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Exposing the criminal element for 3 years

Chazz Brown


Dorchester County authorities are on the lookout for Chazz Brown, most recently of 109 Mary Ann Drive in Summerville. He is wanted in the March 2nd murder of Lance Laprince Grayson.



ScreenHunter_2637 Mar. 11 07.47



Brown already had quite the history when he shot Grayson.


2006 Charges (Charleston County):

Assault & Battery of a High & Aggravated Nature - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge J. Cordell Madddox to 8 years, suspended after 30 days to 5 years of probation.




ScreenHunter_2634 Mar. 10 06.46 ScreenHunter_2635 Mar. 10 06.46




2006 Charges (Dorchester County):

Three (3) counts of PWID Narcotics - Plead guilty. Sentenced by Judge Diane Goodstein to a YOA term not to exceed 5 years, suspended in favor of 3 years of probation on each charge. That probation was later reduced to time served. That will teach him!

PWID Crack Near a Schoool - Dismissed by the 1st Circuit Solicitor.





ScreenHunter_2622 Mar. 10 06.41 ScreenHunter_2623 Mar. 10 06.41 ScreenHunter_2625 Mar. 10 06.42 ScreenHunter_2626 Mar. 10 06.42 ScreenHunter_2627 Mar. 10 06.43 ScreenHunter_2628 Mar. 10 06.43 ScreenHunter_2629 Mar. 10 06.43




2010 Charges (Dorchester County):

Accessory After the Fact of a Felony - Dismissed by the 1st Circuit Solicitor.

This case had to do with a guy getting robbed and stabbed.




ScreenHunter_2624 Mar. 10 06.42




2011 Charges (Dorchester County):

Criminal Domestic Violence of a High & Aggravated Nature - Changed to Pointing & Presenting a Firearm by the 1st Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced by Judge Kristi Harrington to 5 years, suspended in favor of 4 years probation. Because probation has been such an effective deterrent for Brown. Yeah, right.





ScreenHunter_2630 Mar. 10 06.44 ScreenHunter_2631 Mar. 10 06.44




2012 Charges (Charleston County):

Unlawful Possession of a Pistol - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.




ScreenHunter_2636 Mar. 10 06.47




As usual, Brown was on probation at the time of the murder of Grayson. He was given the designation of “high supervision”. However, we have been informed by folks at SCDPPPS that designation is just something a fancy, costly computer program spits out and really has nothing to do with the actual operational considerations of supervising any particular probationer or parolee.




ScreenHunter_2632 Mar. 10 06.45



That designation is just supposed to make you feel good when you read it.


  1. One can only imagine the extensive crime spree Chazz could be perpetrating on South Carolina had designated him Low Supervision. Pat a SCDPPps data entry clerk on the back for keeping us safe, since the solicitors and judges can’t seem to do so.

    {exit sarcasm mode}

    • Considering most all criminals get away with far more than they are ever charged with… or worse even, prosecuted for…

  2. A budding Career in crime! If he had just held off the shoot, he could have added more to his CV!

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