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Jumped Right In


A few recent arrests have shown us that thugs with no serious criminal histories as adults are jumping right in on the big time stuff.

First up are Joshua Achim Simmons and Thomas Zachary Brown. They decided to do a home invasion in Hollywood and ended up exchanging shots with the homeowner. Brown and Simmons fled just before deputies arrived and the homeowner was shot when he exited the back door of the home with a handgun he refused to drop. Sad that happened, but we can’t expect our law enforcement officers to be actually dodging bullets before they can take steps to defend themselves, despite what the race hustlers now attached to the case might have you believe.

Brown is in custody and charged with Attempted Murder and 1st Degree Burglary. Simmons is on the run and is being sought by authorities. Neither has a general sessions court history we could find. Brown has a few magistrate level arrests.




Joshua Achim Simmons





Daverick Jamel Young was involved in a road rage incident, then fled from police when they tried to stop him. A lengthy car chase ensued from North Charleston to Hanahan to Goose Creek. Young was finally captured on College Park Road. He had several pending warrants from Summerville and Charleston County for Forgery and Crimes Against a Federally Chartered Financial Institution. He also had no major arrests in his past.








Tevon (Tavon) Pringle, aka “As Matic“, was charged with Attempted Armed Robbery on May 1st. It seems he beat and robbed an old man. His current bond is set at $100,000. His charges have not yet shown up in the Charleston County database.







Pringle’s adult criminal history consists only of a pending charge of Use of a Vehicle Without Permission. He was free on a $2,500 bond set by former magistrate Lingenfelter.







In the video below you can watch Pringle and his cohorts harass a female in the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood of North Charleston before Pringle punches her in the face. We doubt the female would ever prosecute since she has to live in the same area as these animals, but the evidence is shown below just in case.






Just another day in the hood.


In other news, it seems our initial tips about a running shootout through North Charleston were accurate. Two groups of thugs were shooting at one another as they drove through the city in a blue Saturn Vue and a grey/silver Chrysler 300. The shooters in the Saturn lost the 300 in the area of Ashley Phosphate and I-26 and shot up another Chrysler 300. The female victim, shot in the neck, was reported as “Cat 1″ by the local media. Cat 1 through Cat 4 are medical categories used by first responders to indicate the severity of the injuries. Category 1 generally means near death.

Thug violence normally does not end up hurting innocent folks, but this case is the exception to the rule. This woman was just driving along minding her own business when these idiots decided her car was similar to the one they were looking for and fired multiple shots into it.

We are getting bits and pieces about this case and are trying to confirm a few things before publishing more information.




  1. that low life bastard should be locked up. the evidence is right there I hate these little thugs

  2. But wait… I thought Pringle was a choir boy!??

  3. Wow what a tough guy. Punching a woman in the face then running, while all of his friend laugh. They should have beat his ass. What a bunch of animals.

  4. You know the problem with police wearing body cameras … If you play the video in reverse it will show a zombie getting up and fighting with police. Zobie lives matter.

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