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Recent Arrests


The big news everyone seems concerned about is the arrest of William Leonard Dodson. He is the person who allegedly taped a dog’s muzzle shut in the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood. He has been given a $50,000 bond for his charge of Cruelty to Animals. He is on the hook for a possible $5,000 fine and 5 years in prison. He should have taped a kid’s mouth shut - he would only be on the hook for a 30 day sentence if he had.







We checked Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties and found only two prior arrests for Dodson on the GSC level. He went to jail in March of 2015 for Possession of Cocaine and Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm. He was free on bonds totaling $110,000. Dodson seems to enjoy driving without a license as he has been arrested for that quite a few times.






Summerville P.D. rounded up the Crawdaddy’s shooter.  Lamont Coardes, aka “Lamont Ripstacks Coardes“, was charged with three counts of Attempted Murder and one count of 2nd Degree Assault & Battery. Witnesses say he hit a fellow patron in the head with a bottle, then shot three people who were escorting him out of the bar. We are told one of those shot is in pretty bad condition. Charges may ultimately be upgraded depending on how that victim does.

Curiously, Coardes has no major criminal history we could find. He seems to have jumped straight into the big leagues.









As you can see, it wasn’t very difficult for the cops to identify him and track him down, along with his two companions.








Also arrested and charged with three counts each of Accessory After the Fact of Attempted Murder are Jodie Lane Harrell and Haleigh Nicole Cardoze. Cardoze appears to be Coardes’ girlfriend. Neither of the women have a major criminal history.







The Dorchester County Detention Center is currently offline on VineLink so we can’t tell you if either of the women has bonded out yet.





  1. Police should do the same thing to this P.O.S. This thug is a waste of oxygen!

    • I’m sure his defense will be that someone “disrespected” one of his “hoe’s” and therefore shooting the people in the bar was justified…….ahh yah, that’s a good reason.

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