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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Now They Show Up


Now that Albert R. Taylor has been captured and charged with 16 counts of 1st Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Child the local news media are all over the story. You have to wonder where they were last week when the rest of us were publicizing the manhunt for Taylor who was hiding in the woods in the area of Ashley Phosphate Road and Dorchester Road. You have to wonder how even the dull investigative nails that are the local media completely missed the social media campaign you folks mounted to get him in custody.



ScreenHunter_3226 Mar. 26 20.10



We happened to be in that area while the manhunt was going on and saw all the DCSO deputies and NCPD officers. Great job getting this maggot in custody, considering his history of resisting arrest with a deadly weapon and the fact he had a .45 caliber handgun at his side when the officers nabbed him.

Based on what our fellow citizens have told us, Taylor once worked at a storage facility on Ashley Phosphate Road. Apparently he left some items behind when he bailed on that job. Those items included some flash drives with pictures of children engaged in various sex acts. One citizen has advised us one of the files was a video of Taylor himself sexually assaulting a toddler.

Once we get into Taylor’s criminal history you will be left wondering how a convicted thief and burglar could get a job at a storage facility where people leave their possessions.


1990 Charges (Charleston County):
Possession of Cocaine - Dismissed.




ScreenHunter_3195 Mar. 26 06.06




1991 Charges (Charleston County):

2nd Degree Burglary - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Victor Rawl to 15 years, suspended in favor of 5 years probation.




ScreenHunter_3200 Mar. 26 06.11 ScreenHunter_3201 Mar. 26 06.11




1992 Charges (Dorchester County):

Unlawful Sale/Delivery of a Pistol - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Victor Rawl to 10 years, suspended in favor of 5 years probation, concurrent with the above, of course.

Receiving Stolen Goods - Dismissed.

Resisting Arrest With a Deadly Weapon - Plead guilty. Sentenced to 10 years, suspended in favor of 5 years probation, concurrent

Resisting Arrest With a Deadly Weapon - Plead guilty. Sentenced to 2 years, suspended in favor of 5 years probation, concurrent.




ScreenHunter_3186 Mar. 26 06.03 ScreenHunter_3187 Mar. 26 06.03 ScreenHunter_3188 Mar. 26 06.04 ScreenHunter_3189 Mar. 26 06.04 ScreenHunter_3190 Mar. 26 06.04 ScreenHunter_3191 Mar. 26 06.04 ScreenHunter_3192 Mar. 26 06.04




1993 Charges (Charleston County):

Probation Violation - No status

Criminal Sexual Conduct With a Minor - Dismissed. Victim Unable to Go Forward.

Stalking - Dismissed - see above.




ScreenHunter_3196 Mar. 26 06.07 ScreenHunter_3202 Mar. 26 06.12 ScreenHunter_3203 Mar. 26 06.12 ScreenHunter_3204 Mar. 26 06.12 ScreenHunter_3205 Mar. 26 06.12




1994 Charges (Berkeley County):

PWID Crack Near a School - Dismissed.

Possession of Crack - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge William Ballenger to 5 years and a $5,000 fine, suspended on time served and 5 more years of probation. Nice job, judge. That’s sarcasm for those of you who might not get it.

1st Degree Burglary - Dismissed. Even in the ’90’s the 9th Circuit sucked.




ScreenHunter_3220 Mar. 26 06.20 ScreenHunter_3221 Mar. 26 06.20 ScreenHunter_3222 Mar. 26 06.20 ScreenHunter_3223 Mar. 26 06.21




1994 Charges (Charleston County):

Probation Violation - No status given.

Six counts of Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle, two counts of Grand Larceny Motor Vehicle, one count of Grand Larceny, one count of Assault & Battery of a High & Aggravated Nature and one count of Escape.

We are told the ABHAN, Escape and at least Grand Larceny Motor Vehicle resulted from Taylor stealing a detective’s vehicle, attempting to run him down and fleeing. He was on the run for about a week before he was captured.

All of these charges were dismissed because Taylor was indicted in the federal system for two charges of Felon in Possession of a Firearm. He was convicted of those two charges and sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.




ScreenHunter_3197 Mar. 26 06.07 ScreenHunter_3198 Mar. 26 06.08 ScreenHunter_3199 Mar. 26 06.08 ScreenHunter_3209 Mar. 26 06.15 ScreenHunter_3210 Mar. 26 06.15 ScreenHunter_3211 Mar. 26 06.16 ScreenHunter_3212 Mar. 26 06.16 ScreenHunter_3213 Mar. 26 06.16 ScreenHunter_3214 Mar. 26 06.17 ScreenHunter_3215 Mar. 26 06.17 ScreenHunter_3216 Mar. 26 06.17 ScreenHunter_3217 Mar. 26 06.17 ScreenHunter_3218 Mar. 26 06.18 ScreenHunter_3219 Mar. 26 06.19




Unlike the state prison system and the bullshit sentencing reform and the lie of “truth in sentencing” passed by your legislators to empty South Carolina prisons, 15 years in the federal system means 15 years. Taylor was sentenced in 1994 and released in May of 2009. His sentence called for him to be on federal probation for another 5 years - until May of 2015.




ScreenHunter_3227 Mar. 26 20.40



1994 Charges (Dorchester County):

Failure to Stop for Blue Light and Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol - also dismissed due to the federal sentence.





ScreenHunter_3193 Mar. 26 06.05 ScreenHunter_3194 Mar. 26 06.05



In 2014 Taylor was using an address of 5736 N. Murray in Hanahan. In 2015 his last known address was 3781 Ashley Phosphate at the storage facility. We know he went into the woods after leaving the storage facility. We are not sure where he was living from 2009 to 2014.


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  1. LoL @ “1st Degree Burglary – Dismissed. Even in the ’90’s the 9th Circuit sucked.”


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