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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Glendell Gladden DRT *Updated*


Regular readers will remember our various features on Glendell Gladden. He has had several murder charges dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor over the past few years. The most recent one involved the murder of Summatown Bound gang member Donta Pringle.

Gladden has now been granted Dead Right There status. At the moment we don’t know who committed this pesticide and bestowed that status on him, but there does not seem to be a shortage of suspects. Maybe someone from the Summatown crew finally took him out. Summerville has taken a few hits recently, too.

Update: We are seeing some social posts that claim Gladden’s death was not a result of violence. Quoting here - “A real nigga was not killed by a fuck nigga”. Interesting. Either way, his criminal activity has come to an end. Some are saying he died by his own hand. Must have got tired of killing others.



Glendell Gladden DRT



Glendell Gladden was actually free on bond at the time of his death. On 21 December he was charged by NCPD with Hindering Police, Assault on a Police Officer and Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm. He was released on a total bond of $15,470. Of course, given his history with the 9th Circuit Solicitor it isn’t like he had to be fearful of anything like prison time.



ScreenHunter_788 Jan. 18 17.41


Gladden used the name “Twoo Hunnit” on Thugbook.



ScreenHunter_790 Jan. 18 17.42


ScreenHunter_791 Jan. 18 17.44



More later as details become available.




  1. He over dosed on xannx.

    • The important thing is that his string of murders has come to an end.


    • Sued for what? Karma for what? Please elaborate.

    • I guess you guilty even when proven innocent in crackertown, sc 29414

    • He was never proven innocent. The prosecutor just didn’t follow up on his charges. Very different.

    • Yo chief…or whoever the fuck you are…. One day you will be dead too! Would you want your family reading things like this about you?!? I don’t care what he did! You are not God! You don’t wear no black robe so fuck you and your thoughts! You are ignorant and someone gonna fuck your ass up one day for talking about thereo folks while they are resting eternally! Drink bleach! Fuck ass!

    • Most of us won’t be reading things like this about our family members. Why you ask? That’s because most of us don’t have hardened criminals as family members! That’s right. I know it’s hard to believe that there are families that don’t have anyone in jail or prison. I’m one of them. I’m also going as far as to say that I don’t know anyone that has been to prison. I’m also going as far as to say that I’ve never visited anyone in jail. Go figure.

    • damn shame

  2. In regards to Glendell if you are going to report or comment on him and his unfortunate demise please report the facts and not your own personal feeling and the last time i checked you do not have the credentials to report on anything.
    Thank you

    • He is a xannx junkie murder how deserves to die .. Straight like dat

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    • And just what is your illiterate ass going to do??? Nothing. That’s what. Your real name isn’t posted above your illiterate, but hysterical, comment. So, go back to your corner and sling some more dope to the kids in your neighborhood.

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    • And you’re not man enough to meet an Airborne OEF?OIF Vet out, without a gun or a bunch of “yo boiz” and see where your bitch ass mouth gets you! Go back to Africa….



    • Yes, we did. Check the previous write-ups on Mr. Gladden. We all had pretty much the same things to say. See if you can get someone to read them to you.

  3. When you speak of credentials, what exactly do you mean? Chief writes, people read. If there is a school, class, test… please let the rest of the readers know. We would assume you thought the authors fell under some type of dictatorship government.

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    • I beg your pardon??? Us ‘Devils’? Grow up and take responsibility for your life. Quit blaming white people..ignorance.

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  6. glad he is dead. hope they all do. this guy (and more)is the reason my girlfriend was shot for no reason back in July of 2013. and our car was shot up, when we were getting gas at a gas station downtown minding our on business. then all of a sudden a bunch of dumbasses wanted to start shooting in the middle of the parking lot, striking my innocent girlfriend in the back. And not one damn thing happen to the thugs. Ya’ll think whitey gets everything. nope she was shot and he was let free. that is the reason I started to follow this site. but its fine tho every few months I see them getting killed off. so in a way I’m almost happy they were let go cause they will be on the site sooner or later with a DRT title. Thanks chief for you hard work that you do.

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    • You sound like an idiot with DRT in your near future. Grow up punk.

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  8. I’m back…This is unfortunate but we’re gonna see this a lot more bc our culture has glorified drug & alcohol abuse. It’s in every song. On the RADIO. THE RADIO!!!!

  9. You guys are arguing on the wrong site everything you say or do will be looked into… chill!!

    • Everything you say and do WILL be laughed at! THAT you can count on.

    • Lol

  10. Oh well Donta probably been talking shit like always that’s why he got dismissed as you ppl in the ville can see 2Hunnit was a well respected person that would always be known not only thru his kids but thru his music also…..don’t a died and the only one who was sad was y’all summerville ppl so fuck off

    • A well respected person!! Hee hee ha ha! I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that one! Do you even know what a well respected person is?? Apparently not! The only thing I understand when reading your stupid drivel is that a whole slew of low life, criminal, drug dealing scum respected this low life, criminal, drug dealing scum. He’ll be remembered “thru his music”. Geez…I did notice that they didn’t say that he’ll be remembered for his contribution to society or for his work ethic. I hate to tell you that THOSE things are what is respected in a person. NOT how many crimes they can get away with.

  11. I really didn’t know Glen like that actually not at all seen him around…. But I’m speaking on what is right and the way yall talking about this man death is not right honestly no man takes another man from here if a man is shot, over dose, car wreck, or etc this is not yall doing this is God doing let that be clear. But if anybody want to take something from his death you should take the fact that you don’t know when he is going to call you home but before you go:



    Honestly yall real nigga shit yall niggas got to wake up Damn what does it take for yall to see that its not about yall no more its about what yall have created… So its not about how he die or if he should be dead yall niggas need to think about what yall have to do to not be there with him… AND DATS REAL NIGGA SHIT

    • All that you just said isn’t “real nigga shit”. It’s just plain shit. That’s right. Crap spewing out of your illiterate mouth.

    • For the record God is referred to in His word the bible as the “Life Giver” not the life taker. He is the “Happy God” and He never tries us with evil things. We die because we are imperfect and sinful. Death comes in man ways though “unforssen incidents” murder, suicide, old age, sicknes, or through our actions and the way we may choose to live our lives. We all reap what we sow…good produces good and bad produces bad. God doesn’t take people to be angels in heaven with him either. He created humans for the earth and angels for the heavens. When we die we are conscious of nothing at all we are in effect asleep in the grave until the times comes for all those in the memorial tombs to be resurrected. Its sad death is but even sadder that something so horrible is Blamed on creator.

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  14. Wow, look at the great strides the black community has made in the 50 years since Selma…

    Did you ever notice when a black is interviewed in Britain, they speak English with a brit accent? Yet we are surrounded by these illiterate chumps? Failure to assimilate into society.

    So funny, MLK fought “separate but equal”, yet all these years later separate but unequal seems to be what the blacks want by refusing to live with any common decency or learn to read, write and speak; to assimilate.

    • …makes me miss the “like” button! Excellent points, Reality Check.

    • why are whites so hypocritical ? These angry , lost young people have nothing to do with Selma and Dr. King or to the black race as a whole. Ive seen white boys act the same way or worse. Whites have a child porn epidemic that they refuse to acknowledge within their own community but love to point fingers at others.

  15. Y’all gotta chill man you don’t think we lost enough ppl? Y’all doing just what,these crackas want us to do kill each other and look stupid. Y’all still got that Lil dumb ass slavery mentality man quit murkin each other. It ain’t about who hard and who not. It ain’t about who got what n who moving the most shit its more to life then that dumb shit. How bout do sumpin productive..u can do it.I have 4 felony convictions and 2 degrees I own my own business supported by black ppl just like y’all. Ain’t nobody stoppin us but us. And on MLK day come on man this ain’t what he fought fa. I love my black people y’all just gotta wake up man fr fr!

  16. His death was imminent…U can’t shit on ppl and not get shit back..smh… maybe this will be a lesson to others!


    Nearly illiterate fools arguing with each other at a level of debate somewhere above apes but below normal 4 years olds! You are all completely useless to society, and Charleston would be SO MUCH better off without you. Unfortunately, you are all so stupid that actually following through on a “DRT” threat is uncommon for you. You are all friends on Facebook, threatening each other and…mostly not doing shit.

    I can say, however, that having traveled widely in the US and abroad, there are lots of intelligent and decent black people. Our local “real niggas” are utterly useless specimens of homo sapiens, though.

  18. Okay here’s a question. Do you get paid to blog about these so called thugs in our city? If not, then why do you make it your hobby to? Do you despise these people, who obviously live a totally different life than you do, but still bleed the same color blood as you? So you write about them as if they are just dirt? Yes, I understand that some of these men have the choice to go another route, but it’s the simple fact that they are also human to. You spend all your time writing about these gangsters and drug dealers, thugs, and etc., but what do you benefit of this? They live in the ‘hood’ so you’re not really warning people to stay away from them because half of the time people don’t come in the ‘hood’ unless their from the ‘hood’. Why don’t you write about pedophiles? Pedophiles are everywhere! You want your readers’ respect then write about something helpful. You come on here writing like real life detectives talking about people yall see on facebook and on the news, but half of the time the shit you guys post is bullshit because nothing you see on the media is the real thing. And rap sheets don’t mean anything because it’s so easy to get charges now a days as a black male. Go spend some real time in the streets you’ll know who’s the real deal and who’s just ‘stuntin’ on these sites, THEN you might have something worth writing about.

    • Hmmm….three murder charges and a litany of other charges. Yep, what a great guy. Gladden didn’t pick up charges because he was black. He accrued them due to his violent, murderous behavior. Nothing you say can change that fact.

    • YOU are a big part of the problem. YOU just made excuses for criminal behavior. Why are we concerned with these criminal jack asses? Because they are infiltrating OUR lives, too. They are ruining our shopping malls (Citadel Mall), they are shooting each other in our other shopping malls (Northwoods Mall, on more then one occasion) they are waiting in our gas stations for their rivals to enter so they can blow them away without caring if they shoot you or me in their crossfire (Exxon on Ashley Phos.) They are shoplifting tens of thousand of dollars of our merchandise from our businesses (Tenisha Gibbs) and the courts don’t do a thing about it. Rap sheets don’t mean anything? They say EXACTLY what kind of person one is. So easy to get charges? Not if a person is leading a law abiding lifestyle. If a person is being a productive member of society and WORKS for a living, then he’s not at Club Pluto on a Tuesday night at 3 am. When he’s not at Club Pluto, then he’s NOT getting involved in “gangsta” crap. When he’s not getting involved in “gangsta” crap then he’s not “getting charges”. See how it all works?
      And I used the term “we”. “We” meaning hard working law abiding citizens that contribute soothing to their communities. Something besides a space on the court docket or a bunk at the jail.

    • Ms. Anonymous,
      Did you really just say all that? I would concur on the fact that these men are human, and make mistakes. BUT, if you keep making the same mistake ( breaking the LAW) then that becomes a CHOICE. So you want to spew excuses for their behavior. I would conceded part of the problem is the system. If the system punished these criminals with the jail sentences that are allowed, maybe that would wake them up, help them make better choices. But when you stand before a judge, and walk out of the courtroom again and again, they just learned that they can get away with this. So they do it again, and again with no repercussions. SO I can see why they make those CHOICES, because they are not afraid. That being said, how do millions and millions of teenagers go through life without ever seeing a courtroom? It’s not a race thing, so how does that happen? Values, morals being taught at home? One has to question the community about not having both parents, and siblings from multiple fathers. Where are the values in that? That breeds irresponsibility that is passed down from generation to generation. So if you want to blame others you will never win. Honesty is a virtue and once the community can accept that, they can rebuild and better the futures for their sons and daughters. This happens in all ethnic groups, so that is why I said community, not specific to one race. Being a good person shouldn’t be hard, but if we are not teaching our kids that, we killed them from the start.

    • Well there must be illusions on facebook, because what i see are ignorant bastards taking pictures with guns and money and aint none of us made them do that. so go tell them that they look like fools but instead you chickenhead tricks glorify it as if its cool. if they wanna make fools of themselves then we are gonna address it, damn right. Because they make us all look bad, but you dont see that. Keep your ass out of the clubs and rolling blunts and maybe youll see what society looks like. contribute to it and stop living off of it.

  19. Fuck west cash or whatever yal cal y’all self. Fuck a two hunnit lol or hundred who the fuck is he long live dlite sleep in peace baby not your killer took his own life for you so none of your home boys had to do anytime or no bullshit behind it…. Rest on dlite

    • Boy fuck you and that DLITE nigga … That’s why eee bitch ass dead now !!!!!!! Lmfaooo best days of all the real niggas life when the news stated that man was DEAD!!!!! #LongLiveDaMfGeneral bitchh

  20. Ignorance is truly bliss.


    I love the term that idiot above used: “get charges”. As if it’s like “getting a cold” or “getting caught in the rain” - just something that sometimes happens due to no fault of the individual involved.

    These thugs are making choices to be involved in illegal activities. Not surprisingly, the results are bad for them and for our community.

    Remember the Indonesian woman that got carjacked and murdered by one of these pieces of shit? Remember the teenage student asleep in his car in WA that got killed by one of these pieces of shit? Remember the young children (plural!) that got shot in failed gang attacks? Those people had NOTHING to do with all this bullshit.

    That’s why we want these scum exterminated, eradicated. If they were like the “the mob” of old, only targeting each other in an effective manner over their “business”, then maybe, just maybe, I could care a little less. However, these are inept, ignorant, useless humans who are incapable of applying violence precisely. Innocent people DO get hurt and killed by them. They ARE a drain on our society.

    • I read some of these comments and I’ve realized that the people typing them are from another species. No amount of Ebonics to English translations will help. They are a worthless, lost cause.

    • the “white guy” sleeping in his car shouldn’t have died but the White peoples house he got drunk at that let him leave drunk should have gotten charged as well for contributing to a minor and for letting him leave drunk.

  22. Whoever behind this Charleston thug life , your gonna DIE. & I pray that I see that day cause bitch y’all going viral . I’ll have a damn celebration . idgaf. Then I’ll post on here with some bullshit of how much a bitch you are for running and telling people business !!!! And all y’all who commenting stop acting like y’all ain’t did some sinful ass shit before.. . tf? #RIP2Hunnit

    • Fuck yall snakes SIP Too Hunnit Rl Gs live on shady ass pill dealers and fake ass we gon find you..

    • Us “crackas” don’t want black people to kill each other. We want the thugs to get educated, work, and use proper English. We feel pity for those who will never get to experience what being proud of yourself feels like. Crackas don’t sit around putting much thought into thugs at all. No one does except for other thugs. We also don’t care if you call us crackas, crackers, racists, or f#ck @ss c&nt b*tch whatevers. We, as adults, have passed that stage of human development, and have reached a maturity level far beyond wanting to murder someone over name-calling. It’s not just crackas either. Millions of African-Americans are right here beside us. You are dying because you chose a lifestyle that allows you to be unproductive. We don’t hope you die - we hope you read this site and realize how ridiculous thug behavior is. We hope you do better. The United States is not the place to be animalistic or uneducated. You are decades, possibly centuries, behind the rest of the population. You don’t have to murder for money, food, or respect. Thugs are respected by how many? 50 to 100 people? But they lose the respect of an entire community. Read the comments section. How many people in the thug community can speak on an issue using proper English without insults? It’s very sad. Whatever you do, please stop blaming white people, you’re embarrassing yourself.

    • This young man was most likely a product of his environment. Does the owner of this site know anything about “white privilege?” If not, I suggest you educate yourself. Caucasian Americans were given a head start.. Research “white privilege” and maybe you’ll understand why a lot of these black children are fatherless, live in the projects, sell drugs, uneducated and write and talk the way that they do. Research white privilege and the Federal Housing Administration. During the 60’s Caucasian Americans were given homes (ownership) for little or nothing and were able to pass them down to their children. Do you know what they gave African Americans? Housing projects! Housing projects were built for African Americans to stay “temporarily.” Homes that we would never be able to “Own.” It belonged to them. The housing projects are for the “disadvantage population” and “single moms.” The mother must be making a certain income. These young men, grow up in these fatherless homes; see there mother struggling and what do they do? Sell drugs. Most drug dealers start in there early teens. Ask any drug dealer there reason for selling drugs and the answer will be “to feed my family.” Today, what is one of the requirements to live in the projects? The requirement is to be a single mom. So before you judge and call these men “thugs” “fatherless” do your research.
      We were stolen from our native county to build this country. We fought in your civil war and after the war was over, we had to educate ourselves and get everything on our own. Caucasians that fought in the civil was were given homes for little or nothing. The only thing that our slave masters gave us was religion *a religion that was stolen.* A lot of black folk are still stuck in that slave mentality from our ancestors. We were and are still given a subpar education taught by subpar teachers and expect us to contribute to society like them. We need our own laws. Laws that are made to protect “Us.” Our communities need to be patrolled by “Us.”
      GIve us what you owe us. Like it was given to the Indians and the Jews. We built this darn county. The most useful inventions, were invented by us. How do you make the laws when you did nothing for the country?
      Take a look at the drug laws… Manufacturing methamphetamines- slap on the wrist. Crack possession- three strikes and you are out.
      So is the government going to be responsible for all of these overdoses? The U.S government is the biggest drug dealer. Alcohol is a drug and kills more people that cocaine and THC, but it’s legal because the government is profiting. Prescription drugs are killing more that illegal drugs, but the government is profiting.
      I’m done. Rest in peace young man, I understand.

    • One big long winded excuse. One day maybe you’ll grasp the fact that the only thing that is holding most blacks down is their own stupidity caused by thinking what you posted was true.

    • Amen

    • Bravo!!! Excellent post, and I hope other people reading it have their eyes opened like mine have been. This whole time I’ve been thinking that I had made it to where I was for many reasons, like my parents staying married, through good and bad times, for over 50 years; not having me and my siblings before knowing they were prepared to have children and provide for them; a father that worked nights a good bit of my school years not necessarily because he wanted to, but it’s what it took, and still made time for us on his off time and weekends; a stay at home mom when she could, but went out to work when needed instead of getting freebies; them knowing where I was and what I was doing and with whom; chores and homework before anything else; working part time in high school to help learn responsibility and get ready for life… Damn, this whole time it was just White Privilege. Ya know, as much as I cringe reading some of these posts from the thugs and thugettes, and wonder how they made it from the kiddie table over at thug book to the adult table here, I cringe a hell of a lot more when I read stuff like yours. All you’re doing is teaching entitlement and they’re buying into it. Instead of laying blame where it doesn’t belong why don’t you man or woman up, help spank these kids back to the kiddie table of life, and teach them what it takes to sit at the adult table.

    • My parents weren’t given a house by anyone. Neither one graduated high school but my dad did finish his education in the Navy.They started with nothing, worked hard,saved their money and bought and paid off their own home. My in laws started with nothing (actually lived in a converted shed for a short while), worked hard, saved their money and purchased and paid for their own home. My father-in-law only went through 6th grade but completed his education in the Navy. My husband and I weren’t given anything. We worked hard, saved our money and are purchasing our own home. I might add that none of us has ever been on any government assistance. So don’t talk to me about things being given to the white people. My family worked for what they have achieved. And I don’t owe you a damn thing!!

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, while your main focus of your site is geared towards the black criminals “thugs” of Charleston, I would reeeaallly love to read more articles about the whites and other races that kill one another… EVERY DAY! Go on..I’m waiting for you next masterpiece :)

    • Maybe you should spend more time reading the blog. If you actually did your research before posting your inane comment you would have seen all of the white thugs we have profiled. Remember, ignorance can fixed, but stupid is forever. Which are you?

    • Once again, did someone put a gun to the thugs head and told them to committ crimes…hell no.So go preach to them to stop doing things to put themselves in CTL . Go do a ride along wone weekend so you can see whos the ones shooting each other and whos standing on the corners. go to the sours before you point fingers at any one else. The thugs are committing the crimes and no one is making them do it.Who chose to call themselves thugs?..duhhh

    • Well tell your people , the thug ones to act like somebody and stop killing each other bitch. Wake the fuck up and stop being so fuckin dumb. how many of yall motherfuckers gotta die to see ytoure going all about it wrong? but instead you get mad at a website for exposing these dumb motherfuckers. RIP hunnit?…nah …BURN IN HELL..ya dope dealing gun toting wanna be rapping bitch. …talkin bout his music will live on….bullshit. that bastard music couldnt even go plastic better yet platinum. all these lil wanna be rappers. get a job bitches

  23. (Responsibility) - It’s not just a word, it’s a lifestyle. It starts with youthful choices and listening to trustworthy adults and carries on as an adult, by living a life making good decisions. Many of the people you have highlighted I knew as youth. Granted, they hardly made it to adulthood. But it is sad to see the outcome, even though I knew it would come. I told them it would happen. Some denied it, some admitted it. But ALL were warned! I will leave this world, knowing that I did indeed try. It hurts just the same, knowing, as youth, they were not always “Thugs”. I take comfort in knowing, that not all were taken by the streets. Thankfully, some made it. They will never be a “Thug” and I can only hope, they take the lead in pulling others stuck in making that decision. But to those that want to point fingers and blame the “Cracker”. Take responsibility for what YOU do. It’s easy to play the race game. But I don’t see many in the schools, on the street or doing anything to keep these youth, that are at that crossroad, from slipping into this life. Those that are in already, I would urge you to change, but I know it falls on deaf ears. But I will read about you in the obituaries. I will not ask why, at such a young age. AS I know. But keep kicking in doors and stealing…I will read about you sooner than later. Hopefully, these Departments will realize it and the Mr. Obvious light will come on. Better keep your CWP up to date and keep a big dog while your at work.

    • Amen

  24. Fuck yall crackas

    • Man all this Internet beef is making me hungry. Anybody up for pizza?

  25. I cant beileve that they are even honoring this piece of trash. Someone sent me this. Oh well TWOO HUNNIT RIH (roast in hell)

    • This is beyond shameful. From the tone of some of the comments of the rival gang members, I wouldn’t doubt that there will probably be a few altercations connected to this.

    • You are a fucking dumb ass piece of shit I hope you die bitch and your momma is trash pussy

    • And you are an illiterate jack ass. Is “You are a fucking dumb ass piece of shit I hope you die bitch and your momma is trash pussy” the best you can come up with? You have said this a few times in response to other comments. Don’t you have any new material? Are “yo momma” responses still used? Please dig deep and try to come up with something else. I understand you might only have a 6th grade education, but please try to use some of the one or two syllable words you should have learned in elementary school. Come on, let’s give it the ‘ole pre-school try!

    • You try harder bitch you talking all this shit he should have killed you stupid bitch and i have a high school dipolma bet you dont dumb bitch

    • Oh please. A high school diploma? The only one you may have was probably stolen. If by chance you did mange to obtain one, it really needs to be investigated or the school needs to be shut down. I’ve also been to college. You? The only thing you know about college is what one looks like as you ride by. How about a job? I’ve also got one of those. Have had the same one for 20 years. You? Child(ren)? Mine is grown. She has gone to school, going to college. Never been arrested. Isn’t anyone’s “babymama”. Your mother can’t say the same.

  26. You kids are fundamentally broken. You either fix something that is broken, or it is trash.

  27. What happen with the white boy from mt.Pleasant??? Why aren’t you’ll talking bout that….. charleston thug life

    • Try reading the blog, maybe you’ll figure it out.


  29. Honoring a nigga who got away with killing how many people then all smiles about it? Nah fuck that! That’s why our race so fucked up now and we’re always looked down upon. We so quick to call injustice and racism but quick to kill our own and don’t give two fucks about it! And then they thinking that this fool looking over them from Heaven?! Further proves how stupid and uneducated lot of us are, if you think he at peace. Nigga burning all over his body in Hell, enduring all kinds of pain, begging for the pain to stop but it ain’t gonna. You bought it on yourself boy!

  30. Good Lord… is it possible that all these people above have access to the Internet, yet are completely unable to string together a coherent thought/sentence?! One even claims to have a high school diploma! I highly doubt that is true, but if so, that school needs to be shut down immediately. It seems an entire generation in certain neighborhoods has failed miserably at raising halfway decent children. They are a scourge on society. And don’t even get me started on that ‘white privilege’ garbage. I’m sure all of the successful black folks in this country would have a problem with that bogus ‘theory’ (excuse) as well. Education K-12 is free. It does not take a doctorate to teach a student to read and write. It does take a willingness to make education a priority in the home and the desire to pay attention in class, study, and learn. All of the thug-speaking gang members who posted above have zero personal responsibility, zero work ethic, zero respect for themselves or others. Society does not shed a tear for their loss of life, nor do we have much sympathy for their family members who suddenly take an interest in their well-being far far too late. The deceased’s mother, father (?), brother, sister, nephew, uncle, aunt, blah, blah, blah did nothing to set their loved one on the right path while they were alive-so don’t even cry those indignant alligator tears now that your career criminal relative has caused their own demise. Neither were we swayed by the ridiculous thug photo the family provided to the P&C for ‘Too Hunnit’s’ obituary: grill gleaming and thug name proudly displayed for all to see. Disgusting.
    Of course I know I’m preaching to the choir here. The non-English speakers above were unable to comprehended any of this.

  31. Man fuck all y’all west cash broke bitches.. Funny part is we ant had to kill him he offed him self bitch run in y’all blood.. Karma will catch up to Lil b as well.. How you snitch on everyone to get off cases yet y’all say he the general general of what Rats. LMFAO.. That nigga was so pussy he took his own life he knew he was a dead man. Hope y’all can tell his ugly ass child what a sorry excuse for a father he is. Lmfao


  1. One of Two | Charleston Thug Life - […] is one of two that have occurred since Saturday night. You can find information on the other two HERE …

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