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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Frustration Builds


What happens when outside agitators and the liberal media descent on Charleston and try to further the agenda of a murderer who wanted to start a race war? They get frustrated. And desperate.

We have spent the past few months watching the news media and racists from outside of the Charleston area trying to stir up racial controversy and riots like those seen in other areas of the country recently. The people of the Lowcountry did not buy into the propaganda. Now we have had a POS enter a church and execute nine innocents in his stated quest to start a race war. Once again, the people of the Lowcountry repudiated the racist. Citizens of all racial and ethnic backgrounds came together once again for prayer vigils. On Sunday many showed up to participate in the Bridge to Peace march on the Ravenel Bridge. Estimates vary from 10,000 to 20,000 participants.

While the self-professed racist who committed those nine murders is held in jail, the racists on the other side of the spectrum continue to freely roam the Charleston area. The fact that there has been no violence in the streets or burning of businesses seems to have them enraged and frustrated. So much so these outsiders have now resorted to vandalizing historical monuments. Meanwhile, the liberal media and politicians are moving to capitalize on the deaths of those nine innocents before the bodies are even buried. We know, you are surprised, right?

SC Representative Todd Rutherford, who normally spends his time trying to pass legislation which will allow criminals to wipe their records clean, has used the murders to attack Fox News, the battle flag on the Confederate memorial in Columbia and the 2nd Amendment. His goals as a representative of the people seem to be rewriting criminal histories, rewriting history and rewriting the Constitution of the United States. Rutherford is just one example of this type of liberal political vulture being given plenty of airtime by the liberal press as they gleefully and unshamedly use the murders of innocents to further their own political careers.

In the media we have stories like the one pointing out that the church murderer and the officer who shot Walter Scott after he ran from and fought the officer are in adjoining cells. The way the stories were written have done no favors for 9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson. Many were written in such a way as to imply the two were now going to be buddies. The liberal media and even some conservative media have now forever linked the two cases in the minds of the potential jury pool, even though there is absolutely no evidence the shooting of Scott was race related. By tying those two cases together the media has ensured there is no possible way for that officer to receive a fair trial. If you don’t think attorney Andy Savage will use that to his advantage you are sadly mistaken. Scarlett Wilson had to be cringing when those stories aired and images of the two were shown side by side.

Over the weekend we were treated to headlines to like “SC Supreme Court Orders New Judge in AME Shooting Case”. Of course, we all know that is a serious misrepresentation of the facts. In fact, it was an outright lie told by NBC News. We all know Judge James “Rainbows and Unicorns” Gosnell has some serious issues when it comes to setting violent serial offenders free on drastically reduced bonds, and we have previously publicized his use of the “N” word and his special treatment of a Mt. Pleasant judge on DUI charges. No one paid much attention to that information when we reported on it in 2014. Now it’s national news.

South Carolina folks know Gosnell was simply the assigned bond hearing magistrate on that particular day and could only set bond on the weapons charge. NBC news led the charge in distributing the misinformation that Gosnell was removed from the case by the SC Supreme Court when in fact he had no further responsibility in the case after the bond hearing. Well, unless he decided to lower the killer’s bond at some point in the future as he has done so many times before. Even Judge “Rainbows and Unicorns” has more sense than that, however.

As a result of NBC’s outright lie a slew of other news sites ended up propagating that story and looking like idiots. Since then, NBC has simply changed their entire story and deleted any reference to Gosnell being “removed” from the case. Now the story only talks about his prior use of the word which shall not be used and his covering for the former Judge Mendelsohn. They failed to actually print or issue a retraction of their earlier story.

Here is what shows up now in the Google results:





NBC forgot to change the web title for the story, though. Here is what shows up in your address bar when you click the link to the story shown above.







The SC Supreme Court has appointed Circuit Judge J.C. Nicholson to oversee the case, but this appointment had nothing to do with Gosnell’s past indiscretions. It is standard procedure in cases like this which make national news and tend to end up being very complicated.


We tried all weekend to get into the site where the killer of nine innocents posted his twisted thoughts on race. Early this morning we managed to access the front page of the site, but still couldn’t get to the photos or “manifesto” he published. We couldn’t get to it because the site is still seeing a ton of traffic. Not that it matters. Many other sites have already downloaded and published the killer’s manifesto and photos from the site. Curiously, the one photo they chose not to publish is the one that really tells you what side of the aisle the killer is on.

We cropped out some of the gore shown below, but the main photo on the killer’s landing page is of a supposedly murdered white male with a “skinhead” tattoo, wearing a swastika pin on his lapel. The image is actually taken from a 1992 movie released in Australia with the title of “Romper Stomper” which starred Russell Crowe. We suppose you can now add Hollywood to the list of people and things to blame for this maggot’s warped views on race and the fact he killed nine innocent people.









The killer demonstrates his affinity for Nazi views in this photo where the number “14” stands for a fourteen word slogan/motto and the number “88” stands for the phrase “Heil Hitler”.







While the liberal media constantly tries to hide their true allegiances by claiming people like this killer are “right wing”, the fact remains the Nazi party was, and continues to be, a party of left wing socialists. Fortunately for the media, most folks in America don’t bother to do their own research, so linking left wing assholes to the right and making it stick in the minds of the ignorant populace is fairly easy to do. Bans on things like smoking and guns and the disarming of the public were focal points of the Nazi ideology. Think hard now, who is pushing smoking bans and who wants to rewrite the Constitution to disarm American citizens? Who pushed the ban on carrying concealed weapons in a church? Yeah, those liberals. That fact that a firearm carried by a normal citizen could have saved nine lives is conveniently overlooked by the left as they step on the bodies of those nine innocents to push their gun control agenda yet again. Never waste a crisis.

You can throw eugenics into that mix of Nazi beliefs practiced by the left. The founder of the extremely liberal Planned Parenthood was an extreme racist and founded the organization with the express intent to kill black babies. They are still doing it to this day. Not racist at all, right?

Another clue that the beliefs of the left directly contributed to this killer’s belief system is demonstrated by the photos below. Who do we see burning and stomping on the American flag on the nightly news? Certainly not the folks on the right. The folks on the left who engage in this sort of activity are lionized by the liberal media, made out to be heroes.









In his “manifesto” the killer mentioned the case of Trayvon Martin as a contribution to the fact he hated black people. To whom can that be attributed? You can lay that one right at on the doorstep of the liberal media who were so desperate for racial strife at the time they resorted to calling George Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” when his DNA didn’t exactly play into the narrative the media wanted to put forth. And what did this killer say about Hispanics in his writing? “A good portion of Hispanics are white.”

Facts like these, if you take the time to actually do the research, will put the lie to the media mantra that assholes like this killer belong to the right side of the political aisle. Unfortunately, as we mentioned before, the media knows a large percentage of you folks will believe whatever they tell you to believe and you won’t bother to actually do the research and learn the truth for yourself.

The media hype in the Martin case and more recent ones in places like Ferguson and Baltimore have one goal in mind - division. That desire to divide extends to the highest political office in the land. This seems to have been the plan from day one. The people of Charleston aren’t buying that crap, though.


Another interesting aspect of this case is the number of people who have come forward and told the media they were aware of this racist asshole’s plans to shoot up a black venue like the church or even the campus of the College of Charleston. The fact none of them bothered to come forward with this information BEFORE these nine innocent people were murdered is something we find simply disgusting. We doubt it will happen, but there should be some “Accessory Before the Fact of Murder” charges in there somewhere. These folks seem to have had actionable information about the plans being made by this killer. One simple call or visit to a police station could have conceivably prevented these murders.


Just a note for the folks using the death of nine innocents as a rallying cry to remove the battle flag from the Confederate memorial in Columbia. You have apparently forgotten that flag was initially flown atop the Statehouse dome thanks to longtime Democrat Fritz Hollings and his Democrat cohorts who were trying to send a message at the same time Republicans were pushing for the Civil Rights Act. Yes, the folks in the very party you keep voting for place it there in the 1960’s. The flag was taken down from the Statehouse dome and placed at the much more fitting Confederate memorial in the year 2000 after the now disgraced Democrat representative Robert Ford and Republicans like Glenn McConnell and Jim DeMint decided it shouldn’t be flown atop the dome and worked out a compromise. That’s right folks, just like slavery, the Democrats put it up and the Republicans pulled it down. Of course, if you only pay attention to the liberal media you would never know that. You can try to rewrite history and blame Republicans for that all you want, but it doesn’t change the facts.




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