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Molester Alert


We have seen this guy all over Facebook, but no name was provided. Apparently a child molester with active warrants is running around the Dorchester Road - Ashley Phosphate area. He is said to be homeless and living in the woods in that area. A citizen has notified us the name for this suspect is Albert Taylor, aka “JR Taylor”.




ScreenHunter_641 Jan. 15 10.57



Taylor has an extensive criminal history including prison time for burglary, breaking and entering motor vehicle and drug charges. If you see him, you know what to do.


  1. Graze him until law enforcement arrives, or double tap to the chest and once to the head?

  2. This individual was apprehended in Dorchester county near the intersection of Ashley Phosphate and Dorchester Road. He is being held without bond on 15 counts of Criminal Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (with more likely to be filed.

    Case 2015A1810200031


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