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Jive 5 Whines, Cries and Lies


Jive 5 News is crying because they have been booted from a private parking lot. Apparently they think they have the right of eminent domain when it comes to reporting the news. Considering this has been going on for over a week, who can blame the lot owner for finally taking control of the situation. Seems to us he has been pretty accommodating up to this point. We are quite sure the property owner still has to make money to pay his taxes and his employees. Of course, Jive 5 tends to think they are entitled to take whatever they want, just like most liberals.






In other news, Jive 5 presented the video below as a poor reflection on a police officer. They conveniently bleeped out all of the bad language, but failed to tell you the bad language did not come from the police officer. They chose not to address that so you would assume the officer was cursing at the “children”. No, that vitriol came from the “children” who started in on the officer as soon as he drove down the street. This should give you folks an idea of what our officers deal with on a daily basis in some Lowcountry neighborhoods.

Here is the unedited version so you can see and hear what is really happening. Not safe if sensitive ears are around.







Must be the Confederate flag that caused this.


  1. How sad… These kids have no respect for anyone… Channel 5 is a pathetic source for news..

  2. I have to wonder, exactly what Jive5 would have considered a reasonable act by the parking lot owner? $5K seems a bit steep, but considering the losses sustained already, seems like they could have come to some arrangement. Surely Jive5 is making ad monies and some kind of income from the network for feeds from their coverage, wonder if they will tell us how much?

    Re that video; get used to it, they are becoming emboldened. Something tells me we will see those kids on these pages in the future.

  3. If only we gave more money to schools or pubic housing or food stampe or…oh never mind, it’s not even possible to pretend there is anything we could do about this. These little kids have been raised to act like this.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but the parking lot these guys have been set up in is next to the funeral home that was just renovated…where they are repaving the parking lot! These idiots think that they are more important and the contractors should work around them? Probably costing the owner money in the long run for slowing down progress.
    Either way I think it is high time for the media circus to be done. Pack it up and go find something else to stir the pot about…it is all to easy to do, if there isn’t something pressing you’ll just dredge up something from the past to do it.

    • If you think the media circus has been bad just wait till Friday when POTUS comes to town.

  5. A little off subject, but notice that Judge Gosnell is being “replaced” as a Magistrate after his comments urging sympathy for the shooters parents. CTL has been calling for his removal for years because of his ridiculous Bond reductions. Do you think after it all settles down many will realize “what have we done” as they see it is harder to get these deep bond reductions?

    • Definitely not. He will still be hearing those bond reduction cases, as will the Felon’s Friend.

  6. The Future is Now.

  7. So many good comments, and no up buttons…. Oy Vey…


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