From One Extreme to the Other


It is amazing how the news can cycle from one extreme to the other. This week we are being told about a Summerville police officer, a school resource officer and a licensed foster parent, who has been charged with three counts of 2nd Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor in relation to child pornography. Carlisle Johnson Floyd was released on $30,000 bond.




At this point there is no indication that Floyd has actually assaulted any children and no details relative to what precipitated the charges have been released. Suffice it to say, his LE career is over. Most folks will concentrate on the fact that Floyd was a police officer at the time of his arrest. We suggest the reader conduct a little experiment. Head on over to Google and type in the term “officer charged child pornography”. Once you have been shocked by the number of articles you see, substitute “officer” with “teacher”, “coach”, “counselor”, “executive”,  “lawyer” or “attorney”, “newscaster” or any number of the multitude of other professions in existence.

We were unable to find any accurate statistics regarding how many people who download or view child pornography actually molest children. The important thing for citizens to realize is that those type of folks tend to gravitate toward jobs or volunteer activities which will give them the greatest access to potential victims.

Does anyone remember former CPD officer Daniel William Hiers who gained the trust of a single mother and sexually assaulted her young daughter after grooming her under the guise of being a mentor in 2005-2006? He’s still on the run from those charges, as well as a charge of killing his wife prior to fleeing.



The best advice any parent can follow is to be very cautious when it comes to your children. If you trust, always verify, and even then, don’t trust too much.

Author: Chief

Owner and Author of Charleston Thug Life. Chief started this website back in March of 2012 to shine the light on the Criminals of Charleston.

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  • Really?

    I agree that much will be made of the fact that he was a LEO by the criminal element. “See, cops are just as grimy as the rest of us….” That is where the real damage lies here.

  • Andy

    We’re talking about professions and easy access to victims…all this is gut-wrenching sickening. The editor at the newspaper I worked at for umpteen years (in Berkeley County) was arrested and charged with CSC from an encounter with two 14 year old boys back in 1992. He collaborated with the reporter as to what would be in the story for the paper. He also wrote the headline and said it would appear at the bottom of the newspaper. This was a huge story at the time and I was the designer. After he left, the other owner of the newspaper came by and told me to change the headline and to put the story across the top of the fold so it would show in the newsstands. You want to talk about someone being ranting mad when he came to work the next morning? Oh yes he was! But he didn’t dare fire me because the person who authorized the re-placement of that story was a 51% owner of the paper and a very prominent citizen in town. You would think that everyone in the county would have known about this charge and that Andy Savage got him off on the Alford plea at General Sessions. He still was a registered sex offender. YET the schools allowed him to be guest speaker at many functions during the school day. It wasn’t until I had had enough and contacted the school board chairperson to bring it to her attention that they finally realized it wasn’t a good idea to let him keep doing this! In fact his grandchildren attended a private school and he was there often at lunchtime and also spoke at many functions. I called that school which was “shocked” to learn the circumstances and they never let him back in the door. But see how easy it is to have total access?

    • sssuperrr1

      I’m sure the same editor probably threatened to sue if they didn’t let him in the Boy Scouts when Obama and his entourage of lib-judges opened the back-doors for the h0m0-sex types at the start of 2014…

  • disgusting

    The real damage is to the children involved. This guy is scum and deserves worse than he’ll get. There is no evidence he’s done anything to any child. True. He’s just promoting and encouraging those who are and that’s enough in my book. I don’t care if he’s a LEO or a convicted felon. Punishment should match the crime.

  • jim beam

    Hey this guy is a scumbag not because he is a cop but because of the sexual exploitation of children. Alot of people with honorable professions do messed up criminal acts. O peraonally believe that he should be punished b to the full extent of the law if he is found guilty.