING IN OUR ABOVE THE LAW / SHRINE CLUB SECRET BOOKS)…In which case, I will ignore the Yankee victim, marginalize him, allow my former deputy to trash everything said newcomer owns and paid my shrine sister for, in an effort to further my fraternity brothers’ personal wealth.


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