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Horse Sense *Updated*


horse sense


Horse sense. One would think someone who owns horses would have it. One would think those charged with overseeing and prosecuting abuse and neglect would have it. One would think prosecutors and judges would have it. Not so much.

We have been getting slammed with emails, messages and pictures from Lowcountry “horse people”  about the recent neglect case being reported in the media. Unfortunately, power and politics are said to play a part in the case and the media has failed to report much of the back story. We are being inundated with details of the case of Susan Rebecca Housley (Haile) of Kennerleigh Farm on Plowground Road on Johns Island.

On 23 January three malnourished horses were seized from the Housley after a court order was obtained based on information gathered during a visit by a deputy to investigate charges of neglect. Housley was given two citations for Ill Treatment of Animals. Hmmm…..three horses seized, but only charged for the neglect of two. That is a bit troubling.



ScreenHunter_970 Jan. 28 06.22 ScreenHunter_971 Jan. 28 06.22



Note the “1st offense” listed in the charge. Actually, this is not Housley’s first offense, but “technically” it is. Her “first offense”, meaning the first time she was charged, was in 2010, but that information was expunged.

None of us have ever owned a horse, but we are told they are very labor intensive. We could understand how someone with good intentions could get in over their head. This does not appear to be the case with Housley, however. This latest episode of starving horses is her second offense, at the very least. Some say third, but we haven’t confirmed that yet.

The Charleston Animal Society has a very revealing thread regarding this case on their Facebook page. While they are doing what they can, we have been told CAS is a bit out of their depth as they are not geared toward large animal rescues. This causes a bit of a conflict between CAS and those well meaning Lowcountry folks who are also trying to help these horses and CAS. Toes get stepped on, feelings get hurt, egos get bruised, and cooperation falls apart.

We have been told the first allegation of neglect against Housley came in 2006. That case didn’t make the news because only one person complained after they were notified by a vet to recover their horse before it was too late. The second case occurred in 2010 when Housley was charged with six counts of Ill Treatment of Animals. Six horses were taken from the farm at that time and were reported to be 400 pounds underweight. Lack of water and intestinal parasites were also noted, with one news report indicating there were dead birds in what little water was available to the horses.



ScreenHunter_980 Jan. 28 07.31



At the time Housley was contracted as a riding instructor by the College of Charleston. The college decided to ignore the situation and Housley was able to keep the lucrative contract worth $513,000. C of C did not renew the contract when it expired, however.

Here is an example of comments we are seeing on social media from those who participated in the C of C program:


Amazing! We rode horses with her at c of c. I cannot believe they didn’t pull her funding/involvement earlier. Their were sick horses there when we had class, it was sad.


The six charges from 2010 were removed from the public record. Media reports at the time indicated Housley was to pay $7,000 toward the cost of removing and caring for the horses and complete a pre-trial intervention program. Successful completion of that PTI program would have facilitated the resulting expungement of those charges. Fortunately, the press reports from the time can’t be made to disappear. Not to mention the outrage of the rest of the Lowcountry horse people over the situation.

Part of the agreement in 2010 was that a stallion would be returned to Housley because she made money from stud fees and no one wanted to hamper her ability to make a dollar. The horse pictured below is that stallion. Now, keep in mind we aren’t “horse people”, but it seems to us if an animal is making money for you it might be smart to keep that animal in tip-top shape. The fact that he was not tells us folks with no horses, but a modicum of horse sense, a thing or two about the owner.



ScreenHunter_983 Jan. 28 07.32



We found quite a few comments on this case on social media. A few are shown below:


I was involved in the case a few years back of 2 horses in Hamlin Plantation, a Mt. Pleasant suburb. A black man had BOTH of his horses taken away from him in court for that case. He wasn’t given any 2 week period. I have no idea what the difference was other than he is an elderly black man with few resources and she is white and somehow gets the backing of the influential few. Obviously if you can’t/don’t/wont feed your horses you can’t likely afford the legal counsel she somehow gets. I suspect we need to follow the money and demand answers. Question, if these were dogs would she be treated the same? I guess people don’t give horses the same consideration they give household pets. Shameful.


Alright tax payers, horse lovers, animal lovers and decent human beings listen up! The woman on johns island (wont mention her name) has been given 2 weeks by charleston county sheriffs office to “do the right thing.” If she complies she will yet again get off and get her animals back provided she wants them back. She has a habit of giving the police the trash she doesn’t want. There are more babies and starved horses on the property. In the condition they are in and this cold weather they will die. Apparently according to the police this is policy. I ask you this, repeat animal offenders get the same policy every time? Here is another question I don’t play the race card often but an African American man has 40 dog seized last year from his property all in deplorable shape he gets jail time. White woman who starves horses has an affluent family with deep pockets who is besties with people like the mayor and other high up officials can repeatedly abuse animals and get off. Think that’s fair? I want to know if African American man got 2 weeks to do the right thing? Bet he didn’t. I ask you all if you wanna do something make noise! Call CCSO call CAS! Demand answers. Right now she is winning and must be stopped. Please feel free to share this post. The palms of all the high up officials are being greezed as I write this.


The writer of the above comment has a very valid point. Loney Garrett of Goose Creek was jailed on multiple counts of “Ill Treatment of Animals - Torture” and had to pay a total bond of $21,500. He was recently sentenced to five years in prison, suspended to two years in prison and five years of probation after pleading guilty to 10 counts. 33 other counts were dismissed. At that time a spokesperson for the Charleston Animal Society complained about how weak animal cruelty laws were in South Carolina. Long time readers will remember our article pointing out how cruelty to animals is taken more seriously in South Carolina than cruelty to children.



ScreenHunter_988 Jan. 28 10.04



Here is a question for you. Why is that every time we see someone charged with neglecting a dog or cat that person ends up taking a trip to jail, but those charged with neglecting horses do not?

And another question - Garrett was charged with Section B - the felony of torture or inflicting unnecessary pain or suffering upon an animal. Are we to naturally assume that starving dogs to death amounts to the felony of torture, but starving horses does not?

Maybe someone at CCSO or the Charleston Animal Society would care to clear that up for us.


Perhaps she is ready to liquidate her herd. Call and offer to take the horse. Let us know what happens. I am full at my farm and can not provide what they need this time as we have a refencing project going on. Furthermore, I gave it my all last time and the prosecutor,judge and her lawyer cut the deal to return the horse to her, so here we are again.


We are told by the folks with horse sense that one barrier to finding fosters for these neglected animals is the “gag order” put on them by CCSO and CAS. If someone wants to foster one of these animals, they are instructed not to talk publicly about the animal and told they are not allowed to post photos. Because, you know, what purpose does it serve to show people what is really going on? Some of the photos below are recent, others are from the 2010 incident. These have been making their way around social media since this latest case hit the news.



ScreenHunter_972 Jan. 28 06.46


ScreenHunter_974 Jan. 28 07.00


ScreenHunter_976 Jan. 28 07.06


ScreenHunter_977 Jan. 28 07.06


ScreenHunter_978 Jan. 28 07.20


ScreenHunter_981 Jan. 28 07.31


ScreenHunter_982 Jan. 28 07.32


ScreenHunter_984 Jan. 28 07.36

This horse was loaned to Housley for the C of C riding program. She took great care of it, huh?




We have been told six neglected horses are still at the farm due to an issue between CAS and a horse rescue group who volunteered to help round them up. CAS is said to have refused the help due to bad blood between the two groups from the 2010 incident. Other postings on social media reflect the belief of many that Housley is hiding other animals and desperately trying to get friends to take them before she is found out. Whether that assessment is accurate remains to be seen, but the proposition isn’t out of the realm of possibility based on what our research has shown.

Based on the information making the rounds on social media this case could blow up if the horse people with horse sense can get past the hurdles of the alleged political and media connections and high powered attorneys.

Stay tuned.


Update #1: Politics at play? WCSC is reporting Thursday morning that twelve neglected horses were removed from the care of Susan Housley. CCSO tells WCSC News Housley was only charged with two counts of a county ordinance (not the state charge) for neglect of animals because she was “overwhelmed” and really didn’t do anything wrong. If CCSO doesn’t believe she did anything wrong why was she cited in the first place? Of course, this also leads to the question - how many times does someone have to be “overwhelmed” before someone in authority steps in and says, “Hey, maybe you shouldn’t own any more horses.”?

Loney Garrett of Berkeley County was also overwhelmed and had medical problems to boot, yet he is locked up at Kirkland Correctional Institution until April of 2016 for neglecting his hunting dogs. Neglect of 43 dogs versus neglect of 12 horses. Disparity in the 9th Circuit.

The media fix appears to be in with WCSC who point to Housley’s “long history of caring for horses” yet they fail to point out her history of neglecting them. WCIV hasn’t updated the story since January 23rd. At least WCBD and the P&C have done stories explaining the history involved.



  1. Please sign and share
    Rebecca Haile Housley has had mutiple horses seized for a THIRD time…let’s try to get maximum fines and/or jail time and an order banning her from keeping animals on her property. Attached is the P&C news story and a small amount of background. I have spoke to Animal Control and this may help persuade a judge to finally do what is right.

    • The officer in the article said that she was overwhelmed, and not deliberately abusive…….she had over 30 horses on her property…..2 were removed and said to be underweight. Any real “horse person” would know that a mare, especially a TB mare, would be skinny with a HEALTHY foal in WINTER/JANUARY.

      Stop the “Witch Hunt” - look at the “neighbor” who reported this incident……and their involvement in the real estate market……

  2. Let’s forget about stepped on toes and hurt feelings and get these animals the help they need. Then the courts need to make sure she never has the chance to abuse or neglect another animal.

  3. This is one of the first stories I’ve seen regarding this issue that makes total sense, covers the details and asks good questions. The idea that dogs and cats are treated differently than horses comes from the fact, that in this state, horses are regarded legally as “livestock” in the same way goats and cows are. Also, only a smaller section of the population do own them and horses are not as familiar to the general public. Don’t jump all over me here, because clearly those horses are starving, but sometimes a horse that looks skinny to an unknowing eye may be old, recovering from something but not in peril, what is known as a “hard keeper” or even a top athlete(ie some racehorses). PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE has seen a starving cat or dog but not a horse. I thank you for bringing attention to this story and I hope that this case will lead to more diligent prosecution of ALL animal abusers. This makes our whole industry and our state look badly and Ms. Haile/Housley should know better. She should have gotten herself together the first time.

    • Ahorseperson took the words out of my mouth.

      Let’s not let her continue to wreak harm and suffering in the animals in her care.

      Expose the corruption.

  4. This abuser needs to be stopped! I could possibly entertain the notion the first time it happened that she may have taken on rescues with health problems. But once it happened a second and third time, the common denominator is the caretaker. This level of neglect is inexcusable and indicates a cruel mentality. I hope someone has double-checked on the welfare of her children.

  5. “On 23 January three malnourished horses were seized from the Housley after a court order was obtained based on information gathered during a visit by a deputy to investigate charges of neglect. Housley was given two citations for Ill Treatment of Animals. Hmmm…..three horses seized, but only charged for the neglect of two. That is a bit troubling.”

    This is inaccurate. The reason she was charged for only 2 counts was because the foal was in good condition, but the did not want to separate the mother and foal. The mother appeared malnourished, but any real horse person would know that a mare with a foal in JANUARY is going to be skinny.

    I know Becky personally, and, although I understand that she is overwhelmed and should no longer have horses (I do agree that she should never be able to have horses on her property again), I also do not think she needs to have her life ruined. She has a family and she admitted to being overwhelmed. At this point, she has done the right thing, and surrendered horses that she did not feel she could appropriately care for.

    To all of you “horse people” - we all have lives, I know we do because we have horses. Stop attacking people on the internet. Think of what you are doing. Just because people cannot see your face, does not mean they do not feel your words.

    • Thank you….my sentiments….EXACTLY.

      It seems there is this witch hunt toward a woman who has, over the course of many years, been a responsible “horse person”. Authorities called her “overwhelmed”. They said that 2 horses were taken in underweight condition, and the foal was fine…they did not want to separate it from the mother….a mare with a healthy foal in JANUARY… it is not unusual for the mare to be underweight. Rebecca should not be referred to on this site. Horses are not the same as dogs/cats as far as the financial responsibility, a vet check runs in the $$$$$thousands… cannot justify that expense for a pet….especially if one has children and parents to take care of… Rebecc.

    • If you can not afford the vetting you can not afford the animal…simple as that!

      If this was the first time we could all agree that maybe she got overwhelmed…this is not the first or second time bit the third. Not OK!

    • I agree that she has proven herself to be irresponsible with her horses, overwhelmed or not…..however, I am appalled by the apparent gleefulness of those of you with your petition. You seem to be enjoying yourselves. Kick ’em when they’re down…impressive….

    • If gleefullness is the fact that true horse lovers are happy that something is finally being done then I am overly gleefull. I have nothing against Becky…I do have something against one that constantly puts themselves into this sort of situation.
      Ibhave a farm: horses, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeus…I understamd overwhelmed and that sonetimes the cost is steep but that is a lifestyle that YOU choose! There is NO excuse…overwhelmed or not. She was making over $100 grand a year on her contract (that just eneded last semester)….I can run my farm on 1/3 of that and my animals are fat and healthy!

  6. I know Becky personally too and I agree there are some rather nasty sentiments/opinions floating around. I have refused to sign that petition bc I see it comes from nastiness. However, what is clear is that there is a problem. The worst part is the fact that I (and many others) considered her a responsible horse person. She IS NOT some old red neck who thinks a horse is like a dog or doesn’t know better. She has, probably, a better formal education in the proper care of horses than most in this area. It is irrelevant who called or why the authorities were called…the fact of the matter is that horses were seized and that does not happen unless something is wrong. Those horses were not “pets” they were her job. She should have done a better one. I’m sorry that this happened but that doesn’t make it OK.


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