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As Charleston comes together and demonstrates grace and solidarity to the rest of the country, Soros funded racists have made their way into town to vandalize monuments, disrupt memorials for the slain and urge black citizens to kill whites. Kind of puts everything into perspective about who really wants a race war, doesn’t it? Other than the killer of nine innocents, we have yet to hear any white folks in Charleston telling whites to kill blacks. But, hey, “Black lives mater”, tater.





We do have to give props to James Johnson, however. His comments about those black racists trying to help the murderer complete his quest for a race war were a refreshing change from his usual diatribes. We always call it like we see it, so James Johnson gets a “job well done” on his demand for those outside agitators to leave Charleston.


Now, for those of you who believe a compromise to remove the battle flag from the public eye will solve all the problems, you might want to rethink that. In 2000 a compromise was reached to remove the flag from the Statehouse dome where the Democrats put it in the 1960’s. Rev. Pinckney supported that compromise. At that time there was a lot of concern that the compromise would later be negated by the same racist rabble rousers we are no confronted with. Part of the compromise was that any attempt to remove the flag from a historical site would require a super majority vote in the house and senate. As you can see, that concern has now become a reality. Nikki Haley made a foolish statement which implied if a super majority did not vote to remove the flag she would remove it. A politician willing to pander and break the law? Yeah, nothing new there.

We have no doubt that flag will come down. When it does it won’t take long before something else is blamed. Wait and see.


The local media is reporting Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell has been “removed” as head magistrate by the SC Supreme Court. Actually, he informed the court he did not wish to be reappointed to the head magistrate position when his term expired next Tuesday. You have to read deep into those stories to find that out.

In light of the fact we have been calling Gosnell out for quite some time for his tendency to drastically reduce bonds on serial violent offenders we find it interesting the media and the SCSC are only now reacting. We pointed out his use of the “N” word last year as well as the fact he covered for another judge on a DUI charge. The media and the SCSC did not seem interested then. Now that Gosnell pointed out the family members of a murderer (family members who did not murder anyone) might be victims of the murderous actions of the asshole as well, the powers that be have hung him out to dry. The worst part is they already punished Gosnell (not really, but in their view they did) for those two previous violations. The fact that so many of the violent offenders for whom he reduced bonds went on to commit additional violent crimes played no part in it. The only thing that matters to the powers that be is how they are now viewed by the public as a result of the murders of nine innocents at once. The murders of others, in ones and twos, didn’t matter before.


In light of the recent bans by retailers and websites we thought we would type in some offensive words, items and racist organizations to see what sort of offensive stuff is still available. Below are some screen caps of our results from Amazon and Ebay.





















Hmmm……sounds like a lot of folks and a lot of retailers might want to sweep around their own back doors before they attack others. “Banning” things because some are offended is a dangerous road to start down. The gay community is offended by the Christian community (but not the Islamic community which kills gays), so the retailers should ban all Christian items. Some Christians are offended by gays, so all those rainbow flags need to go. All those swastikas need to go because they offend just about everyone. All those items with the dreaded “N” word need to go since black people and a ton of white folks are so offended by it. Just about everyone is offended by bestiality, so those items should be banned.

Everything offends someone. In light of that, all retailers should probably just shut down or sell only government approved items. Hey, it only makes sense, right? We can’t have groups of people running around being offended by other groups. What is this, America or something?





  1. Excellent commentary as usual. Are you my twin brother? If I were a non-hetero, I’d hug you for this one, LoL.

    You forgot to search for the “Q” word that rhymes with We’re, though.

  2. Banning products with the Confederate Flag on them is unconstitutional. Then there should be a ban on everything seen as racist against anybody. A mob of 60 black kids attacked white people in the downtown area are but they didn’t even want to arrest the black racist thugs. People even said the white victims were lying but they had video. The news didn’t even want to cover it. The crime rate is high because black racist attacks get a pass in Charleston.

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