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A Number of Updates


We are going to give you a number of updates in this post, but first we are going to start off with a must read site. Visit Those Who Serve and hear the voice of those who are normally quashed by department policy and those who don’t think first responders should have an opinion. We particularly liked this response to the anti-gun crowd.

Now that the pleasantries are over, on to the updates. Let’s start in Berkeley County.




Wayne is watching you!



Everyone’s favorite Berkeley County Sheriff, Wayne DeWitt, is now said to be tooling around town in a pickup truck owned by one of his employees. It is his way of avoiding the press, the public and protestors while he’s being chauffeured around by yet another of his employees. One of the news stations recently did a piece on how much it costs the public on a daily basis to keep the Sheriff in office after his arrest for DUI and Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Personal Injury. Don’t forget the Failure to Stop for Blue Lights - oh, wait, he still hasn’t been charged with that offense. Maybe the news station can update that article with how much additional cost is incurred by having to assign an employee to drive the Sheriff around since he lost his license for refusing the breathalyzer test.

Or maybe that news station can dig up how much it is costing the taxpayers of Berkeley County to have the narcotics squad spending all that time video-taping and photographing those protestors demanding the ouster of the Sheriff. We suppose in his arrogance DeWitt assumes he will get off on the charges so he is documenting and trying to identify the protestors in preparation for typical Berkeley County revenge in the future.

Yeah, he sounds extremely sorry to us. How about you?



ScreenHunter_545 Jan. 09 16.25

They don’t look to be afraid of the drunken Sheriff.



In light of this information about how resources are being utilized out there, this next bit of news is even more disturbing. In another wonderfully stupid public relations move, BCSO tossed a family out of their headquarters the other day. That family had arrived to ask questions about the investigation of the assault on their loved one who had been found near death in a driveway in Sangaree over the weekend. The family claims they were told BCSO investigators don’t work after 5 p.m. and were unceremoniously ushered out the door.

We are sure the mother of Ariel Morgan might find that claim revealing. It must be difficult to interview 800 potential witnesses to a young girl’s murder when you only work 9 to 5.

In other BCSO news, the deputy who was placed on administrative leave for crashing his county vehicle with a bottle of liquor inside is now demanding to be brought back to work and issued another county car. That deputy was alleged to have been either DUI at the time of the wreck or was the victim of a “medical condition”. Now that the Sheriff has been found to be engaged in the activities of DUI, crashing into stuff and initiating police pursuits and has returned to work, that deputy feels it’s only fair he is brought back, too. See what double standards will get you?


Moving on to North Charleston, we have learned that 16 year old 400 TikeGang (formerly known as 40 Boiz) gang member Travis Brown was murdered by the hand of a 15 year old member of a gang calling themselves the “Otranto Boyz”. The 15 year old showed up to deal with “anyone who isn’t from Otranto” who were attending that party. We suspect there was more than one shooter. A weapon was recovered at the scene. That could have belonged to Brown or one his homeboys that fled or it could have been brought and used by one of the gang members who accompanied the suspect.



a number of updates



We did get an interesting email from one of our scanner buffs who was listening that night and reported a taxi was spotted leaving the area shortly after the murder. Officers stopped it and found the 15 year old suspect and his gun inside. Thinking ahead isn’t a strong suit when it comes to these thugs.

We have a sneaking suspicion the hammer is about to drop on these groups and they are not prepared for what is coming their way.


Our next story isn’t an actual update since we were busy with other things and didn’t get to it on January 15th when it happened. On that day Jamelia Logan was stopped by a North Charleston officer for speeding. Rather than providing her license and registration to the officer as the law requires, Jamelia Logan launched into a tirade that is demonstrative of what police officers are confronted with on a daily basis. Her conditioning to scream “Racism!” when confronted by authority is on full display. Throughout the entire incident she engages in what we have come to call “Shaniqua Theater”, behaving in an irrationally hysterical manner. We bet this isn’t the first time she’s pulled this little trick. While this sort of drama might work at the local department store when demanding a refund, it is usually unsuccessful in making the police go away.

Logan fled from the traffic stop, almost dragging the officer with her car. After a brief pursuit to the CVS on Hwy 78 she pulled over. She fled there because she was on the phone with her husband, Calvin Logan, at the time of the stop and that is where he was. As officers tried to take Jamelia Logan into custody, Calvin Logan decided to interfere with the officers. As he walked up behind one officer who had his gun drawn, he was instructed to back up and responded indignantly with, “I’m Officer Logan with the Charleston Police Department!” and refused to comply. He ended up face down on the pavement, cuffed and stuffed.

Logan subsequently told local news reporters he never said he was an officer. Judge for yourself.





There are a few salient points to be made here. First, the video shows Calvin Logan is obviously a liar.

Second, Calvin Logan should have known better. Logan was hired by the Charleston Police Department last year and sent to the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. He flunked out seven or eight weeks into the twelve week program. Most police departments tend to dismiss folks who can’t pass the academy. CPD used to fire them immediately after their return to Charleston to maintain the high standards they once had. We suppose with the personnel shortages resulting from the management style of Chief “There are No Gangs” Mullen, CPD had no choice but to hang on to this guy and give him another try. The exodus of experienced officers from CPD has been nothing short of massive over the past couple of years.

Third, we believe the initial officer showed a lot of restraint. Some of our readers emailed us after the video was released and expressed their opinion he showed too much restraint. They indicated they would have ripped her out of that car by her ears. Everyone has an opinion. We will say this, however. Given the negative media coverage of white police officers doing their jobs correctly when confronted by racist, violent and combative black suspects, it is only natural if those officers hesitate to do what should be done. We only hope that moment of hesitation doesn’t get one of them killed.

One of our team tells us he has had the honor of ripping someone out of a car as the drunken driver tried to flee an accident scene. No, it wasn’t Sheriff DeWitt. The team member tells us removing an uncooperative person from a vehicle isn’t as easy as you might think, no matter how many of those through the window extractions you might see on COPS.

We believe the officer did the right thing. Seriously, can you imagine what Jive 5 News and the rest of the media would be saying right now if had given her a few well deserved shots to the face to get her to relinquish her grip on the wheel? It’s hard to tell, but based on what we see in the video it doesn’t look like NCPD traffic officers carry Tasers, either. Too bad. Would have been fun to watch her ride the lightning and flop like a fish.

If you watch the video closely you will see that Jamelia Logan puts the car in gear as the officer walks around to the passenger side. Her intention at that point was to drive away, no matter what. Even if it meant dragging that evil, racist white officer down the street.

The backup officers were also very professional in dealing with idiot Calvin as he tried to interfere. Walking up behind an officer with his gun drawn is a damn good way to get a lead injection. No wonder Calvin flunked the academy.



ScreenHunter_821 Jan. 22 08.35


ScreenHunter_822 Jan. 22 08.36



Another interesting point we would like to make is how happy we are Calvin Logan will never be a police officer now. If his wife felt such a great sense of entitlement from being married to a potential officer who flunked out of the academy, imagine what she would be like if he were actually certified and wearing a badge. Sheesh!

Jive 5 News wants you to feel sorry for Calvin Logan because he heard on the news he had been fired by CPD after they reviewed the video. Well, gee, did he expect them to send someone to the jail to let him know that?  Hey, at least that one officer told him “Congratulations!” after he kept pointing out, “That’s my wife.” We probably would have said something like, “No wonder you seem to be suicidal.”

Maybe Logan can use his internet television show to put the shine back on his image. He could invite Sheriff DeWitt in for an interview and they could sit around talking trash about the officers who arrested them. Wouldn’t that be nice?


We have a few sentencing updates coming your way soon. We just have to wait for the information to make it’s way into the database. Stay tuned.







  1. Congratulations….lmao!! Humor in the line of duty…love it!

  2. I recently when to the BCSO to renew my recycle permit and passed by sheriff dewitt’s office. used to be you could look into his office thru the window. if you waved, he’d wave back. there is now a room divider blocking your view of his desk. guess he doesn’t want to wave at us anymore

    • probably because he is not there..that is even more evidence he is a COWARD

  3. Well DeWitt’s cronnies need to step it up a bit since social media is flooded with people who are disgusted with his ass. That includes me! Hell yeah, bring it on you piece of shits. Let one of them harass any of my family and a hellfire storm will ensue. Don’t mess with me or my family, I don’t care who you are. You put your damn britches on exactly like I do, one leg at a time. As far as the Logan’s - Bwahahahahaa - dumbasses.

    • Wow! Sounds like your family needs to be messed with by the police….must be a bunch of thugs in order for you to make these statements or paranoia on your part. Get a life and move on!

  4. NOT any news here, hearing that the BCSo doesn’t work after 5pm . Doesn’t surprise me at all. I know of serveral Berkeley Co. citizens that have called and was told, sorry they take lunch from 12 till 2, or that they were so busy they couldn’t return calls. Now, lets don’t forget that the wonderful Sheriff WILL HAVE TO DRIVEN AROUND, SINCE HIS LICENSE IS AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED AS HE REFUSED THE B/A TEST!! So we will be paying the sheriff salary and a captain or deputy salary to maintain ONE employee. What a waste of the taxpayers money! but give it time, DeWitt will be driving WITHOUT a license.Anyone taking bets?

  5. Okay so if Dewitt’s officer is out taking pictures of the protesters, why? So they can go back to the home office and identify their next victim? Think about this, why is one of his officers taking pictures on COUNTY time of something that is not breaking the law???? Other than REVENGE!!! FIRE DEWITT and ALL HIS LITTLE MINIONS

  6. I think an article in full about Chief mullen and his policies is long over due i hear sooooo many horror stories about that guy

  7. Best article EVER, Chief!

    From the records you post, Jamelia outweighs Calvin by 35 pounds.

    Think she’s used to having her way?

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