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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

One of Two

Edited to reflect one of two murders. One was allegedly an overdose.

We have another murder to talk about. This is one of two that have occurred since Saturday night. You can find information on the other two HERE and HERE.

Former Marine Dwayne Blake was killed on Johns Island last night.



ScreenHunter_800 Jan. 18 18.06


ScreenHunter_801 Jan. 18 18.06


Blake’s history is rather benign, consisting mainly of a bunch of traffic tickets. His killer, a fellow by the name of Samuri Stanley (yeah, we know) has a more serious criminal history.



one of three



In May of 2013 Stanley was charged with 2nd Offense Possession of Cocaine, PWID Marijuana, and Possession of Crack. He pled guilty the cocaine possession, a reduced charge on the crack possession and a reduced charge of 2nd offense possession of marijuana. He was sentenced in August of 2014 by Judge Donald Hocker to concurrent sentences totaling 5 years, suspended in favor of two years probation.

Of course, a search of the Probation and Parole website does not show Stanley as being on probation. Because, you know, five months isn’t long enough to actually complete the paperwork and get a probationer into the system.



ScreenHunter_792 Jan. 18 18.01 ScreenHunter_793 Jan. 18 18.01 ScreenHunter_794 Jan. 18 18.02 ScreenHunter_795 Jan. 18 18.02 ScreenHunter_796 Jan. 18 18.02 ScreenHunter_797 Jan. 18 18.02 ScreenHunter_798 Jan. 18 18.03



Stanley is still on the run. If you see him, call the cops.


  1. Damn.

  2. Hey chief I just wanna know why the white kid from Mt . pleasant wasn’t on here. You say you’re not racist.

    • There is a write up on that as well. Check the homepage.

    • Really?

    • Maybe he can get someone to read it to him.

  3. There is a piece here on CTL about that.

    However, this is Charleston THUG life. Two guys with zero criminal records in a fight over a girl where one of the guys pulls a knife (which seems like a pussy move) and kills the other doesn’t really fit the profile. Just like when a person kills his/her spouse in a domestic situation.

    • Murder is murder. It’s still a crime and we cover crime in the Lowcountry.

  4. Racist….

  5. man how i feel fuck everybody who got something to say about my cousin n plus dat bitch nigga dwayne ain had no business comin inda yard wit dat dum shit from da jump to be honest so fuck how ya feel n if u feel like war time feel free to catch ah bullet ole pussy ass niggas and bitches.

    • Youngin-
      Education. Get some. If you want to be ‘heard’, speak/write the language. Or just continue being an illiterate hood who goes nowhere in life. The path is yours to choose.

    • Well Bring That Shit To “Cali” UR A Bitch Too If U Have To Use A Gun Instead Of Using Hands ! ! Dwayne Was MY Cuzzin And Your Crackhead Peoples Will Get What He Deserves ! !

  6. “Samuri Stanley (yeah, we know)”

  7. Man this what I don’t get about Charleston. I left here 13 years ago and moved back about 2 1/2 year’s ago. These want to be thugs running around the Chuck talking about they thugs and getting money. These young cat’s still living at there mom’s house driving a box chevy with some rims. Dude listen i walked away from the game over a decade ago and still got money and used the game to better myself. Have you ever met a retired trap star??, It’s a shame this happened to a man who fought for you even to be able to walk your ass outside. No respect from these young dudes. I have lived in Miami and Atlanta and the violence here is truly senseless for the size of this city.

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