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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

SLED Fails Again


Just as we clicked the “publish” button on our last article we were notified of a piece over at Jive 5 news about the SLED investigation into Hanahan PD. The P & C also has a story up. As we expected, the SLED investigation and the 9th Circuit Solicitor have failed to do what should have been done. As usual, a SLED investigation into dirty deals in Berkeley County has yielded absolutely nothing. Does that agency have any shred of credibility left when a group of citizens can conduct a more thorough, detailed investigation anonymously than they can in person?

Let’s run though the alleged results of that SLED investigation and call out those who deserve to be called out. Remember that 9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson asked for a SLED investigation into Hanahan PD and their handling of the pursuit. We initially suspected that investigation would be directed at either supervisor at HPD who may have instructed officers not charge Wayne DeWitt or at possible intimidation by BCSO.  We now know that investigation was requested because of a “conflict” between the initial report and subsequent statements given by one officer.

Let’s deal with Officer Justice Jenkins, formerly Berkeley County Deputy Justice Jenkins. You remember him. He was the one we exposed after he had been in a pretty bad traffic accident in a BCSO patrol car while his drivers license was suspended.  We were kind at the time and didn’t name him because he was going through a divorce and having some money troubles. The local media picked up on our story and they did name Jenkins. He left BCSO as a result of that incident. Some say he was fired by DeWitt, others say he resigned. Jenkins was then picked up by Hanahan P.D. after getting his drivers license reinstated.

We again tried to given Jenkins the benefit of the doubt when the DeWitt story broke, even in light of his piss poor tactics and officer safety practices. We won’t make that mistake again. Is he that timid in every situation? Jenkins seems to think everyone else is stupid and will buy into his ridiculous claims. Let’s review them.

On the night of December 28th a pickup truck blew by Jenkins on North Rhett Avenue. Jenkins gave chase. Here is the video again.







Let’s review the timeline:


0:04     Jenkins’ patrol car is almost struck by DeWitt’s truck.

0:16     Jenkins has managed to turn on his blue lights - his front facing blue lights as evidenced by the blue glow on the back of DeWitt’s truck.

0:18     Jenkins has managed to turn his wigwags on.

0:55     Jenkins “bumps” his siren on for a bit.

1:26     Jenkins gives his siren a second bump.

1:53     Jenkins gives his siren a third bump.

2:07     DeWitt finally comes to a stop.


So, for almost two full minutes DeWitt ignored blue lights, wigwags and sirens while he drove on North Rhett Avenue at speeds up to 108 miles per hour, almost running off the road and colliding with other innocent citizens like he had done a few minutes earlier. Jenkins even told dispatchers, “He won’t stop for me.” He also said, “He just blew through the red light. He didn’t even acknowledge the blue lights or anything.” Those are all the signs and elements of the crime of Failure to Stop for Blue Lights.

Well, maybe not an old salt like Justice Jenkins, who has exactly four (4) car chases to his credit, knows better than anyone else. But, what would you expect from someone who doesn’t seem to understand the law about maintaining insurance on his vehicles and having a valid drivers license?

Officer Justice Jenkins, however, made it plain to SLED agents he took issue with this blog pointing out the failure of HPD to charge DeWitt with failure to stop. No, we didn’t call him out personally on that before. We are now, however. Jenkins told SLED agents he “kept a safe distance” from that erratically driven vehicle and didn’t even get close enough to read the tag. Strange. We counted at least six points in that video where he was close enough to read the tag.

Jenkins further explained to SLED agents he was not going to charge the driver of that truck with any criminal offenses even before he knew the driver was Wayne DeWitt and even though he believed the driver failed to stop for him because he was intoxicated. Really? Do you see now why no one wants to hire deputies who leave Berkeley County? Moronic, insipid goofballs like this guy ruin it for the rest of them. Jenkins knows he would have locked up any other drunk driver or hoodrat for that same behavior.

Jenkins suddenly, out of the blue, decided to change his story. We are told he even tried to change the incident report, but was prevented from doing so by a supervisor.

Now, Jenkins would have you believe he submitted a written statement to his attorney, Donald Gamache. A statement that was allegedly done of his own free will. A statement that made him look like an idiot and conflicted with his initial incident report and the in-car video because he was upset about something he read on this blog. You have to wonder what kind of attorney would allow his client to make himself look like a complete and utter fool. Gamache then gleefully took that statement to Chief Cochran of the Hanahan Police Department on January 5th.

You have to wonder what Gamache’s endgame was. It was already apparent HPD had put the onus for laying that failure to stop charge on the shoulders of Scarlett Wilson. There was absolutely nothing to be gained by giving that statement to Chief Cochran. Did they think the Chief would agree to change the official report once he had that statement? Of course, based on Gamache’s statement to Chief Cochran we all know what the endgame was - help Sheriff DeWitt beat the charges.

Chief Cochran is not a stupid guy. He spoke honestly with the SLED agents and told them Gamache said to him, “Wayne really appreciates the way ya’ll are handling this.” Do you get the implication in that? If not, keep reading and we will spell it out for you. Cochrane said he believed there was some type of close relationship between Gamache and DeWitt and the two had spoken about the incident or the written statement from Jenkins. We found that very interesting in light of what we know about both Jenkins and Gamache.

Apparently the local media found in interesting, too, It was so interesting they had to hide certain details from you. Jive 5 News chose to conceal Gamache’s name from you, like it was a big mystery. The Propaganda & Criminals told you the attorney was Donald Gamache, but failed to tell you the bit about what he said to Chief Cochran and the Chief’s impression of the whole situation. Still think you can trust the local media?

Gamache, who represents Justice Jenkins in a Family Court matter, was apparently adamant with the SLED agents that there was “no collusion or discussion among others to entice Jenkins to produce this statement in order to help DeWitt”. Believe that if you want to.

Did SLED bother to investigate the fact that in addition to being Justice Jenkins’ attorney, Gamache is a good friend of Wayne DeWitt? Did they know that Gamache has been telling people he has been helping DeWitt with the “day to day stuff” regarding his recent arrest? Does the fact that Gamache is also a former Berkeley County deputy who worked for DeWitt factor into the equation at all? Oh, and Gamache and DeWitt play the Shriner thing together. None of that is rumor, folks. All of that can be backed up by folks with the personal knowledge, dates and times.

Since DeWitt resigned Gamache has been appearing regularly on the arm of self-professed candidate for Berkeley County sheriff, Marty Housand. Does anyone see that candidacy imploding yet? Gamache has also told a number of people he plans to move back to Berkeley County and run for sheriff himself in four years. The plan was for Wayne DeWitt to help get Gamache elected after what was supposed to be DeWitt’s last term. We guess that plan is out the window.

And you thought the dirty Berkeley County deals ended when DeWitt resigned. Surprise!!

It is absolutely amazing what information comes out of a law enforcement agency when the folks are tired of being treated like crap, are hungry for change and tired of being represented by actions of the idiots among them. BCSO has finally reached that stage. Keep reading.

We happen to know Jenkins owes a ton of money to a certain member of the BCSO command staff. You see, a while back he was about to have a judgement placed against him. South Carolina law prohibits deputies from having judgements or liens. The command staff member loaned Jenkins the money to clear that pending judgement. The word amongst members of BCSO is that particular command staff member had a hand in using that loan as leverage against Jenkins to obtain this written statement in favor of DeWitt. Did SLED bother to investigate any of that? Apparently not.

We have to wonder why SLED and the 9th Circuit Solicitor have chosen to overlook all of this information that is readily available to anyone with the desire to seek it out. Hell, most if it was sent to us weeks ago with no solicitation at all. We have been sitting on the information waiting to see if any additional charges, indictments or ethics violations for things like witness tampering or obstruction of justice resulted from the SLED investigation.

Yeah, we know, we have to squash all that optimism when it comes to all things Berkeley County or 9th Circuit. We were thinking the SC Bar might be interested in the details of this case, but we doubt Scarlett Wilson has the moxie or the will to do what needs to be done. Well, that and the fact that lawyers tend to look out for one another and sweep those questionable deeds under the rug.

Now we know SLED is incompetent and the 9th Circuit Solicitor doesn’t have the balls to follow through. Trust us on this folks, if the information was sent to us, you can be assured those tasked with investigating all of this (SLED, Wilson) are aware of it, too. They just chose not to do anything about it.

Now you know.








  1. Hanahan hired the former BCSO deputy / DeWitt family friend that defrauded me and then defamed me for having the balls to stand my ground on the front porch of a home I paid these Berkeley County Govt insider CRIMINALS for, but was swindled out of after I met their terms. Nuf said on who hires former BCSO organized criminals…It appears that Berkeley County fraud isn’t limited to Berkeley County…

    So, we whose misplaced trust, whose savings, whose generosity, whose christian values, whose reputation, whose paid for homes have been trashed, who have been extorted, who have received death threats, whose civil and 2nd amendment rights have been preyed upon at multiple and horrifically immoral levels by Berkeley County govt insiders for personal financial gain, will continue to BREAK THE BLUE WALL OF CORRUPTION IN BERKELEY COUNTY.

    We, whom you corrupt elitists in Berkeley County, have recklessly ruined, will now spend our last dimes to expose you whores. See you in court.

    We Stand, We Rise, We Give Our Lives!
    The Ramp / The CHOSEN - “DESTROY”

  2. One issue with this posting, Chief. I continue to believe that the inebriated Dewitt had no idea that he blew the doors off of the Hanahan Cop. I don’t believe he was attempting to flee the Cop, as he was already attempting to flee the Accident and was simply swerving past vehicles as he did it. In some case with the lower profile LED light bars and on certain model cars, it is difficult to spot a marked car from distance by a sober driver, (even former long time LEO’s), much less a toasted one. Regardless, I believe that a Jury will find him not guilty of the FTS. From 100 mph, he stopped comparatively quickly and did not attempt to evade, despite the opportunity to make turns off of North Rhett. I don’t know Jenkins, but I don’t believe many Cops would have charged anyone else with FTS, based upon what I’ve seen. Speed in itself does not justify FTS, and don’t forget that Prosecution must prove INTENT.
    I find the rest of this info very interesting and thank you for continuing to put it out there at obvious personal risk.

    • So, the fact that he slowed down, then sped away several times means nothing. Good to know. Since you are former LE do you know that not noticing the blue lights is not a defense for failure to stop?

    • Creeper…I got some more personal risk for you to suck on…


      Whattya think my chances are if I said “I didn’t see the blue lights” while I sped away from a former BCSO sociopath deputy who was chasing me and I have on video vowing to “catch him a big chicken”?

    • Take your Yankee uneducated & illiterate, insulting, stump thumping Assed attitude elsewhere. You have no disagreement with me.

      I’ve had my own “meetings and experiences” with numerous Deputies, mostly at the professional level. Some of whom I have known for years, and some of whom I’ve known of. A little more than half of them did a good job, some were slackers, and the rest left me wanting to take a shower. I can’t speak to how most deal with the general public. Unfortunately Berkeley seems to have a larger than fair share of Deputies who seem to follow their own SOP’s to their own scale of laziness with little to no effective supervision. I don’t know if it has to do with the number of Reserve Deputies or simply their inadequate Background checks. For awhile, they were rumored to be in violation of some mandated SLED requirement that only a certain percentage of their workforce were allowed to be Reserve Officers, but I hadn’t heard anything about that lately.

      My disagreement is STRICTLY about the appropriateness of the FTS charge Also, I can understand ANY lowly beat Cop, especially while he is still on employment Probation, being willing to simply hand this whole whicky sticket off to his Bosses or another Agency. I don’t know him, but I don’t fault him. Without him, we would never have known.

    • You seem to believe I am defending Dewitt, and I most certainly am not. I
      am simply stating that I don’t know many LEO’s… at least when I was
      working… who would have charged ANYONE who would have stopped that
      quickly and not shown indications of evasion. I am nor sure if that was
      partly because most FTS charges are plead down or bargained away, but I
      know any of my FTS charges never saw the inside of GSC, and there were a
      few doozies. I’ve always attempted to see both sides of a coin, as
      opposed to being dogmatic to any populist or conformist view, as I
      believe ANY Cop (or reporter) should be.

    • Creekeris01, if you can look at that video and honestly say he wasn’t failing to stop then Thank GOD you’re not in law enforcement anymore, if you actually were. Jeeper Creeper, Burned Me Thrice, whatever name you wanna go by now, please, please, please just tell your story you wanna tell instead of posting the little cryptic stories you’re having with the other voices in your head. I’ll say it again….PLEASE. Otherwise, put your aluminum foil helmet back on cuz I think they’re getting close….

    • I’m not saying he was not failing to stop, however you can see for yourself that he DID stop within a minute and a half. I AM saying that he is only being charged with it based upon media pressure and blogger pressure. In the real world, people are only charged with it when they obviously attempt to avoid and escape from any pursuing Law Enforcement. Experience tells me that a non-prejudiced Jury will not convict on a “pursuit” this trivial. In the real world, Monday morning quarterbacks are seldom the people who really do or have done the job.

    • Well then by all means, let me apologize, because I obviously overlooked the part of the law that says if they stopped in a certain amount of time then it was no harm, no foul. In my Monday morning quarterbacking I’ll just be silly and stick with the “totality of the circumstances” that are right to see, and if your view is the “rel world” then I’m quite happy to stay right here in fantasyland. Enjoy your BarcaLounger, it’s almost game time.

    • That’s OK, not many people can admit to being in fantasy land. You can see and learn things for yourself if you would take advantage of your local Agency’s Ride-along program. Caveat that you may become a bit disenchanted with how enforcement and charges have to be prioritized at some levels, depending upon the ability to gain a conviction. I would not recommend Berkeley County’s Program at the present time.

    • He could of killed someone he is no better the the murdering drunk driver that killed my Robert on May 9th of last year,.

    • SECTION 56-5-750. Failure to stop motor vehicle when signaled by law-enforcement vehicle.

      (A) In the absence of mitigating circumstances, it is unlawful for a motor vehicle driver, while driving on a road, street, or highway of the State, to fail to stop when signaled by a law enforcement vehicle by means of a siren or flashing light. An attempt to increase the speed of a vehicle or in other manner avoid the pursuing law enforcement vehicle when signaled by a siren or flashing light is prima facie evidence of a violation of this section. Failure to see the flashing light or hear the siren does not excuse a failure to stop when the distance between the vehicles and other road conditions are such that it would be reasonable for a driver to hear or see the signals from the law enforcement vehicle.

    • In a perfect world, yes, but have you ever seen a driver … maybe a woman… charged with this that continued to drive a mile or so until they found a lit area, an area with a shoulder or just felt it was safer to pull over? Ever tried to stop a non-english speaking foreign visitor from another country for whom blue lights are customarily Fire service vehicles? Have you ever driven at 108 mph? At what distance did you feel you had slowed down enough to be able to pull over safely? What distance do you think you may have traveled in the 30 seconds that a sober person at normal speeds is most likely to take seeing lights behind him? I’ve been in a pursuit with a drunk guy on a bicycle, and drunks at 20 mph, and this charge doesn’t fly to GSC without some extreme circumstances. Laws are all written in a perfect, optimum vacuum of Legislature, many that don’t anticipate common sense or common practice or in some cases are not enforceable on the street.

    • And that’s why to cover all bases it would have been wise to charge him, and let the court reduce it down or throw it out if they think it meets the judicial requirements in a court of law. It’s not up to any officer to be judge, jury and executioner. It’s up to the officer to do the right thing and charge the Dimwitt for all the violations that he or she witnessed as well, but due to the good ole boy system it didn’t happen.

  3. All apologies regarding my uneducated, illiterate, stump thumping attitude.

    THis stump thumpin Yankee trash regrets the day He accepted a promotion to create aerospace jobs in N CHS, spent 2 years training locals at Trident Tech, and authored numerous FAA approved tech data supporting same while elevating hundreds of locals to the level of FAA decorated aviation maintenance techs.

    Truth be known, the only stump thumping I’ve ever experienced is available on video captured while the former DeWitt family friend / former BCSO deputy threatened me with a chainsaw as he leveled trees on property I paid his illiterate, uneducated, and indigent mother for (as any Christian Yankee would do for any distressed and penniless woman who was about to lose her home, and requested assistance).

    Your right, I have no argument with you, but do take exception to your response Creeker. In any case, let’s forgive each other and move forward. Be blessed.

  4. Karma B,
    My cryptic stories that your attempting to piece together on this righteous site can be found in their chronological entirety, with veracity and integrity on loan from God, within the Berkeley County FOIA website (unless those records, like many of my BCSO reports, have also been misplaced). Once a legitimate Sheriff is elected, or the FBI/DOJ investigation into BC corruption is complete (whichever occurs first), trust me friend, I’ll take my aluminum foil hat off, cuz it’s not me they’re coming after. :)

  5. 18 US Code 242 and 42 US Code 1983 are routinely violated by BCSO to protect their “buddies”.

    SC 16-5-10, 16-17-410, 16-17-560 are also violated per corrupt BCSO SOP’s to deter defrauded voters from exercising their civil and constitutional rights.

    BC LE has devolved into BC Fraud Enforcement.


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