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Bond Hearings for April 7th

There are a couple of interesting bond hearings coming up in Charleston County this week. The fact they will be heard by Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston should cause everyone some degree of concern.

First up is Omary Kornickey. He is charged, along with Glendell Gladden and Brian Ancrum, with the murder of Summatown Bound gang member Don’ta Pringle on 14 July, 2013. Kornicky currently has pending charges of Murder, Attempted Murder and Obstruction of Justice. He has no bond on the first two, and was free on a $10,000 bond on the obstruction charge when CPD developed enough probable cause to arrest him on the other charges.

Kornickey had no adult record in Charleston County when he jumped straight to murder.


Bond Hearings


Next up is Ashley Michael Ireland. He robbed the Food Lion on Remount Road back in September of 2013. Visit that link for his criminal history. He was out on bond for a 2011 burglary when he robbed the Food Lion. We wrote an additional piece about the robbery which you can find HERE.

Ireland’s current total bond is $170,000 on charges of armed robbery, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, pointing and presenting a firearm and the aforementioned 1st degree burglary.


ScreenHunter_4868 Apr. 06 18.16


Arnold Bradford Williams is also on the list to have another bond set on charges of reckless homicide. He’s got some big balls to be asking for a bond considering a prior failure to appear on the charge and the fact his bond was revoked.

If Williams doesn’t ring a bell with you, he was the drunken tractor-trailer driver who killed newly married fourth year medical student Lauren Baccari on I-526 in January of 2013. Witnesses to the fatal collision observed Williams throwing alcohol over the side of freeway. His initial bond was set at $100,000. Williams bonded out and continued driving his truck. Well, until April 6th, 2012 when he was arrested in Conyers, Georgia for DUI and blew a .222.

Williams had the balls to tell the arresting officer in Georgia he needed to plead guilty and get out of jail in time for an appearance in Charleston on the reckless homicide charge. Needless to say, he didn’t make it. When he missed his roll call on 26 April a bench warrant was issued and the 9th Circuit Solicitor had his bond revoked.

Now this serial DUI offender and killer of innocents and productive members of society wants to be able to go free again. We can’t help but wonder if the Felon’s Friend wants to make him “feel good”.


ScreenHunter_4868 Apr. 06 18.22 ScreenHunter_4869 Apr. 06 18.22

ScreenHunter_4869 Apr. 06 18.31

If you would like to view the complete list of bond hearing scheduled for this week, click HERE.




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