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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Horse Flies


A lot of citizens noticed some annoying horse flies buzzing around a couple of weeks ago in reference to a case of animal abuse. The positive impression being relayed to the public by the media and the folks at CCSO involved in the horse starvation incident on Johns Island left a taste that didn’t compare to sugar cubes for many. We first discussed the seizure of horses and the charges against Susan Rebecca Housley on January 28th. At that time Housley was issued two citations for violating the county ordinance dealing with neglect of animals.

On February 6th those charges were upgraded to two counts of Ill Treatment of Animals as set forth in the South Carolina Code of Laws. Housley was given a $5,000 personal recognizance bond on each charge by Judge Bligen.




horse flies



During the bond hearing Housley’s attorney, Capers Barr, tried to paint Housley as the victim in the case being “paraded….in the eyes of the media as someone in a striped suit.”He called it “patently and manifestly unfair” and “vindictive”. We wonder if Barr believes all bond hearings should be done in street clothes and in private or just the ones for his clients. Barr claims that CCSO upgraded the charges from county ordinance violations to state law violations after he asked for a jury trial for his client on the citations previously issued.

Yep, she’s the victim alright.



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We tend to think the upgraded charges were a result of an outraged citizenry demanding the proper application of justice for Housley due to her record as a serial offender when it comes to neglecting horses. According to locals in the equine scene this would be the third time starving animals have been removed from Housley’s “care”. You can find their petition HERE.

The folks at CCSO were telling the media Housley was “overwhelmed” when it came to feeding and caring for the horses. She was also apparently overwhelmed in 2006 and 2010. This apparent support and excuse making for Housley’s actions (or lack thereof) by the very folks tasked with ensuring the law is followed enraged a lot of folks.

Did we mention this is Housley’s third offense? We are all for our law enforcement folks trying to help people out, but seriously, there comes a time when you just have to say this person should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and barred from every owning horses again.

Has anyone considered sending a FOIA request to Charleston County to determine just how much taxpayer money has been expended relative to Housley’s neglect of her horses in 2006, 2010 and 2015? That might be interesting.

Housley does have her supporters in the horse world, though. Many of them have posted on social media and on our previous article about how expensive it is to own and care for horses. We believe it. That’s why none of us have ever considered owning one. Housley has been involved with horses for quite some time and she should understand what is required of her.

There is one very interesting point to be made with regard to that issue. Does anyone else find it strange Housley allegedly cannot afford to feed her horses or pay for a veterinarian, but she can fork over a big bag of oats for a big name, high powered Broad Street attorney for a couple of low misdemeanors that would most likely only result in a fine of less than $2,000 if found guilty on both charges? Huh. Guess you gotta have your priorities.

One comment tells us vet visits for a horse can run into the thousands of dollars and if one has children and a family to care for (like Housley) they can’t justify spending that money on a pet. Horse sense would tell you if you can’t afford to care for an animal you probably shouldn’t have it. The same person says Housley should not be written about here on CTL. We have two words in response to that - serial offender. In light of the soft touch given to this serial offender by CCSO and the media, CTL was the only site where the true facts could be found. She may not a “thug” in the strictest sense of the word or the type of lawbreaker we are accustomed to writing about, but then again, horses are incapable of speech and can’t give us their opinion.

At least one person in our comments section has blamed Housley’s neighbor and his/her apparent lust for her property for the fact that Housley’s horses were starving. That sure is a novel excuse for starving your animals. So, if someone knocks on our door and wants to buy our house we can stop feeding our dogs and would be completely justified in doing so. Good to know. Kibble for those beasts cost a lot of money. Hope someone knocks real soon. Or maybe this person is implying that neighbor was the one who lodged the initial complaint and the motive was the lust for Housley’s property and the starving horses don’t really matter. Either way, the contention is a bit ridiculous.

We are also told Housley is getting a bad rap because she has been a responsible horse owner for many years. Hmmmmm. 2006, 2010 and now 2015. Three instances of neglect in nine years. Those can be overlooked, though, right? Kind of like the supporters of Glendell Gladden told us we should overlook the three murders and dozens of other crimes attributed to him.

Yeah, sure.






  1. Man this really makes my heart hurt. I can see loving animals so much you don’t want to get rid of them but damn, if you can’t take care of them at least have the heart to fess up and find someone who can take care of them properly. Three times’ the charm. Hope she never has horses again. Damn.

  2. A big THANK YOU for including the petition. I have considered putting in a FOIA request for the information you have mentioned and will be doing so tomorrow.

    There are a lot of questions surrounding this case that the FOIA may be able to answer. I can tell you that the 2006 case did not use any taxpayer money because the complainant removed their animal without having CCSO involved, another rescue was called to investigate but she would not allow them access to the property.

    It is a shame that people would still defend her actions and enable such a sick person. I pray no more animals can be harmed by her “care” or lacl thereof!

  3. Chew on this…
    An animal lover rents a country home. The renter is visually impaired however, when he finds out a pony is on the property and needs a care taker the nice, visually impaired man, with no horse experience, agrees to be just that. Fast forward and the renter finds out the pony is,in fact, a nasty little stallion related to Houdini and hell bent on finding love in all the wrong places. Said love struck pony finds a way out of his enclosure and down the street to a hot to trot female horse. Animal control is called and, after a high speed canter, they return Romeo to his care taker, the good Samaritan. Alas, no good deed goes unpunished and, as a FIRST offense, our vision impaired renter is handed a $1000.00 first offense ticket. That’s right, a repeat offender gets the deal of the century and a good hearted soul gets the shaft. No good deed goes unpunished…
    And the moral of the story???who the hell knows when ccso and cas is involved.

  4. I can’t believe anyone would defend this woman. She is seriously sick in the head and shouldn’t be allowed to have animals or kids for that matter. I’m so glad she it’s at least getting some punishment although I wish she could get alot more.

  5. She is being paraded like a criminal. . .because she IS a criminal. This situation has been out of control SINCE 2010, when law enforcement (and apparently the deep pockets of some supporters) got her off the hook. She is a serial abuser and sociopath — she can cry ‘overwhelmed’ all she’d like, but at the end of the day, she looked out across her pastures, saw STARVING horses, who were practically crippled from neglect of hoof care and did NOTHING (oh, except get her kids an expensive pure bred German Shepherd puppy for Christmas — wonder how long it will be until she gets overwhelmed with his care needs and he needs to be rescued).

    And for her supporters — yes, horses are expensive. I know that well. I have two, and yes, I often make sacrifices to make sure that my horses get the veterinary care they need along with nutritious food (and when I don’t think they are getting enough or look good enough on what they are fed at the barn - go figure — I buy MORE). Do I own 26 horses? No! With good reason. She should have NEVER allowed the situation to get so out of control.

    Lastly, I am appalled that this woman boards other people’s horses at her property. Did these people not see the abuse and neglect happening right under their noses? Were their horses being fed? If they saw this and did nothing (and believed her lies) then they should be charged with aiding and abetting this CRIMINAL. Yes, CRIMINAL. Rebecca Housely is a CRIMINAL — she might as well be ‘paraded in a striped suit’ like one.

    • I am a retired jp twenty yrs ago I fined a man 1000pound for neglect of a dog which had to be put down and banned for life from having any animal she should be jailed and fined banned from having any animal OR PEHAPS STARVE HER !!

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